Monday, January 24, 2005

And lo and behold it was 2005. In fact it was almost a month into 2005 and still no blogging from Davie. OK - very quick and dirty, with a full update early February promised.
Living with Craig as mentioned in the last post. Cycling to work currently which is great (about 20 mins each way) and starting to get back into the gym. Currently doing a 21 day detox - no alcohol, no caffeine, nothing fried or processed etc. Feeling a bit more energetic than of late so it's all good.
Work is OK - a bit dull and soon I'll need a change. But for now it's constant and easy if not very challenging. Next!!
Houses - still waiting for the UK flat to complete. Once done full decisions will be made on the place here.
In other news: been chilling out of late (helped by the not drinking). Staying home, DVDs - that kind of stuff. Heading to Tasmania for 4 days with Craig on Wednesday which should be fantastic. Really looking forward to it. ADSL should be connected at Craig's once back so expect a bit more of a regular update. And finally, finally, finally I got my first tattoo on Saturday night. Long overdue as I've dithered for ages about design and location etc. Craig bought me it for Christmas bless him, which forced me to make a choice. I'll upload a pic very soon.

Right. Honestly there's not much else to report. Really need the UK flat to complete to free up money to even consider any more stuff. So watch this space boys and girls...
P.S. Happy New Year!