Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Aagh. Again. As seemingly ever these days. Fruits was OK almost 2 weeks ago now, and I can't really remember what's been happening! I know I spent all of that next weekend at Michaels and we watched videos (La Spagnola, Enigma and Hedwig) and sorted his house out (hanging paintings, re-wiring doorbells, stereos, televisions etc). Michael made soup. We did the Green Park on that Sunday night and then back to his. Had a full week at work out on the floor - still going strong and loving it. Oh, except I had Friday off as one of my rostered days off. Filed my citizenship papers so fingers crossed that all comes through OK. Went to the movies with Rich and Russ and then had nice food and a couple of beers and home. Michael went home to see his Mum for the weekend so I took things easy. Lazy day Saturday save the 7½K run in preparation for the City to Surf, then beers with Garry and Gary. Early bed so Sunday was up and about early. Coffee with Adrian for 3 hours in beautiful winter sunshine. Came home and made curtains for the apartment (no, really). Green Park which was fun as ever though a little strange without Michael as we've been the last 4 weeks together. Then up for the gym at 7am Monday and then over to Michael's last night on his return. I had an excuse as we had some rain for the first time in about 6 weeks and I've got a leak in my bedroom ceiling. Hopefully that'll be fixed tomorrow though. In training all week so early finishes for me. Ran another 7½K after work tonight and did loads of bank and bills related calls. Gotta like that. Right, bed. More later...

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

All OK to do the odd post from work I think, as long as I keep it clean!! Not much to report as yet since last blog... Monday you already heard about; Tuesday was gym after work, food and chats to Russ and Michael. Tonight is gym again and then out for something to eat with Adrian, Rich and Russ. Tomorrow is Fruits in Suits (or Bananas in Pyjamas.. or the best one Homos in Kimonos) which should be fun. Meeting up with Michael and Dean and whoever else we can drag along for some fun and frolics. Or just drinking and flirting as it turns out. Oh, and coz everyone wears a name badge it's a chance to find out who those man are whom you've always lusted after. You never know when it might be prudent to drop someone's name into the conversation. Actually it turns out like a Gaydar meet! We thought last time that people should have those IDs on their name badges too...

Monday, July 15, 2002

Isn't that just typical? Australian TV is pretty naff on the whole, but for about 15 minutes tonight on 4 different channels, we had Sex and the City, Buffy, Queer as Folk (US version) and the Simpsons. Any of which I'd settle for on a normal day. And all of this without a video recorder. Doh!
OK, this is a bit of a test blog from work. Not sure if I'm meant to be going onto certain sites from work, but I guess I'll soon find out. Here's a brief resumé of last week:
Mon - training at work, gym, dinner at Russ's.
Tue - training at work, coffee with Adrian and Russ, gym, dinner at home.
Wed - on the floor at work, no gym, dinner at home.
Thu - training at work, gym, dinner/stay over at Michael's.
Fri - training at work, no gym, I cooked dinner at Russ's, beers at Beresford/Barracks.
Sat - up and slob a while, bit of a sort out, coffee with Adrian and Russ, made and hung curtains for my bedroom, gym, over to Michael's for dinner, out to Pheonix, back to his around 6am! Sleep around 10am.
Sun - think we eventually woke around 12.30pm. Brekky then put up a tea towel rail in the kitchen and then a heated towel rail, a cabinet and a toothbrush holder in the bathroom. Snack and to the Green Park. Fun. Burgerman for nosh and then back to Michael's around 11pm.

All in all, a really nice weekend. More please! Right, let's see if I get away with updating from my desk...

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

More excuses and it's bedtime for Davie. At least I've managed to update the pic on the left to reflect more of a Corporate Davie having been swallowed up at Qantas. I have to say that I'm loving it there currently, which is great. Going through lots of training and realising that they've got a nice bunch of people. It's already been two months since I started almost, and those cheap flights in November are looking nearer and nearer! In other news, the apartment is still fun, and although it's a little noisy it doesn't really affect my sleeping so can't be too bad, and it's incredibly convenient. Only taking me 20-30 minutes commute, train dependant, so that's great too. Have been out and about a bit of late and have met some wonderful people, and it's astonishing that I've been here a year now. It's just flown. In other news.. met a nice guy recently and seeing how that one goes - I'll keep you informed! Otherwise my only grouch is that I'm still broke! It'll be a while until I can save again but in the meantime I've enough to get by and it's an incentive to do cheap healthy stuff like gym and so on. I've signed up for a 14k run - City to Surf - so I've got to get some training in! Watch this space. Right, more later. It should be a quiet weekend and I'm hoping to update a lot of stuff on here. We'll see!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

OK. I know. Enough excuses already. If there's not a big update this weekend then I'll fly you all out here for a minkered weekend... Watch this space. And probably I'd start packing if I were you..