Saturday, March 30, 2002

So, here we are again. It's coming up to 6.15pm Saturday night, and it's the start of Davie's birthday weekend. Yippee! Firstly advance birthday wishes to the lovely Stevie P and Richie Bean. It's weird not celebrating to a greater or lesser extent with them... particularly as Steve and I had a joint party last year. Anyway I gather the London boys will be Fridge-ing and RVTing and LA3ing. Sigh. Wish I could be there. Meantime, I'm having a party on the roof tomorrow, and then stumbling off to Arq, the only real club for Sundays. It's not the RVT, but we've had some good times there so far.

What else is new? I've kind of seen Andy the dentist a few times, which has been nice, and we're hopefully hooking up again later tonight and maybe going to the Midnight Shift. Craig over the road is cooking dinner tonight too, so I'm being nicely spoilt! Other than that, a bit of work, a coffee here, dinner there, the usual stuff. In awe of the Playstation 2 too, and trying to work out what games to buy. Recommedations please - I particularly like platform games. Ta. Charlie's Angels DVD came with the PS2, and I've bought the Matrix and Garry's bought Kylie Live in Sydney. Well we had to. I sense a few quieter night coming on...

More news as it happens. Easter wishes from a soon to be older Davie!

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Oh. And I've finally got round to buying a Playstation 2. Yippee!!
I'm a very tired Davie. Bed now. Things are good. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...

Friday, March 22, 2002

I did post something last night, but Blogger ate it. Sigh. Reported much gym and eating activity. Work. That's about all. Out for a date with Andrew last night which was lovely. Couple of drinks and then Vietnamese. Back here so he could sober up a little before driving home. Honest! :o) He's seemingly a lovely man, and he's very sexy and tactile. We like that. We're hopefully doing it all again tomorrow. Had nice feelings about it all day. Watch this space. Worked 2-10.30pm today. It's a long day. Managed to use the paging system without thinking whilst some famous Aussie poet was doing a reading downstairs. Oops. We got some free wine at the end of the shift, so 6 of us went and sat in the park in the rain and sculled it whilst nattering about life etc. Haven't done something like that since I was probably 16.Nice feeling. Off to bed now as on an early start tomorrow. Urgh. But going to bed smiling. Night night.

Monday, March 18, 2002

Well that was the weekend that was...

Friday night was a couple of drinks down at the Oxford with Gregg and we were joined by Martin. From there we hit the Beresford and caught up with a few people down there. On to the Barracks where I was very sensible and left reasonably early as I had to be in work on Saturday.

Saturday night finished work and came home to doze on the day bed a while. Eventually went out to grab some fast food and ended up just seeing who was in the Oxford :o) Martin was there with some mates and so I tagged on in and we hit the Barracks. Martin was v. drunk (you'd never catch me in that state, honest) so I caught up with Richard (no Russell though) and we finally all legged it down to the very heaving Pheonix. Fun. Russell was there and the boys introduced me to their friend Andrew. Very nice. Indeed. We left about 2 or 3am, I've no idea. Up we went onto the roof. Most pleasant on an evening when it's still about 23C. And you're doing what we were :o)

Sunday. Andrew left early and I stayed in bed. Brunch with Adrian and then Pete dropped round the dining table that they've so kindly given us. Bless 'em. Then a few people were going down to the Green Park Hotel for some beers. I joined them. It was great! Almost like the olden days of the Beauchamp. Think RVT with less dancing. Lots of nice looking men being very sociable. Lovely. David Bassett was there and Gary J, John and Andrew, Little Ian, Mark, Adelaide... fun. Went to join Garry at the Shift but it wasn't the same. Home and made some phone calls as I promised myself I would once the UK boys had gone home. So, spoke to Stevie P, Big Steve, Darryl and Nick. Lovely to hear them all. More phone calls over the next weeks. You could be the lucky recipient!!

Today's been a lovely day too. Slept until 9.45am and had a leisurely breakfast. Phil (who's just recently moved back here from Melbourne) dropped in unexpectedly and so we arranged a late lunch after I'd been to the gym. I did that, which was great... I've got no excuses not to really give this a go this time. Fixed hours, more time in the day than I've ever had, the gym just down the road. I'll be like Schwarzenegger by Christmas. Yeah right!! Went for a huge chicken salad in a café in Victoria Street that I'd forgotten about. Cheap and fantastic. Coffee in Stanley Street which I'd also forgotten is a great place to watch the world go by. Back here to chill a while, and then Martin called to drop in some CDs and we ended up going for coffee too. Or a milkshake as it turned out. And then back here to update this. And Andew called to see if I want to do dinner on Wednesday. Of course I do. That's like a date then :o) Off to the supermarket now to find something for dinner and then a relatively early night I think. Yes indeedy.

Saturday, March 16, 2002

All is well with the world. I live in possibly the most beautiful city in the world, and today the sun was shining. I went for a walk in my lunch hour and got all shivery with the fact I live here. Marvellous.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Things have calmed down, you'll be pleased to hear.
Oh, but it didn't stop there. I worked Tuesday and then had a lovely meal with Darren that night. We ate then just stood up on the roof drinking wine and taking in the view. I had such a great time with him. Hopefully a good friendship will come from that. Bless him. Wednesday was quieter and I worked both then and Thursday. Thursday night me and Darryl hit the town for his last night. Oh dear. We hit the Oxford and Stonewall and then followed a pack of sexy men to Arq. It was great fun. Chatted to Triple F Steve for the first time properly and danced and danced and looked at the lovely men. Think we finally left around 7am. I called in sick. Oops. Finally Darryl had to go to the airport and for the first time in around 3 weeks I was back with no English mates here. Felt very strange. Still great to be here and sharing with Garry and so on, but if felt so natural to have more mates around. Hey ho. It made me realise how much I do miss everyone from home.
So, left alone I did what any good gay man would. Went on the prowl :o) So, that was Friday afternoon taken care of :o) Drinks Friday night with the boys. Worked Saturday and then me and Garry had a good old style Saturday night. Until I met up with Alan and John who I spent the night with in October showed up. Suddenly there was a change of plan and we were in a cab...
Into work Sunday with a spring in my step. Home, changed and to the Shift and caught up with the gang and Glenn & Rick from the States. Realised that Wayne G was going to be playing at Arq and so that was my next decision made as I had the Monday off. Hit there and had a ball. Good music, spent time with Rich and Russ and also to Chris. Stories there, but more stories to follow as he finally left here at about 2pm Monday after dancing, flirting, snogging, drinks in the Oxford etc. Etc. Slept until about 6pm, had more noodles from Thai downstairs (can anyone see a pattern here??), and then went onto the computer to see what was going on. Steve, Rich and Russ's flatmate ended up here with 2 bottles of wine which we had on the roof... and he finally went home on Tuesday. Oh dear. I am that trashy bitch :o)

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Ay ay ay. So, another year another Mardi Gras mad time. It was so fantastic to see the boys here. I hope they had a good time - it looked like they were having a great time! We did almost constant minkering for 3 whole weeks. Darryl was a bit ill for the first week which in retrospect was probably for the best as we couldn't have done the whole time at such a frenetic pace! Almost too many highlights. The events went something like this.

i) Darryl arrived. Minkered as reported, then we had a few days off.

ii) Harbour Party as reported. Incredible. Arq. Fantastic. Dr Darren. Also fantastic.

iii) Woof on the Thursday. Great too. Good music, good venue. I so wasn't going, but hooked up with the boys who had a spare ticket and suddenly... there I was at City Live! Great crowd, good music and a lot of fun. I left the boys to it as I had to work the next day :o(

iv) Quieter night on the Friday. Beresford and Barracks I think. Didn't overdo it.

v) Mardi Gras day. We had invited everyone here for a drinks party and to watch the Parade, what with the views of Oxford Street from the apartment and the roof. People started arriving at 3pm ish and it became a steady flow the longer the night went on. The straight couple at number 2 had a party too, so we just all combined on the roof and in fact spread along all the rooves as we're the only residential one! I think everyone had a good time - the view was fantastic. We shifted heaps of booze too. Lots of bottles to clear afterwards! From there to the party which was fun. Only gripe was I lost everyone quite early on apart from Darren and Darryl. I wasn't complaining too much :o) But I hardly saw any of the aussie guys and only hooked up with Garry again at 7am! Deborah Cox was the first show and she was fantastic. It all gets a little blurry after that, but we danced mostly in the Dome, with forays into the Hordern and the RHI. Decided not to wait for Alcazar as Paul & Alan were over it. Apparently they were very camp. Alcazar, Not P&A! Back here to shower and then on to the Barracks. Well me, D & D. It was fun. Dancy, cruisy, fun.Think we stayed until about 12.30pm and finally everyone went their separate ways. Slept until about 6pm then up and pottered. Noodles from Thai Panic (shop below the apartment!).

vi) Showered and changed and hit ICE at City Live. P&A already there, Darren meant to join us, Darryl bottled out. It was great. Music was good, people very sexy. Spent time with P&A, David Bassett, Rod & Tony and saw Rich, Russ & Steve there at the end. Got the fairy bus to Bay33 at 2.30am to continue the party. Spent time with David and Peter and Paul and Darren failed to show. The music got a bit harder. Gonzalo and Rachel Auburn finished it off, but we decided to leave a bit before the end as Rachel was getting a bit 'pots & pans'.

vii)Arq. Absolutely great. Only problem was that P&A had to leave for their flight at 8.30am. I dutifully carried on until about 12.30pm when I finally thought I should call it a day. Came home to chill but Darryl and Darren had other ideas. We ended up having coffee and I forced some potato wedges down my neck. Then we hit the pub. We drank and drank and eventually I left them all to it about 9pm. Finally crashed at about 10pm, having had only 4 hours sleep in the preceding 60. Ay caramba.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

I know it's been a long time. Will update all the Mardi Gras action after the boys have finally gone. It's been fantastic and I'm going to be so sad by the weekend. More later.