Monday, August 27, 2007

OK. So the number of posts is still not great. However I do have an excuse in that I currently have no internet access from home as since the move the phone line hasn't been properly sorted.

So, what else has been happening? I've moved house, and am now in lovely Alice Street in Newtown (not really that big a move, but it went very smoothly). Big thanks to Ken and Bobby who helped with the move - particularly to Ken who sold me his white goods at a knock down price. Julia moved in that first Sunday and so far it's been great to share a place.
The teaching is going well and it seems weird that I'm over two-thirds of the way through the internship already. Time is flying.

And about that time stuff. I wonder why else time has been flying so? Well I've been spending some quality time with a lovely bloke and really enjoying it. More of that soon, but suffices to say it's made everything else seem very easy ;o)

OK. In an internet cafe so I'll make this brief until we get online at home and then it's on for one and all. More soon... Oh, and thanks to some of the new people that have posted comments, directed here from other blogs!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ay Caramba!

I promise I'll try and do this more often. Particularly as I've now realised that there are a few new people looking coz of Facebook (ah the perils of the interwebnetthingy).

So I left you in June. Lovely girl. Since then, in brief:
Spent three weeks in the UK primarily for my Dad's 80th birthday. Have to say it was fantastic. Wasn't sure how Dad's health would be, but he was in fine fettle and seems to have recoverd well from the stroke in February. It was great to spend time with him and he really seemed to enjoy himself. I also managed to reconnect with old mates from London/York and genuinely enjoyed myself even with all the running around up and down the country.
Returned to my DET interview which seemed to go well. Fingers crossed re job offers.
Started a nine week placement at school in Marrickville teaching some gifted and talented 11 year olds. So far, so good. They're a challenge, but it's all good teaching experience.
Am in the process of moving out of the house and renting a place to share with Julia, my niece. Moving in two weeks and I have to say I'm very much ready for it now. Prepare for lots of invitations for food and wine. I'm going to get back to being the entertainer that I always used to be. Woohoo.
Had some fun nights/days here since being back. Thanks to everyone that's helped my prop up bars around Sydney. Thanks to Tim for organising the theatre last Friday - it was lots of fun and good to spend a bit more time with Tim and Chris. Tim - you're now linked! There's a lovely picture of the two of us on Tim's blog from Kooky last when we inadvertently went as twins. Peas in a pod.
Feeling like the move will herald a return to form for this happy camper. Way to go me.
OK. Time to plan tomorrow's spreadsheet lesson. More soon. Really. Though there might be small gaps in transmission as I move house as I'm here and there for a bit and not sure when the internet access will be sorted out.