Friday, May 28, 2004

Things to make you go hmmm... #2

Later in the pub last night with Bobby (his mate Brent had gone home at this point). For some reason the topic of conversation turned to... me. Again. Bobby then said that I'm often blind to guys taking an interest in me because I'm too busy having fun with my mates and/or making sure they're OK i.e. having a good time/not too drunk or minkered or whatever/getting drinks/generally being mother. This I can understand a bit more - for me going out was always first and foremost about catching up with mates, and if a nice man happened to come along then so much the better. Am I alone in this? I can recall recent instances when I've passed up the chance to disappear off with sexy men because I've felt my mates wanted me to be with them...
No wonder I'm not getting any shags 2 :o(

Things to make you go hmmm... #1

In the pub last night with Bobby and his mate Brent. For some reason the topic of conversation turned to... me. They both were saying how nice, sexy, handsome etc I was (we'd had a few by this time) - when they both suddenly agreed that I was too masculine. They thought I was too butch which comes across as being stern and possibly unapproachable. They advised me to smile more. Someone else at work today corroborated their findings. Anyone care to add anything else? I don't particularly aim to walk into a bar and be stand-offish. True I currently have braces on my upper teeth meaning I'm probably not smiling as much as I would (believe me - they're quiet the confidence drainer) but do people really think that? Given a lot people reading this (if there is anyone left still reading that is) have known me for a longer time than most of the people here - is that the case? Help! No wonder I'm not getting any shags :o(

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just quickly as I'm about to fly out the door..

So, did I get up to shenanigans again? Yes sirree!
Wednesday – think it was just a slobby time at home. Can’t remember much else.
Thursday – gym after work and then straight to Gary and Peter’s. Went for a nice dinner at a little place near Moore Park Gardens (or, as there are so many gay men living there – Mary Tyler Moore Park Gardens!). Wine and home. Sleeeeeeeep.
Friday – work and then home, then to MPG to drop off stuff and then to Rich’s birthday meal. It was at the Nepalese kitchen and very nice! Little too much wine, but fun. Quick drink at the Dugout Bar then home. Sleeeeeep.
Saturday – woke at MPG. Grabbed coffee from the little cafĂ© there, then went on my travels to IKEA to buy my Bad Dog outfit – more later. Onto Strangers with Candy for brekky which was good. Slobbed about a bit, then eventually went back to Marrickville to get my running gear. Back to MPG, big bowl of pasta ready for the half marathon, Independence Day on the telly and an early night.
Sunday - started very early at 5.30am. Got up, got ready, forced some brekky down me and headed off for the journey down to Hickson Road and the start of the half marathon. Luckily I bumped into Allan from work at Wynyard so we headed down together. Met up with Kelly and Ian, Buzz and Gordon and Jo and got ourselves ready for the off. Ian's Mum and Dad kindly looked after our gear which saved some hassle. And then it was 7.30am and we were ready for the off. What a difference a year makes! Last year it was torrential rain, cold and windy. This year it was glorious. Sunny and almost perfect running conditions. And away we went! I actually enjoyed the race more than any of the training runs I've done all year (though there weren't that many!). The good news was I came in just under my last year's time - 1'50"01 versus 1'50"49. Still considering my lack of preparation or real desire to run I'm happy with that. One more big stride and I'd have come in under 1"50"! Oh well. We congregated at the end to compare times, aching limbs and bleeding nipples. Well fortunately not me. A little underarm chafing, but you get that. And then home on the train with Allan, happy and abuzz. To MPG, grabbed my gear and had a quick coffee with Rich and Russ. Thence to Marrickville to get myself ready for Bad Dog. The theme this time round was Science Experiment - quite a good one to dress up to. I'd decided the way forward was to buy a children's toy 6' snake from IKEA and then cut it in half. The head part was de-stuffed and put on my arm like a glove puppet. The tail end was stuck down my trousers so it hung out like a tail. I was ready :o)
Aaron arrived and Johnno and Pete kindly drove us there around 4pm. Bobby and Mark were already in evidence and slowly everyone arrived. What a fantastic party! They just keep getting better and I'm not sure how. Most of the people we know were there, which made for a great time, as did having run half a marathon that morning! Fun. Met a nice kiwi guy called David and spent a little time with him - and then they finished the party with Thomas Dolby's She Blinded me with Science. Perfect. Home and change and to the Shift for a while. Then the Phoenix. Then Arq. Til 8.30am. With Bobby and Mark. Just hilarious. Fantastic night. Thence back to MPG for vodka and music and finally crashed out at 1.30pm Monday. But only for a little while until we were back at the Newtown for beers at 7pm! Bed at 10.30pm. What a weekend!!
Tuesday - work. A bit vague. Home. Food. Sleep.
Wednesday - work. Gym - a whole hour on chest! So, why doesn't it hurt today?? Home via Aaron's to pick up my case. Food. Sleep.
Today, Thursday. Work. Have worked really hard today for some reason. Heading home to tidy and a possible beer at the Newtown later.
I'm excited about a date on Saturday day. Nice man with dogs and ute. Ay caramba!! Fingers crossed everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I'm a-posting and it's not Friday. What's that about?

I did run for 17K last Friday, then went home and resisted the urge to go out. How good am I? Saturday ended up being a slobby morning and then out shopping with Pete and Johnno, looking for birthday presents and eating sushi. Noice. Not much in the afternoon and then Aaron and I shared a cab to the Green Park to meet Dave before Russ's 40th birthday party. However Michael and Costa were at the pub, and Gary and Peter joined us so it was quite a social! Got the Russ's at the East Village and before you could say 'shirts off and lycra shorts' I'd been roped into doing a show. Tim and Ross had organised for Mu-Mu to jump out of a big cardboard cake, but before that we had to carry her through the room, set the sparklers off and run around with letter that spelt RUSS 40 to make other words (USSR 04; SOUR 4S). You had to be there really. Anyway. The party was lots of fun - almost everyone we know in Sydney was there, and Russ seemed to enjoy it. Rich had organised for half his family to arrive from Perth unbeknownst to Russ, so that was great! Got very drunk as I realised later I had no dinner. Doh. To the Phoenix briefly but it was dead due to it being Inquisition that night (even though we knew few people going). Home in a cab with Aaron - we dropped him at Rich and Russ's to continue drinking. I couldn't have managed another drop and so hit the sack.
Sunday. Woke, had tea and toast. Decided that was about it for the day. Except... went looking for more Bad Dog outfits and failed. Then Aaron arrived and we hit Graham's 40th birthday party at Waverley. In our finest white gear - it being a white party and all. Another fun night, though sadly not that many people turned up. However I did get chance to speak to the lovely Ro and did so for what seemed like a long time. He's a very sexy man...
On to the Shift to meet Bobby - after a lift home with a friend of Rado's (thanks!). Drunken flirty chatting with Paul (Dr Pete's mate) and then I don't remember much else.
Monday - hangover and work. Early night.
Tuesday - no hangover and work. Early night. Resisted the pub with P+J - how good am I again!
Today - dentist this morning. My teeth are apparently moving with the braces, but slowly. Oh well. Had my wire replaced and I can certainly tell this afternoon. Work. Meant to be gymming but think I might not. Haven't slept well and could do with sleep again.
Tomorrow. Work. Gym. Dinner at Gary and Peter's as I'm house-sitting for them all weekend. Yay for houses to one's self. Not sure what else is on the horizon other than the half marathon on Sunday. Oh, and Bad Dog with Monday off. Lock up your daddies!

Friday, May 14, 2004

And verily it's Friday again and I'm a-posting. A quieter week, which I think is a good thing. I'll make it short and sweet as I'm about to head off for a 16K run - or as near as damn it at least.
The tall dutchman cancelled drinks whilst I was having a nap, and that was good. I ended up in Newtown High Street anyway for food then hit the pub. Vile. Came home. Bed. Saturday was another lazy day of doing very little I think. Eventually I headed round to Dave's in Potts Point for dinner. Us two, Mark and Brendan. Noice. Thence to Manacle for a beer then the Shift trying to find Pete and Johnno. They were at the Phoenix, it finally transpired. Nice Mark was there but only chatted briefly before he left. Home with the boys at 3am. Sunday was another day of Dave in a foul mood. I didn't do much as it was cold and rainy. Finally got my act together and headed out. SMS confirmation of mates in Manacle so that was that! Aaron, Rich and Russ, Steve Mac, Wayne and Andrew and another Johnno. Thence to the Shift, back to Manacle, back to the Shift to meet Bobby. And Mark Allen. Too many beers resulted in curry and taxi home. Vile.
Monday. Work. Not much else.
Tuesday - 14½K run after work. Dinner at Aaron and Bobby's. Noice :o)
Wednesday - work, gym at lunch. Tired. Shopped. Ate. Telly. Bed.
Thursday - work, dinner, haircut, shave, shower, Newtown. And what a surprisingly social affair that turned out to be! Aaron was there with Fred as Pete, Johnno and I arrived. Former Qantas Jason was there, as were a couple of other acquaintances. Then sexy Ben arrived. Then Russ, Steve Mac and Keith arrived. Lots of pool, beer, chats. Ben is very nice, it seems. He took my number...
Today. Work - surprisingly diligent. About to head off for a long run then rest over the weekend. Next weekend's the race...
Oh, and when I say rest over the weekend, it's Russ's 40th birthday tomorrow and then Graham's on Sunday. No rest for the wicked!

Friday, May 07, 2004

A week ago I posted. It's now May already. Tired today - more later on that.

Last weekend. What transpired? You know, I can't really remember. I yoga-ed Friday night with Al and it was much better than last time. Thence home and I can't remember if I stayed in or went out. I've a suspicion the former, but I can't quite remember. Saturday was a day of cleaning and sorting and stuff. Much needed. Did I do much else? Can't remember. Probably hit the Newtown with Pete and Johnno that night. Or maybe that was Friday and we bumped into Dave the plumber after Aaron had joined us. Anyway. Sunday was more of the same, with me going for a run in the park and hating every minute of it. And hating hating it. And getting into a foul mood and walking to town to meet Bobby at the Shift. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur. Well in fact a lot of a blur. Mark A joined us at the Shift. As did Piggy. Then it was Arq, where I confess to having an almost complete blank. First time in a long time that that's happened. So, I awoke Monday morning around 6.30am in god knows where with god knows whom... and decided I wouldn't go to work. Or go home actually. Ended up in an internet cafe in Kings Cross on Gaydar, resulting in a swift taxi ride to Zetland. As you do. Thence to Kensington - but Peter's not Ken's. (For those of you non-Sydney types, go google - I can't be arsed to explain!!)
Then into town where I amused myself until heading back to meet up with Bobby, resulting in beers with him and Aaron at the Newtown. And a non-verbal encounter with a guy I quite like, but I decided I shouldn't try and speak bearing in mind almost no sleep and 5 beers by that point. Steak and mash. Sleep. Jaysus.
Tuesday. Work, early night - via Bruno's book launch. I hope the book sells better than the launch attentance. Nice to see Andy and Ben though. And Bruno.
Wednesday. Work, then 11½K run at the gym. Home, food, quick beer with Bobby. Newtown (OK but karaoke night), Imperial empty but played pool.
Thursday. Work, home, dinner with Pete and Johnno, Newtown for pool. Over it so did coffee then snuck back as nice guy from Monday had been there, and then John and Allan were playing pool too. Nice guy came and talked to me and is really nice. Ben. Not the one from Tuesday. Noice. He'll hopefully be at Bad Dog...
Today. Up at 6am. Gym at 7am. Work. Bored. Home soon. Very soon in fact.
Have a beer date with a 6'3" dutchman called Marc. Alluded to on the April 19th post. We'll see what comes of that. In all truth I'd rather go to sleep I'm so tired.
No other plans for the weekend other than a big long run at some point. Aiming for 16K or so. I can't wait for this bloody half marathon to be over. Never again!!