Monday, November 26, 2007

And lo and behold it was suddenly another two weeks since I last blogged and I again wonder who's stealing all the time I once had.

Since the last post things have been a little calmer I suppose. The five week block of teaching did indeed finish, and then last week I was in Thu/Fri for a couple of days. We had had a teacher night out in Newtown on the previous Friday night and that was fun.

Two weekends ago I managed to catch up with Adrian, Bobby and Gary & Peter which was great. Last weekend was a whole new show though Jerry. Muz and I entered the Sydney Urban Max race and have a really good time. It's a bit like the Amazing Race, with over 350 teams running around Sydney (or using public transport only) solving clues and undertaking challenges. Muz wrote more about it here, so go have a read and see the map of where we went. The highlights for me were two - one, stripping down to our undies in the pouring rain and diving into a swimming pool to find a rubber duck with the number 72 on it; and two, coming 7th overall and 3rd in our category. Way to go us! We also realised today that we did one extra checkpoint so could have actually come in second! Doh. We were really chuffed though, and good to know me and Muz can race well together should other challenges come up.

Yesterday was Gary's birthday do in Tamarama and it was good to spend a bit of time there and have a few beers with the sun setting over the sea. Today was a bit confusing as I thought I wasn't working unless called in. They didn't call so I didn't go, but apparently I was meant to be there! Oops. Better luck next time. If there's not much work this week then I'll finish the Christmas stuff and get back running and to the gym.

No, really. :o)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another week goes by, and in fact we're now only scarily some 6 or so weeks until Christmas! Yikes...

As below. Teaching still as described, though only one more confirmed week and then back to casual until the end of term. We did have the first of the 2008 Kindergarten orientations this week, which seemed to go well. If the kids are all as well behaved as the ones I had it'll be fine! There are two more Thursday mornings of that to come, then one hell of a lot of planning and research for me over the long end of year break.

Sculpture by the Sea was good last week, though it didn't seem quite as busy as last year in terms of pieces on show. Was good to go with Muz though, and then spend some time with Gary and Peter and a few others for a leisurely lunch in Tamarama.

Dad seems to be continuing his improvement, and I'll find out a bit more later when I call to say hello.

In other news, all good. Hoping to spend a bit more time on this in the coming few weeks when I'm not so flat out with work. Let's see!

Friday, November 02, 2007

So, it's November and week 3 of the term is already past. So, what's been happening? Not that much to be honest.

Teaching remains the same - hard to plan, changing most days, not quite sure what's coming next. I see it as good experience for my future work. All good.

Dad went home from the hospital and seems good. A relief for us all.

Last weekend remained pretty quiet. Ended up spending most of the time doing life admin; playing playstation; watching trashy movies and reading. All good. Still very happy with my lot right now.

This weekend - who knows? So far plan is to visit Sculptures by the Sea on Sunday, but otherwise the world is my lobster.