Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Thursday post I hear you cry? Unusual I know, but then I thought to myself 'Why not?'

Last Friday was indeed Steamboy, with a snatched dinner first. Steamboy was fun, although a bit of a head trip with Japanese animation of Victorian Manchester and London. Go figure. Home to bed as me and Craig were both a bit knackered from the week. Brekky at Craig's Saturday morning then Craig dropped me off in Newtown as he went off to look at potential new houses. I stumbled across Pete and Johnno for the first time in ages, which was good. Thence to Oxford St to have brunch with Shane. I ended up buying myself a couple of t-shirts too, and a cuddly doggy for Craig :o) Woof! Back home and tea with Dave at the apartment in the sunshine.
Finally over to Craig's before out for beers and dinner in Newtown with Corinne et al again. Noice. Ended up at Kuleto's to meet up with Sally and Gus, who I used to work with at Borders many moons ago. Great to catch up with them. Home to bed by around 1.30am.
Sunday was a bit of a sleep in followed by another run around Canada Bay before brekky in Glebe. The weather was a touch inclement and so in the end we went back to Craig's and dozed whilst Craig managed to rustle up a fantastic roast complete with veggies for dinner. Yum. We were then treated to a spectacular storm and so plans to venture far were scuppered. We settled on beer and pool at one of Craig's locals, which was a lot of fun (and surprisingly good music!). From there as the rain stopped we had beers with Bobby at the Newtown. Home. Bed.
Onto the working week. Dull, duller, Dulles, dullest. (Note clever airline pun - except that I don't look after Washington. Oh well.) Actually work's been OK, though it's not really going to set the world alight. Monday night was a tidying night at Potts Point. Tuesday night was a headache and so tea, toast and early bed. Last night I was dreaming... I was locked in a prison cell. No, sorry. Last night was home and a quick beer with Bobby at the Bourbon. Craig joined us and then we ate at Tropicana (drinks were about $2 each, which were more expensive than I'd been led to believe by George Michael). Home, tea, bed. Noice.
Not sure what the plans are for tonight and the weekend, but it won't be much. Low key weekends at home are the new going out!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Not a great deal to report on the doing stuff front. Finished last week off work having done nothing at all - was hoping to get stuff done, but the infection really took it out of me. Friday was quiet drinks with Craig and friends and dinner. We didn't kick on as I was a bit tired. Saturday was something. Can't actually remember what? Oh I know. Met Bobby for coffee in Newtown and Aaron joined us by chance. Met Paul and Gary for lunch which was great. Then over to Potts for a bit. Met up again with Craig later and we opted for a night in with a DVD and snuggled. The DVD was good, but a bit full on - chronicals of a man with a terminal disease. Noice. Sunday was a run round Canada Bay followed by breakfast in Balmain. I can't remember what else we did! Lunch inNewtown at Taste, but what else we did after that is anyone's guess. Maybe pool and a beer at the Zanzibar? Sounds about right. This week's been work and more work. Craig stayed at mine Monday night; I stayed there Tuesday as my room sprang a leak in the heavy rain we've had; Wednesday I had beers with Pete and then last night I met Craig at the Newtown and we had beers and dinner, bumping briefly into Aaron.
Tonight is Steamboy - most expensive anime movie ever and dinner. Looking forward to more relaxing times...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

OK, OK. Long time overdue. Again. I know. However I was chastised by MSN messenger today so I have to put fingers to keyboard and get some stuff down for posterity.
I left you aeons ago. Staying at Tamarama seems almost like it was in a past life! I digress. Craig and I had a great weekend I seem to remember. Can't remember the whole thing, but it involved DVDs, breakfasts and lots of snuggling. Yay.
The following week I've no idea. I'm currently at home so can't even check the work diary to help. Let's assume whatever I did was fantastic then. The next weekend was Sleaze. Again Craig came over to Tamarama on the Friday night, and then we did our own stuff pre- party. It was the first party that Craig and I had been to together so we decided we'd do our own thing and not arrange to meet any friends at any time anywhere! Strange, but the right decision as we knew we'd bump into people all over the place anyway. And so it came to pass...
The party was OK, but the music was lacklustre. By 5.30am we'd grown tired of chasing anything remotely danceable and walked back into town. A beer at the Oxford followed by Manacle when it opened. Better music and more fun. Stayed there til noon then retired for sleep and snuggles. Finally awaking at 11.30pm we grabbed food and had a couple of drinks at the Colombian before piking from another Sunday night party. We actually had more fun snuggling and felt great as we hit the beach on Monday morning. Yay for us! The following week I'm sure was fun too. Work of course, but a short week. We like that. There were various house things in there too, as we had plans turned down. We rejigged, re-drew and re-presented. Fingers crossed again.
So last weekend. Gary and Peter took me to Dragonfly for sushi as a thanks for looking after Tamarama. Great. Thence to the Oxford and home with Craig. Then to Newtown in the morning - brekky and the afternoon in the park. The night held martinis at a local bar and dinner at a local restaurant. Great night. Sunday we got up and ran to the Opera House and back before brekky. Chilled at home, coffee with Dave and then movie, beers and pool. Cool.
This week was work on Monday, then I've fallen foul of an eye infection. Been off work since and been signed off til Monday. Lots of snoozing and DVD watching in a darkened room. Heading to Craig's now to meet him after work.
All is good :o)