Friday, January 30, 2004

And so January has almost skipped on its merry way, leaving us in wonderment as how quickly time passes these days. Or at least that's what's happened to me. Wasn't it just New Year's Eve only moments ago? Time flies when you talk in clich├ęs. So, what's been going on? I left you over a week ago, just in time for the long weekend - made longer by me actually having Friday off too. So - Friday was the Big Day Out. And what a fantastic day it was in the end. Aaron and I took the train out to Homebush (Sydney's Olympic stadium) and met Lyndal, Aaron's sister, and some of her friends. We watched a number of bands through the day, whilst hooking up with Michael and Costa; Matt (whom we met up in Byron) and his brother and mate and Andy Palmer and crew. Highlights were: Black Eyed Peas, Peaches, the Strokes, Felix da Housecat and Basement Jaxx. Thanks to Darren for giving us a lift home (once we'd actually found the carpark...). I finally collapsed into bed at Aaron's around 3am, but woke when Aaron joined me at 4.30am. Then we were up at 7.30am as we were meant to be going househunting. Some hope!
In the end Aaron did indeed head off to look at a couple of places - then he flaked and slept. I relaxed at home with Buffy. Perfect. Saturday night ended up out to eat with Pete and Johnno in Newtown and then in bed by 10.15pm. No, really.
Sunday came in late as we slept for over 14 hours! This meant we only really had enough time to buy Rich and Russ a housewarming present and then turn up. The place was already going off. The afternoon got more and more drunken and frivoulous and everyone was heading out to either Salvation (yes, the UK club night put on in Sydney for a change) and/or Arq. We weren't going to do either and almost got persuaded. However, due to drunkenness and tiredness we eventually went to bed around midnight.
Monday was a leisurely brekky in Newtown and then Aaron went off to pack and I went home to unpack. And got lots achieved. Pete and Johnno did the sleep and get up at 4.30am to go to Arq, and didn't get home until gone 9pm - dirty stopouts! Aaron came over to sleep. Noice.
This last week has been unremarkable. Work through the days, with no return to the gym as yet. Have a podiatrist's appointment on Tuesday before I'm hopefully given the go-ahead to run again. Not sure what I'll do if not! Fingers crossed. In the evenings... not sure. Tuesday had dinner with Aaron and Lyndal in Newtown; Wednesday joined Pete for a beer and a pizza and yesterday had dinner in with Pete and Johnno. Hurrah.
Not sure what the weekend holds, but there's going to be a lot of moving again as this time it's Aaron's turn. He's not found a place suitable as yet, so he's going to put his stuff in the garage at P+J's and stay with me for a bit. Hopefully we'll get chance to do something other than humping all weekend.

I'm not sure if my comments were working or not. At least one person had commented that their comments weren't appearing (thanks Aaron!). I'm not even sure who's reading this any more - definitely time for a bit of marketing I reckon. Meantime I've refreshed the comments code with a view to them actually working and showing that Minkered mates have mused...

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Bored at work. It's Thursday afternoon and I'm filling in some time before zipping off for the long weekend. Didn't get wet last night after all - went straight to the Colombian to meet up with Pete - the first time since he's been back from overseas. It was lovely to see him, and we had beers and Thai and coffee. I was home by 10pm, where I chatted to Dr Pete for 10 mins before beddybyes. Pete had had a great time in the UK - fuelled mostly by many a jaunt to the Vauxhall Tavern, and all that that entails! :o) Also thanks to Jonathon for looking after him. The upshot of all of this is that Pete now is going to try and work in the UK for a while, so it looks like I'll be selling the flat in Peckham and buying Pete out of the house here. OK Davie - it's time to get your grown up head on and get some sorting done! Oh and Pete, good to have you back and thanks for the t-shirt!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Time waits for no man apparently. Or time waits for nomads, if you're a little dyslexic. Actually if you're a wandering tribesman stuck in a dessert somewhere, herding goats or some such activity, maybe it does seem like you have more time. As for me, stuck in the biggest city down under, it seems like time has been spirited away into some strange vortex, probably not unlike the one at the end of The Adventure Game.

Now you see if I had time like I did in the olden days, the above paragraph would be peppered with tangential links to obscure kids' tv shows and goat care and vortices. Vortexes. Whatever. (Actually, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary site, both forms are correct). Now though, I struggle to even write up the bare vestiges of what's been going on Minkered... stylee. And it's frustrating as I know I can write and entertain given that little more time.

Any road up. I digress. 21 Jan and no mention really of Christmas, New Year or subsequent anythings. Things should start to return to normal as of now. I'm fully moved over to Pete and Johnno's house in Marrickville. The apartment in Brumby Street is no more. The house I've bought with Pete is under discussion and in fact tonight some progress should be made as to what happens now. The move took longer than anticipated, even with lots of help from Aaron and Dr Pete (ok, Pete and Johnno Pete will be henceforth referred to as Dr Pete, and house Pete as Pete. Unless I say Pete and Johnno in which case you can assume I mean Dr Pete (unless I stipulate otherwise)). All other Pete's will be given a qualifying adjective or surname (or initial) as required. Moving and cleaning was last weekend. Aaron helped a lot bless him. I get chance to repay him the first weekend in Feb, when we move him out of his place into an as yet undetermined abode. High points? Driving Pete and Johnno's truck. I think we might have to cruise around in that some more! Low points? The time it took, and the seemingly endless pile of sorting out I still have to do. I'm in the (lovely) room at Marrickville, but so far it's just me, the internet hooked up PC (yay!), the Olympic sized bed (mine's in storage in the garage),a chest of drawers (empty) and the bar fridge (also empty). All the rest of my wordly good and chattels are in the boys' other spare room and the garage. Waiting to be sorted out. I'll get there eventually...

Short week at work this week. Going to the Big Day Out on Friday and then Saturday will be mostly house-hunting for Aaron. Sunday is Rich and Russ's house-warming and then Monday is a public holiday, so maybe the beach. My long awaited relaunch at the gym, postponed and postponed and now long overdue since mid December, will happen next week. Sometime. Though I am walking to work from Marrickville so that's 35 minutes of brisk walking twice a day. I do however need to get my feet looked at - I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, but something ain't right and hasn't been since the City to Surf in August. Hey ho.

I've still to go through the fantastically relaxing time that was Christmas; the uproarious raucousness of NY and the subsequent fantastic pool party; a review of 2003 (how many times have I promised a yearly review in January??); hopes and aspirations for 2004; house updates etc. etc. etc.

Watch this space. I also feel a colour change coming on too - mustard and ochre are so last season. Actually I haven't changed the colour scheme for about 18 months so it's long overdue. And the corporate picture? I'm over that. Sadly I haven't got any pics on the PC at the moment with the mohawk that graced my bonce for most of the 2 weeks up the coast. Me, Rich, Cassius and Dr Pete were all mohican-ed up for the NYE party. Pics to follow. Honest guv.

Right, time to do a last bit of work before heading off. Today's been fantastically hot and now we're in for an afternoon storm. Just heard the first thunder clap. Think I might be getting wet...

Friday, January 16, 2004

When I said I'd update a bit more soon, obviously I didn't mean right now, as I'm just about to head home for a couple of days of frantic packing and moving. Things to do etc. Moving to Pete and Johnno's until the house shenanigans is sorted out. Marrickville here I come! There really will be a full update once I'm settled there - I'd have done more from work this week, but work somehow got in the way. Don't you hate that?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Well it's already 6 days old but Happy New year to everyone! I'm finally back from holidays and in work and wondering how I can give up work and holiday full time. These last 2 weeks have just been the most fantastic time - relaxing, minkering, getting on really well with Aaron, cementing friendships with the gang - brilliant. However today is back to real life and I'm not sure I like it. I'll update a bit more soon, but I'm suffering the effects of a full day's minkering yesterday and not at 100%. Quiet night with laundry, takeaway and snuggling with Aaron. Noice.