Saturday, June 30, 2001

Saturday afternoon. I'm here. I can't believe I'm here. Living back in Sydney. Ay caramba.

Seen the apartment which is good. Got the keys. Moving down there later this weekend. Taking advantage of Tony's hospitality in the meantime. Already seen Garry, and bumped into a fourth girl from Capital (Tracey) who I'd forgotten was here. It's weird! Lazy day yesterday trying to avoid jetlag. Beer with David B, Rob and Tony before a lovely meal in Macleay Street Bistro. A place to note and take visitors!! Today's been great - lazy morning with brekky; long, long walk from Bondi to Bronte and back with Tony and his lovely niece Kelley; tea and cakes. Might have to go and have a nap soon. Meant to be going to a party with Paul and Peter tonight, but so far radio silence. If not, may just have a beer or two with Garry.

Minkered down under starts here... be very afraid.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

"I don't know where to begin, living in SIN..."

As I think Electronic said once. Though the SIN in this case is Singapore Airport. One 12 hour flight done, one 8 hour one to go. Managed the airport without too much trauma. World's largest check-in queue. No time to think before being on the flight. Vodka, salmon, that movie with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt (What Women Want?), and then sleep. For 7 hours. Yee hah. Didn't think I would. Awake in time for brekky and here I am.

Quick coffee and then back on the plane. It's 7.40pm local time and 2 hours further ahead in Sydney. I arrive at 6am thinking it's time to go to bed. Oh really. Jet lag a go-go.

Right kiddies. Keep safe y'all. There'll be more from this antipodean bound traveller very soon...
OK people. I'm outta here. I'll say g'day from Sydney by the weekend. Love ya. x

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Aaaaggghhh! The sequel.

At the flat. Sorting. Organising. Not really panicking actually. Kind of OK. Cleaned the flat in Elephant this morning with Andy's help... it wasn't too bad. Almost had heart attack yesterday when agent's called to say new buyer was going round there last night! Fortunately landlord was very cool and mopped before they arrived. Bless him. He asked why he wasn't invited to the party. Er...

Right. Time to crack on. Loads to do. Will try and blog one more time before I go.

Thanks to everyone for all the good luck messages. Will speak and text from airport I'm sure. If no more blogging from here, then from Oz on Friday. Jesus. It's finally happening. Bye for now... Davie x

Tuesday, June 26, 2001


Never, ever emigrate and buy a house together. There's too much to do!

Monday, June 25, 2001

Minker a go-go. Currently recovering from a night well minkered, I'm going to post something up quickly and then come back to this later when I've actually got my head round all that I have to do in the next 54 hours. Er, yes, that's all until I'm at the airport. Ay caramba.

Firstly though, thanks to everyone for making yesterday's send off such a good one. I had the most fantastic time as I think those of you that saw me will probably bear witness to! The drinks party at the old flat was a laugh and the Tavern, in its first proper summer night guise was great and I actually spent more time outside than in. Can't believe it's my last time! Managed to hold the emotion in check though... but not sure how.

Secondly thanks to all those who brought cards and pressies and so on. Serious or jokey, they were all appreciated. And thanks for signing my book - it's still unread at the old flat for the moment - not sure when's the best time to read it! Maybe my first Sunday afternoon in Oz...

Finally, thanks to all the blog blokes - David, Jon, Ian, Rob and Scally (links to the left, I can't be arsed!). They have clubbed together and bought me Also, Scally's been busy creating a whole new look to start it off - thanks to all of you guys, it's great and such a brilliant idea. Oh what fun we'll have... once I've stopped laughing at the opening animation!

Friday, June 22, 2001

Quick blog in an internet cafe in York. Since the last proper update (and what you'll get tomorrow once the new phone lines are installed in the new flat) I've done the following:
Got depressed about leaving
Been to Hope
Been to the Tavern on one and a half hour's sleep
Packed up an entire flat with help from Richie and Martyn (and NO help from Nick!!)
Moved to Peckham from Elephant and Castle
Had my last dinner with Pilar
Slept late, tidied flat and done admin stuff.
Had Danny over for impromptu pizza dinner
Won the last ever pop quiz in fairytale fashion (Jon's version) (David's shorter version)
Travelled to York
Spent time with Dad in Whitby and York...

That's it for now. More and fuller details tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Away until Friday. More blogging then. In new fab flat though. Yippee!!

Saturday, June 16, 2001

I'm up and about and it's relatively early. Drinking at Barcode with Danny and Brad hasn't impaired my ability to clean I hope - that's on the cards for today. That and packing. That, packing and the gym. In no particular order. The new flat is clean, but needs that extra (gay man) clean before we move in there.

Had dinner with Steve in Balans last night and then went back to Barcode as above. Chatted with David too. Came home before it all got out of hand. Think it was a good move. Didn't sleep well but hey... I can sleep once I get to Oz!!
I'm a homo - ner!!!

I'm sorry, I'll start that once more from the top...

I'm a home-owner!! He he he. Again. Me and my lovely flat in Peckham are together - well for a couple of weeks at least. Yippee!! Finally got the keys at about 3.30pm today - marvellous. It's as nice as I remember it, which is just as well! Other than that - spent a nice day with Brett... we had lunch together and then wandered round Butler's Wharf and Tower Bridge. Nice.

Right. Enough already. Dinner at David's (cooked very nicely by Brett) was great last night. Nice to see Chatty Paul and Dino, Little Andrew and Chris and Nigel...

More later...

Thursday, June 14, 2001



OK - I've done one blog entry, but here goes nothing. I figure if I remind you enough times you'll turn up...

Sunday 24 June 2001 - 1pm onwards
7 Winchester Close
Hampton Street
London SE17 3DQ

Eat before (cheapskate that I am) and bring a bottle. Nibbles will be provided but that's about it.

I would guess (well I in fact know) that there will be mass exodus to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern sometime between 5pm and 7pm. Be prepared!

I'll also be down at the Tavern this Sunday for those of you that can't make it - please lemme know as I might be hitting somewhere beforehand this Sunday as I've mates down from Oooop North. Also please mention to anyone else I've forgotten... oh and feel free to bring partners etc...
It's Thursday and I'm up late and haven't done half the things I should have. Correction. I haven't done any of the things I should have. D'oh. I did manage to sleep a bit better though - well slightly. Tony's recommended some orthoxicol night time pills. Apparently excellent for both of hayfever and not sleeping.. will have to check them out.

Right, better crack on. Meant to be having lunch with Sarah, and hitting the gym before heading over to David's for dinner. No rest for the wicked :o)
Tired now. Should be in bed really, and will be going shortly. Today's list of things done:

Chased up everything on the house - AOK for Friday. Have vendor's phone number to call and talk about how the boiler works etc.
Letters posted
Estate agents given written faxed notice of leaving here
Tax office letter written and posted
Block front door key chased down
Appointment with lesbian removal company (no really)
Lunch with Roger (and Danny came and joined us)
Met lesbian. Fantastic. They pack and move your entire life for reasonable rates. Booked in for Monday. Yippee!!
Over to David P's for beers with Brett and then David when he got in. Dinner on me at Café Med. Home.
Internet chats to Danny.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Popular music quiz number god knows how many. We didn't do well (not in the words of Bruce Forsyth). A shamely 14/20 - and to make matters worse, the winners got 20/20. Really. Gits. But they didn't win the money. £103 up for grabs next week. I'm so going to be there... So, questions...

We started well with Goldfrapp, covering Physical from 1981. We struggled on the Kraftwerk covers round. We pooled our collective knowledge of Kraftwerk hits (Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express, The Model, Computer Love, Showroom Dummies, Tour de France) and picked at random. We picked The Model, Showroom Dummies, Autobahn. They picked The Robots (?), Showroom Dummies (yippee!), Trans-Europe Express. 2/4. Oh.

Next came the identify the female vocalist round. MTV watching helped us identify Kele Le Roc guesting on the Basement Jaxx single, and also Macy Gray bellowing on the Black Eyed Peas' single. Better. Next came the most inspired round. More covers. This time though we plumped for, correctly, The Damned, Marianne Faithful and Tiny Tim. Well done boys. A more respectable 6/8.

What happened next? We blew the Smiths round (as it were). We didn't know the next 6 words of 'I started something I couldn't finish' were 'Typical me, typical me, typical me'. D'oh. Better-ish on the new releases. Jonathan's round. He got Steps and You'll be sorry, Muse and Marti Pellow (though not the titles), We did know the title of MP's song was 3 words, but didn't come up with Close to You. Or Muse's New Born. We got New Love. Close but no cigar (as Thomas Dolby once said). We came good identifying I Monster and knowing the connection to All Seeing I. 9/13. Respectable. (Cue singing from David, Jonathan and Dave).

Next, the Richard Cheese round. Cheesy covers. We missed Papa Roach, but got both Garbage and the Dead Kennedys. Finally into the 90's intro round. Somewhat skillfully we identified Lenny Kravitz (Are you gonna go my way?), Blur (Chemical World) and the Breeders (Cannonball). True to form we guessed a year too early, 1993 being correct. 14/20.

Must try harder.

Next week my pretties...
Pop quiz ce soir. But what about the rest of the day I hear you ask? Well, as per the note before last, I had shit to sort. And I didn't do that badly.

Gave notice on this place to the agent (letter to write).
Gave notice on this place to the landlord.
Paid bills, cancelled standing orders and updated house accounts.
Spoke to tax people (letter to write).
Birthday card to Alistair.
Made doctor's appointment.
Let man in to survey apartment.
Did the gym.
Ate too much - sushi, tuna and pasta bake, gruyère and caramelised onion bread, apple juice.
Met Stevie P, Baby Tom and Footballer Lee in Barcode.
Pop quiz. Oh really...

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

D'oh. My template has disappeared. Anyone else having the same problem??
Drowning under a sea of life admin calls and paperwork.
Got to give notice on this place and close off all bills, direct debits etc.
Got to replace the front door key of the block that got thrown out with the rubbish.
I need to chase up a tax rebate and declare myself non-resident for tax purposes from the end of the month.
Got to set up all the bills and direct debits for the new place.
Arrange to meet/speak to the vendors to see how things like boilers and so on work.
Change addresses to the new one in Oz where appropriate.
Arrange to move - get a man with a van or hire one myself (I vowed NEVER to move myself again but...).
Sort out a will.
Give clothes to charity (not all of them).

I'm sure there's more. Actually that doesn't sound too bad. Oh, and I'm off to the gym today too. Yippee.

Right then - let's get on with it...
You know something? Since I've lived in London, I've always been curious to see what the London Underground map would look like if drawn to scale geographically, rather than the fantastically designed but ultimately misleading version we're all familiar with. I've even considered doing it myself, tracing over pages of the A-Z and completed with coloured pens. Sad, eh? Well now I don't have to, thanks to David. Click here for the map, and whilst you're at it, read all about David's walk across old London town. My life is now complete.

Monday, June 11, 2001

Another weeking packed choc-a-block full of minkering. Saturday night had arranged to meet up with Danny in Barcode (for a change). Dave from Brighton was in town, and soon there were us three, Dan's friend John (very nice indeed!!), Mark, Rodge, Tom and a mate of his. Several beers later we decided to hit Crash - well it seemed only fair. By 12.30am there we were - dancing and laughing and generally having a good time. As if by magic, Darryl was also there, and he persuaded me to go to Trade - well it seemed only fair. By 6.30am there we were - and we stayed havin' it large until midday - well, Darryl left a little earlier. Finally made my way home and chatted to Nick. Forced some poached eggs down me and managed a full one hours sleep before Nick came back from the gym and it was time to go to the Vauxhall.

Another fun night - lots of people there, though some of the usual crowd away on hols and so on. James (Tony's ex) turned up as a nice surprise and Stevie P and Richard made an appearance later. The music was great for some reason last night. Marvellous. Finally home just around midnight and quick emails before bed.

Today's been a bit of a nothing so far. Up, email, shower, nice chat to Tony. Working out what to do with the rest of the day now my head's a bit less fuzzy. After all, I've only got to pack up a house, move, rent out that place, close down all my affairs here and emigrate. Should have that sorted by about 3pm then...

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Saturday night's alright for... blogging.

We will be remembering 8 June for a number of reasons. Apart from birthdays previously mentioned, it was also Andy's birthday and he called from Sitges to say he was having a good time. Bless. Also, waiting for me in my inbox was a job offer from Pacific Online in Australia. Hence the note below. Fantastic. Am very excited. Looks like I'll be starting that on around 9 July. Have two specific sites to look after - TV Hits and The 'K' Zone. No, really.

Also, I finally exchanged contracts on the flat. I'll get the keys on Friday 15 June and will probably be spending most of next weekend moving. I need a man with a van I think! So, everything coming together nicely. Only bit of bad news is that Garry isn't going to be my flatmate in Oz, as he can't wait the three weeks until I arrive before getting an apartment. Shame. Was looking forward to it, but I guess I'll have to find someone else. If that's all I have to do there, it's not going too badly!

Booked my ticket too. 27 June, 10.15pm. Ay caramba.

Met Danny for lunch, had a haircut, hit the gym with Nick, had some scran and hot footed it back into town to Barcode. Met up with James (Tony's ex) for beers and a good time was had by all. Other protaganists: Nick, Little Stuart, Little Ian, Architect Rob and his mate Brent. Stayed in Barcode until late and finally home. Not alone... :o)

Up this morning. Lovely brunch at Mike and Nick's with Jason. All lovely men. Home and veg out. We like slobby days. Away to ablute. Laters...

Friday, June 08, 2001

Dave Boyes
Executive Producer - Youth Entertainment
Pacific Online

Nice ring to it, don't you think??

:o) Big time.
It's birthday time - Happy Bidet to my nephew Andy who is 25 today, and to my niece Melissa who is the grand old age of 16. Have a great day guys... Love from Uncle Hedgehog xox P.S. Mel - hope the GCSE's are going OK!
Strange day today. Couldn't get going. Couldn't even be bothered to be apathetic. After the interview I kind of flagged. Messed about on the PC for a lot of the day. Did lots and lots of emails and finally got the leaving do mail out and up. Loaded some Web Design stuff on here tonight. In between did bugger all really. I must do stuff tomorrow. Lots and lots of stuff. Looking forward to having very little planned for the weekend. Drink with James Mc Friday, lunch Jason, Mike and Nick Saturday and beers later on with Danny and Dave. Tavern Sunday. Minker lite. Marvellous. (The state I'm in, not the Sunday night at Sub South where I'd be in a state - there is a difference).

I also need to get this thing out of diary mode and back into true Blog mode - gone are my obtuse links, my witty (well sometimes) ramblings about god only knows. All play and no work is making Little Dave a dull boy. I now know what I got out of working at Chrysalis - the time to blog. The time is now.

Everyone... I've done an e-mail out, but there are bound to be people I've forgotten! Keep watching Minkered... for more updates, but plans are as follows:

24 June 2001

Venue to be finally confirmed, but it'll most likely be at this flat in Elephant followed by a trip down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Bring a bottle to the party and eat, as we'll be too minkered to be messing around with food! There'll be some nibbles mind you...

If you can't make the 24th, let me know as I think I'll try and do a smaller get together for those that can't on the previous Sunday, the 17th. If you can't make either lemme know and we'll arrange something else. Oh, and in a shock move I'll be at the Tavern for the next 3 Sundays so you can always get me there...

Let anyone else know you think I may have forgotten!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2001

OK - here we are. Fresh from second interview for job in Oz I'm ready to blog. Interview was OK - probably not as good as the first, but we'll just have to wait and see...

Last night's list - those questions answered.
Andy from Manchester - lovely man. Is going to turn out to be a good friend I think/hope. Bless.
Brett and David P - currently in Amsterdam until Saturday. All seems well - both lovely guys and hope they make a go of it! Selfishly that means that they'll probably be in Sydney (or at least Oz) so I get to see more of them...
Uni leaving crowd did turn up on Saturday save Soph. Good to see everyone and their gaggle of kids!! Thanks again to Lisa for hosting it so graciously.
My niece is 18. Yikes. Mind you, my nephews are 27 and 25 by the end of the month so I'm kind of used to it. Poor old Uncle Hedgehog...
Heaven... Queue hell, so didn't make it. Good job, as the guys didn't stay long. Not great apparently.
Tavern was fun on Sunday. Gym before which was great, but I did feel v. minkered. Might have been that, might have been lots of mates, might have been the 'only 3 more to go' feeling. Might have been having Brett there minkering for Western Australia. Either way, couldn't stop at midnight and hit the LA3 with David O and Baby Tom. Fun there too and so we hit the Orange. I've yet to work out why. Home at 10am. Yikes.
TUC biscuits. Philadelphia cheese. Peanut butter. Coffee. Yorkie Bar. These are the diet choices of one so minkered.
2 days all points north (including Watford). Deposit monies paid - waiting to hear about completion date. Fingers crossed for June 15.
The local (ex-)vicar in Dunnington is actually a friend of the family, and he does indeed imbibe and use the odd expletive. Good for him.
Gin. :o) Will be sticking to voddie mainly still...
Leaving do confirmation - I'll get onto that right now. Looks like 24 June (venue to be confirmed) with those unable to make that having a secondary leaving do on 17 June. After both and indeed this Sunday you can catch me at the Vauxhall too. Oh, and you can check down there on 1 July. I won't be there (sniff).
OK kiddiewinkies: tomorrow's exciting instalment will have us back to real time again. Things to gladden your day and put your hat at a jaunty angle will be:

Andy from Manchester: just what is happening?
Brett from Perth WA arrives: will he and David P sail off into the sunset?
University friends: did they turn up at Lisa's on Saturday?
Did I make it to my lovely niece Julia's 18th birthday party?
Heaven Saturday night - Heaven, or Hell?
Tavern Sunday - why was I so minkered, and how the hell did Nick and I make the gym beforehand?
LA3/The Orange. Why oh why oh why?
TUC biscuits. The new gods.
Flying visits to York. Why are solicitors so slow?
Why was the local vicar drinking and swearing with me and my Dad in the local last night?
Have I finally exchanged on the house? If not, why the hell was I in Watford? (If so, why Watford anyway?)
Finally, I have rediscovered gin. Oh dear. (Sob!). It made me watch Jumpin' Jack Flash tonight on Channel 5.
There is no hope.
Except for 16th June, when it's on again in Brixton apparently.
Oh, and leaving do email confirmation in the morning.
After my job interview. I know how to pack a lot in.

Laters guys... and apols once again for breaks in transmission. It's not that easy to buy a house and emigrate and look for work and flatmates in two countries all at once!! Hey ho. Life could be worse...

Yes. I'm back. Almost a week since last posting. Well, there has been a post strike in the capital. Groan. More later - this to see if it republishes to the right day (there have been problems with Blogger you know)...