Saturday, April 30, 2011

There will be an update soon. No, really. When there's time to breathe...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So another few weeks has passed. Seven to be exact. Ish :)

Not a great deal to report in terms of change, so I'm going to keep this short and do a more substantial update in December, once the holidays come.

Mood - slightly better generally, though tonight I'm in a very weird head space.
School - reports finished; last two full weeks and then just three more days with the kids before hols.
Health - fit and well again, but not back at the gym.
Romance - pass.
Social stuff - had a big weekend out with Muz, Mark and Graeme last weekend. Fun. Have booked for Tropical Fruits in Lismore for NYE.
Apartment - no real change. I need to get rid of some of the wood! However I did get two outside benches from Gary and Peter today.

The school holidays really can't come soon enough. Really.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

And so it’s suddenly 4½ months since I last blogged, and I’ve turned 45½. To be honest this probably isn’t the best time to be updating this as I’m currently sick with a chest infection and am going slightly stir crazy as I’ve hardly been out of the house since about Wednesday (it’s now Sunday night). Being sick sucks at the best of times, but add in that it’s school holidays that I’m missing, and that it’s the long weekend with everyone else out having fun, and you can guess that there’s a big black cloud over Davie’s head instead of rainbows and puppies.

Not that there are usually puppies over my head. If you know what I mean.

I digress. So, going back to the last update. What’s been happening? Well the move didn’t happen quite as planned, so in chronological order the shoulder operation came first. All good apparently, though I wouldn’t recommend seven weeks in a sling to anyone. Also, after about 12 days, I was lucky enough to develop capsulitis, which is more commonly known as ‘frozen shoulder’. This has actually stopped my rehab a little, in that I still get some pain and can’t quite get the full range of movement back at the moment. Apparently it will come in time. Until then though, no gym, no running, no tennis.

The move happened about 3 weeks after that. I also wouldn’t recommend moving house with only one arm working. That said, all went pretty smoothly and am adjusting to living in Surry Hills. The apartment is great, but I need to do a few bits and also need to buy some outdoor furniture and a BBQ to really feel settled. The only downside so far is that Surry Hills (well at least my part) seems to close on Sundays – no coffee, brekkie etc. God only knows what it’ll be like tomorrow for the public holiday.

OK, this is an update in a couple of parts. It’s now Wednesday night and I’m feeling a little better. Not completely though – I’m on my second lot of antibiotics and still have to take it easy til next week. I did venture out for a beer with Bobby and Graham on Monday night, and believe you me it was most needed.
Work has been interesting. Due to maternity leave, an opportunity at work came up to move to teach the Year 5 OC students. For those who don’t know, OC in Australia means Opportunity Class, and it’s basially for gifted and talented children. They come from out of area and join in Year 5 and the teacher stays with them for two years. So I put my hand up and got the move, and started teaching midway through last term. It’s interesting and different. Not always as easy as with the younger kids, as the children don’t automatically love you and can have a little bit of attitude on occasion. Best thing for me though is the breadth of stuff I can teach, as the whole point of the OC stream is to go across the curriculum and give the kids a much broader exposure to things. Next week I will be starting to teach a whole term’s worth of lessons that I have devised, so I will feel a bit more comfortable rather than like last term when I inherited someone else’s teaching. Also it’s hard moving half way through a year as the kids all know each other, but not me. I’ll get there. Ultimately the kids seem a nice bunch, but they do tend to talk over each other a lot and seem to need to learn some basic respect rules.

Which brings me onto the old love life. Or not. Apparently I was in a flirty place with a couple of people, but obviously nothing at all came of that as I’ve no longer any idea who I was talking about!! Haven’t really been out much so hard to meet people. I’m really tiring of the whole online thing and am beginning to resign myself that I’m going to remain alone. I really don’t want to be, but unfortunately not wanting something to be a certain way doesn’t really fix it, and conjuring up a relationship out of nowhere doesn’t really work. It particularly hits home in the holidays, when I don’t have the routine of day to day life to distract me from the loneliness.

I also realised that all my mates are in couples these days. Murray, Gary, Marc, Bobby… even all the teachers at school. George is about to move away for a minimum of 6 months so not even him to hang out with. Hey ho.

So that’s it. Was hoping to head down to Melbourne for a bit of fun these holidays, but it wasn’t to be with the whole chest infection thing. Maybe the next holidays. I’m meant to be heading up to Tropical Fruits for NYE and spending a bit of time up Brisbane way. I’m honestly finding it hard to drum up the enthusiasm to go through with the booking of the flights. Maybe next week I’ll feel a bit more lively.

Over and out for now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

jesus. 6 April since I last blogged?

OK. Update. Things are... interesting. Thing I alluded to last post was an apartment purchase. Moving to Surry Hills. 12June. Completion/removalists willing. Starting to get excited.

In other news. It's reports time. Plus my program is due. Plus I'm going on school camp next week. Plus I'm having shoulder surgery on 22June. So as you can tell, there's a lot going on, with a very fixed timeline. I'll fill you in more as it happens.

From a mental health perspective, I'm in a much better place. Unrequited lust resolved; in a good flirty place with a couple of people; strengthening friendships with a couple of mates; work all going well. In fact I might have an announcement about work next time I blog. All good.

Just wish I were fitter. Have stopped all exercise until the shoulder is fixed. 3 months of physio after the shoulder op, so will have to wait until October before I can start and train again. ;(

Right. More news as it happens...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I'm now 45. Easter came and went. So possibly did another friendship, due to my inability to act appropriately in the face of known unrequited love/lust/whatever. Will I ever learn?

Spent the weekend in Tamarama which was great. Had a fun, fun, fun night out with Muz. Always fun. Have another thing on the backburner which if it happens I'll tell you more about very soon.

But I'm OK. I think. A little (more) disillusioned, but OK.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Drunken posting. Never good. There'll be a more balanced review of what's happening in a few days, when I'm on holidays.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm starting to realise that there's a lot about me that I don't like.

In times of stress, I eat junk. Crap, crap, crap. Processed food, chocolate, sweets and alcohol. When I'm more balanced, then so is my diet.

I also hate my approach to personal relationships. I am so gung-ho. If someone shows the least bit of interest, then in my mind that's it forever. Picket fence, dogs and so on. I must appear so incredibly needy and clingy.

I hate that I'm like this. I honestly don't know what I can do to change.