Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's almost that time again. New Year beckons and there's been nary a posting for three weeks. Well that's the Christmas time of year I guess - though I'd like to say I've been out gallivanting but I haven't. Actually I'm glad I've not been out gallivanting so strike that. I've been spending time with Craig mainly and fitting in work, some limited exercise, limited socialising, various house shenanigans and that's about it. It's been fantastic. Except for the work and the house stress, obviously.

So it's 2005 in about 36 hours. I'm currently in work, but have the day off tomorrow to fly to Byron Bay as we organised to be up there last year having had such a good time. However, many things have changed and to be honest I'd rather not be travelling up there. Half the people that were meant to be going have dropped out and Craig's staying in Sydney. If it wasn't for Stevie P, who changed his plans to be up in Byron at the same time, I'd gladly stay in Sydney and lock myself and Craig away until it was all over :o) But I digress...

So. Work is still busy and ultimately unsatisfying. Once things with various houses progress, it's time to do some serious re-evaluation. Houses. Well. Still waiting to complete on the UK property. Aussie property is dependent on the UK money so no further progress. Hoping that might start in mid January if we're lucky. Was sharing a rental place with Pete and Bobby, but due to various mis-haps we finally broke the lease and as of Tuesday just gone I'm living with Craig. Wow. Big step but it feels incredibly right. He's such a great bloke and we're having so much fun. Long may it continue...

That kind of brings things up to date. I've been feeling really tired and generally run down and so am hoping that will improve once the New Year hits and I get back into proper eating and a decent exercise routine. So there you go. Happy New Year to one and all. See you back in 2005.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hello again everyone! Not sure why it's taken me so long to blog again, but it has. And this is going to have to be short as I'm at work but wanting to leave.

Short and sweet. Things are OK. Not great, but OK. Some bits are great - Craig; the fact we finally got the house plans approved; the weather. Other things are not so great - UK flat - taking forever to complete; apartment here - trying to break the lease; the job - dull; gym - not been going.

Overall though it could be a lot worse. Stevie P is on his way here for a visit and it'll soon be Christmas. Though of course it doesn't feel like Christmas because it's been too hot!

Recent highlight - weekend away with Craig to Newcastle. Surprisingly nice place - relaxing, funky and beachy. Noice! Watch this space for more...