Monday, August 30, 2004

Long time no post. I will improve, I will I will!
There’s not too much to report actually, and for once I’m going to keep this relatively undetailed. Not the weekend just gone but the one before went pretty much as described. Slept at Potts Point Thursday night; half day Friday complete with foot x-ray (not broken) and moving the rest of the stuff to the new place. Dinner (late!) with Craig and some of his mates. To his for sleep. Noice.
Saturday was brekky for me and cleaning at Pete and Johnno’s. Thence to PP for cleaning and then back to meet Craig before heading back to Pete and Johnno’s for their party. A bit quiet and with a couple of drunk, stupid people which meant it wasn’t the best. Lots of people kicked on. I headed happily back to Craig’s shortly after midnight. Sunday was brekky and then over to Potts Point. Caught up with Pete and then spent some time in the Botanic Gardens as it was lovely. Finally Craig went home and me and Pete did too. Out for beers which suddenly became Arq. So not a good move. Home by 3am – yay for willpower! Back out at 3.15am! Boo for no willpower!! Finally home around 7.30am, shower and back out for work. Vile. Slow week and things with Craig a bit strange. Monday afternoon got my lower braces fitted on my teeth. Coz I’d had no sleep I kept snoozing whilst they were working on my braces – not sure how many people that happens to! Home, sore :o(Tuesday: work, home, nothing. Wednesday: work, gym, nothing. Thursday: work, Hellboy – which I really enjoyed. Yay! Friday: work, out with workmates. Surprisingly distracting. Saturday: up and over to Tamarama to find out how Pete and Gary’s place works as I’m house-sitting there for 4 weeks from mid-Sep. Went round Toni Collete’s house, as it’s up for sale. Nice! Back towards home and coffee with Dave in Potts Point before heading over Newtown way, though Craig came and got me from Central. Went with him to his work and then back to his. Chats. All sorted out. We had a great rest of the afternoon; fun drinks and dinner with Patrick and then home. Snuggles. More snuggles yesterday morning. Craig made brekky in bed and we just snuggled and read and it was fantastic. Lovely and comfortable. Finally up to King Street for coffee and a mooch. Back to his for more snuggles and reading etc. I headed back to PP around 5.30pm. Chats with Pete and Bobby. Pete had found homes for the remaining homeless stuff in the flat so it looks great. They went out for dinner. I had risotto and Buffy and a brief chat to Craig before bed. Noice.
This week: work. I’ve got two weeks to sort stuff out before I move to international – need to get my finger out! Hence doing this at the end of the day instead of real work :o)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lo and verily, forsooth etc. Thursday afternoon and I’m not really ready to start anything new at work so I thought I’d post on here and get things up to date.
Friday last. Indeed to the new apartment where I helped Pete and Bobby unload their stuff and then whilst Pete took the ute back Bobby and me had a couple of celebratory beers. The apartment is great – similar to Brumby Street, but with a much funkier balcony thing happening. I then left and headed over to Craig’s, where we just talked and snuggled. Well not just that…
Saturday morning, and the long leisurely lie-in that we’d promised ourselves. Fan-tastic. Then Craig suggested a run – and so we did. 8K around Canada Bay with Patrick – and best of all my legs didn’t hurt one bit! Yay! Thence to brekky and then I left Craig to his own devices (he probably would). Can’t remember what else I did Saturday afternoon! It must have been rivetting though… I’ve a vague recollection of being on a train and speaking to Steve and Rich on the phone, but otherwise… nah. Dunno. Later… I met up with Gary and Peter in the Newtown. Aaron bailed out, but various other people joined us -–mainly Peter's old drinking pals. The Newtown wasn’t at its sparkling best however, and so we adjourned somewhat stupidly to Manacle at approaching midnight. It wasn’t any better though and so I returned home after one beer and fell into bed.
Sunday was up at a reasonable time, and originally Aaron was going to help me move some stuff to the new place. However he wasn’t feeling too good and in ensuing chats to Craig he volunteered to be my truck driver for the day. So we did that. And then adjourned back to Marrickville for a snuggle. We then decided to have dinner via a quick beer at the Newtown. Good job too, as Aaron was completely and utterly slaughtered. And then got worse. It became apparent that he’d been given a Valium which he’d taken because he was so drunk, not realising that it would knock him for six. And then some. The upshot of all of this was that we walked Aaron home, abandoning dinner, and I actually stayed with Aaron for the whole night, just to make sure he was OK – he seemed that bad! Not the best of nights for anyone.
Monday – home, shower, work. Felt rough as I’d hardly slept. Took a half day and went home and pottered and relaxed before an orthodontist appointment at 5.30pm. To the new place to try and sort my bed out, but realised one of my nuts was missing. Missus. Back to Marrickville to eat and sleep.
Tuesday – in work at 7.30am! Left at 4pm and did orthodontist again (as I’d broken a separator) and then the podiatrist (I’ve got to have my foot x-rayed on Friday). To Potts Point again where we sorted out the telly – my tube has gone funny :o( Pete cooked a lovely meal and then I went home to Marrickville in the pouring rain.
Wednesday – was yesterday. Into work early again and then left to get my nuts sorted. Did that then went to the gym. From there home to get changed and chatted to Aaron on the way. Up to meet Craig – and bless him he’d bought me a fantastic bunch of yellow tulips. It’s been so long since anyone bought me flowers… We had food across the road from the Dendy and then adjourned to Marrickville for the final sleep. We snuggled in bed and just enjoyed each other’s company. Oh, and I phoned Nick – it looks as though him and Nicola are going to buy the UK flat! Yay!! Fingers crossed everyone…
Up this morning and into work around 9am, having snuggled with Craig for as long as possible :o) Work’s been dull and I’m on a half day tomorrow so I’ve got no enthusiasm this week – just want to get the moving out of the way and then I can get myself back into a proper routine. Leaving soon, Marrickville then over to sleep at Potts Point for the first time, after I give my bed a decent screwing. The rest of the stuff will go tomorrow afternoon post x-ray, with Aaron hopefully helping me out, bless him. Then it’s drinks with Craig and some of his mates and then crash out I guess. More weekend snuggles. We like :o)

Friday, August 13, 2004

It’s Friday the 13th. Somehow that seems apt for a blog…
Well, it’s safe to say that there’s been a few things happening. Last Wednesday I did indeed hit the gym, but felt pretty washed out and useless. Peter was late too and didn’t in the end charge me for the 35 minutes or so that we did. Left there and then met up with Craig outside the Dendy. We had a nice dinner over the road in a café with a long italian sounding name (yet weirdly we both had sausages and mash!) and then we decided it was best to have an ice-cream, then a coffee, then go back to his to chill. Noice.
Thursday I really don’t remember as being anything special. Work and then to the Newtown with Aaron – we may have even eaten first (I think we did – sushi). Friday was another day of work and then the good news was that I got a new job! Still at Qantas, and still doing the same thing, but a transfer across to International. I think I’m going to be looking after all flights to India and some Singapore terminators (no, not Arnie!). It’s good in that I’ve kind of plateaued within Domestic so it’s a chance to use my brain again. Mind you, it does mean I’ll have to work… I celebrated the only way possible. I stayed in with a nice dinner and went to bed early.
Saturday I slept on after Bobby texted to say he’d arrived back in the country. Without Pete, who was stuck in Dubai. D’oh! I finally rang Bobs just as him and Mark were going to Day Manacle. No way I was going to do beer at 9.30am on Saturday! I pottered until I met them finally at 1pm when, in a shock move, we did indeed have beer. Newtown then Colombian. Then home. In the end I didn’t do much else except eat and watch trashy telly as I was slightly merry. In bed early-ish.
Sunday started with brekky with Rich and Aaron up at the Chocolate Dog. Pete was home so we chatted but didn’t manage to catch up. After brekky we pottered around Newtown then I hit the Metro with Aaron as Rich went home. Eventually to Craig’s around 4pm. We went for a walk in Glebe Park to watch the sun go down and then had a lovely dinner at the Badde Manners Café (sweet potato fritters… yum!). Thence to the movies to see Connie and Carla, which was surprisingly fun and a good old fashioned romp. Home to snuggle. Noice. Sunday would have been the City to Surf 14K race had I been fit, but I wasn’t. I mused on that a while. For about a nanosecond!
This week has passed relatively quickly and uneventfully. Monday worked and then met up with Pete and Bobby and Mark for beers. Good to have everyone back again! Tuesday worked and then after dinner I read and finished The Men from the Boys – a book that Craig lent me. It was good – I enjoyed the story (which was described as Tales of the City set in Boston) and could identify with a lot of the main characters problems and issues. Worth a read.
Wednesday worked and then hit the gym – the good news being that I managed a 4K run with only minor shin pain. Hopefully this means I’m going to be able to run again. I’ll take things slowly though… I was meant to catch up with Craig but he was lying low with a migraine and so I slobbed at home instead. Yesterday was work and then Pete called to say we’d got a new apartment to live in at Potts Point! All so very sudden… It’s good though as it means I’m not living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks or so. I’ll move in next weekend – Pete and Bobs moved in today. Woohoo! Last night I joined Craig and Patrick at the Newtown and we in turn were joined by Aaron and another Craig. Dinner, back to the Newtown for one last beer then home to a nice long chat and sleep.
Today is work. I’m really bored this afternoon but can’t bring myself to start anything new. I’m going to head to the new apartment after work then possibly meet up with Craig again so we can have a long leisurely lie-in tomorrow morning – with no pressure to get out of bed for work. We’ll see. Yay for weekends!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

So that’s another 10 days between posts. I spent do much time between posts I should think about becoming a goalie. Seamen anyone?
I digress. The weekend in the mountains was lovely. Mostly. :o) Actually it was great. We arrived down on Friday night after a bit of an adventure getting there (ie we couldn’t find the right road out of Sydney and ended up going round in circles a while…). Once there, after a detour for Thai at Katoombah, we got to the house. Rod and Tony were already there, with the fire lit, so all was well. It was even better after copious amounts of red wine and lots of talking and solving the world’s problems. Weirdly of the six of us there we had this birthday/couple thing going on – there was Rod and Tony (couple; consecutive birthdays 9 and 10 April), Rich and Russ (couple (sometimes); consecutive birthdays 15 and 16 May) and then me and Aaron (couple (formerly); consecutive birthdays 1 and 2 April). Bizarre or what?
The house was perfect for staging a sit com or other comedic event. The main lounge room had three doors off (all of which interconnected) and a serving hatch. We soon made the rule that you weren’t allowed to come back into the room through the door you’d left through. Well we had to make our own entertainment – it’s the countryside!
Saturday we upped and showered and picked up Dave from the train station. From there to fantastic brekky and look round the shops in Blackheath. It wasn’t quite as cold as we’d thought but still quite cold for Australia. We finally headed back to the house with more drink and sat around a bit. Then the braver of us decided on a walk, seeing as the countryside was beckoning. Later R&R did a food run and Tony and Rod cooked risotto and then we had Christmas pudding! Noice. Well they do a Christmas in July thing in the mountains and that was our nod to that. More drinks, chats, heated debates (me and Aaron in the kitchen!) and finally bed. Sunday was much the same. Up and cleaned the house, brekky in Blackheath again, went and saw the Three Sisters and then slowly made our way back to civilisation.
Things went a bit strange after that! Later… I called Craig to wish him happy birthday and he happened to be in the pub with his friend Patrick just near where I was eating dinner. We caught up and had a great time. The upshot of this was that we all ended up hitting the Shift to meet Steve and Aaron and a rare old time was head. It was very, very drunken though. Craig and Patrick left and it seemed only logical at that point to carry on partying so up to Arq it was. Oh dear. I just shouldn’t have. Suddenly I was home and showering and heading straight to work. Not a good move. Most of the week was slobby as a consequence. Just work and not much else. Craig was being elusive and I was wondering if I’d somehow done something wrong. I was also full of cold from the mountains and not up for much of anything. I did the Newtown briefly on Thursday but it was vile. I took Friday off work to attend to various appointments – the biggest of which was finally getting the house plans into council. Fingers crossed for both that and for selling the UK place (anyone want a lovely warehouse apartment in Peckham?)
Friday night is a bit of a blur – oh I know, me and Aaron went to see I, Robot – which I thoroughly enjoyed. Beers in the Newtown were short and dull.
Saturday I pottered a bit and did laundry and that kind of stuff. Later I met Craig and over a couple of drinks sorted out the little niggly things from the last weekend and all was well. Which is good, as he’s lovely. Sunday we got up quite early and Craig drove us to Bronte for brekky, followed by the walk to Bondi and back. Back to his for a bit (ahem) and then wandered round Newtown till late afternoon. I headed home and then to the Shift via Rich and Russ’s briefly. Everyone had been at Toybox and there was a push for the recovery at the Shift upstairs. I had no interest and after a couple of beers downstairs went home. Wasn’t in the mood after the lovely day I’d had with Craig.
Monday was a funny public holiday for banks and Qantas employees. No, really. I slept very late (11 hours altogether) and then headed out for brunch. Met up with Gary K for coffee later in the afternoon and then finally home. I Buffy-ed as it was all I could face. Yesterday was work and then the podiatrists. We will get my feet working! Thence I had sushi in Newtown and headed to Broadway to watch Spiderman 2. However I got my session times wrong and missed him by 20 mins. That meant I went to see Stepford Wives instead. My advice? Avoid. Or read the book. Or get the original movie out instead. Bland and pointless. Home. In bed by 9.45pm. What’s that about? Today was work and that’s it. Meeting up with Craig again tonight after the gym – my first time back in the best part of two weeks. Oh the pain. Tomorrow. I’ll have I mean. Til then…