Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ten days. Can it really be ten days since I blogged. It would seem so. I wish I had more to report...

I had my quiet night whenever it was I last blogged. Some sorting of stuff and possibly Harry Potter and lamb, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Something like that anyway!! Up early the next day and to the gym. Then to Rich and Russ's for a noice chat and catch up with Rich. I had to pick up a form for David's residency application - note to self. Fill it in! I then walked home to Marrickville and did lazy stuff and/or sorting stuff. I can't actually remember! Later... I headed out to meet the boys at the Shift. One last hurrah with the UK gang - they are so lovely. We did it in style - the Shift was pretty good and kept us amused until 6.30am. Spent quite a bit of time chatting to my dentist Wayne - he's lovely! Then we couldn't let it lie and so me, Pete and Bobby hit Arq. Vile. Mind you we stayed longtime and finally hit Rich and Russ's about 10am and partied on until I finally headed home around 3pm! Nothing for Sunday. The Mummy Returns on DVD - that's the intellectual level I was at!

And then last week. Worked all week. Gymmed Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Did little else. She's a lovely girl. Think I ate nice food and watch either telly or DVDs, played on the PC and stuff. Aaron came over for dinner Tuesday and we watched Cypher on DVD. Kind of OK, but didn't really get you onside. I had no care whether the main characters lived, died, or disappeared up their own jacksies. I slept from 10.45pm Friday night until 11am Saturday morning. Bliss.

The weekend. Uneventful but necessary. I actually did the unthinkable, and cleaned out Pete and Johnno's pantry. It's been a standing joke since I moved in, coz I've never been able to find anything in all the crap! Pantry doesn't really do it justice - it's pantry-come-laundry-come-general-store. Anyway, now it's a bright as a button and everything is ship-shape and bristol fashion. It took me the whole weekend mind you - interspersed with nice food, music, laundry, more sleep etc. Dave Puls came over late on Sat night and we had beer and nibbles and watched League of Gentlemen on DVD and had a natter until 3am. Nice to catch up with him. Too long overdue.

Meant to hit the gym but felt a bit fluey - that's continued this week so far and I've resorted to taking antibiotics as I'm meant to be starting a quick and dirty 10 week half marathon training course. Some hope. We'll see. May possibly take tomorrow off sick - I do feel a bit woozy and slept seems the best cure. Otherwise it's my last week at work for 4 weeks as I move to another department to help set up some new systems. It'll be dull as all hell. Joy.

More tomorrow!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Here comes the quiet life again.

I should be so Kylie. In spite of trying to calm things down, my weekends are rapidly filling up and soon it seems it'll be almost June! And winter! Boo. I guess it's nice to have all these things planned, but sometimes I feel like I just want to opt out of the whole thing and become a bit of a hermit. Actually as long as I'm getting everything else done I'm not too worried - but what with trying to sort out houses on both sides of the world, taxation here and there too, gymming, half-marathon training, music mixing, book writing, healthy eating, life admin, blah blah blah... it all gets a bit much.

I'm looking forward to a quiet night tonight. Wednesday was quiet too, with P+J bringing dinner back post gym and then sleep. Yesterday was work and snooze, then farewell to Alan beers at the Colombian. Slobbing with a DVD and some nice food is the order of tonight, with some tidying and sorting. Pete and Johnno are skiing in the States so I've got their beautiful house to myself :o) I intend to use the time to sort my life out. Yes dear reader, you've heard that a myriad of times, but this time it has to happen. Watch this space.

The rest of the weekend will be split - early tomorrow gym and shopping (I desperately need clothes and shoes). Later tomorrow is goodbye to the final UK boys - it's been great to see them and it's such a shame they can't be here all the time. Actually, it's probably a good thing given how much we've all been out...

Sunday - sleep. And more sleep. Yay!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Eh up! It's Wednesday and I'm already blogging again. Surely some mistake. Well I'm bored at work and so this seems like the best outlet for my frustration.

Friday last. BBQ at Rich and Russ's as I alluded to last time. We were relatively sensible and left around 11pm. I shared a cab back with Aaron. Saturday was brunch with Andy B at GoGo's which was nice. Downtown for me to try and shop. Oh how I tried. I've realised that after 3 years of living here this time around I still have no idea where to buy clothes and shoes. Slightly miffed I hit the MCA to meet Aaron to see the Leigh Bowery exhibition. It was great! Glad to do something different for once. Oh, and it was pouring down. Back to Newtown, where the rain continued. Verily it was time to go to Mardi Gras. Me and Aaron got a lift with Pete and Johnno and were there by 10.30pm. And then we met everyone and had a jolly good time! I think I managed to see everyone I wanted to. In the rain. We got very hot and steamy as a consequence. Most of the time in the RHI, then the Hordern to cool off a bit. We left at 8.30am and went home to change and then to hit Arq, where we did it all again. Until 2.30pm ish, when we went back to the UK guys apartment to chilll. Noice. Finally back to the house to rest and regroup before heading to Resolution later. Which was crap. No one there and so very disappointing. Tried to get into the Shift, but a bit expensive and the Phoenix was full of freaks! We called it a night. :o(

Monday was a lazy day. Up, brekky, Daredevil on DVD, coffee with Aaron, dinner with P+J, Jimmy Neutron on DVD. If you haven't seen it yet, see Jimmy Neutron. It's fun! Yesterday was back at work, then home for bacon, eggs, beans and trash on the telly. Tonight is a quiet one again - P+J head off to the States tomorrow so it's last night for them. I feel like sleeping for a week.

Best part of the last couple of weeks? Realising how nice all my mates are, and particularly looking foward to having David and Brett living here by the end of the year. Bring it on!

Friday, March 05, 2004

And the Friday afternoon updates continue. Apparently. And lo... which coincidentally is kind of how I'm feeling. Not badly miserable, just not my usual chipper self.

Friday last - the braces. They went on. Relatively painlessly to be honest, though the weirdest feeling. And they really have removed what little feeling of fun and salaciousness that was left after splitting with Aaron. Hey ho. Hopefully it means I'll focus on other things... Home to the BBQ, which was great. Nice to see everyone together. Of course come 11pm everyone headed out to Oxford Street to continue the drinking. Me? I went to bed.

Saturday was up early to help Aaron move house. I got up around 8.30am. Aaron got me at just gone 9am and off we went. We finished by 6pm. One long day. We ended up helping Fred (Aaron's mate) move some stuff from his soon-to-close shop which prolonged things a bit. However by the end of the day Aaron was in and done. His place is great - it's got a nice feel to it. It reminds me a lot of mine and Garry's old place on Oxford St (it's got the same colour floorboards and high ceilings) and as long as Aaron get's someone decent in to share with him I think it'll be good for him. I was too knackered to do anything else that night and so went to bed. Dave = dull.

Sunday was the day of Azure - the party formerly known as. Formerly known as the Harbour Party actually. I got up, had brekky, tried to get everyone sorted to meet, failed, had lunch with Pete and Johnno and they gave me and Aaron a lift down to Oxford St. Met up with Andy Buchan and off we trotted to the party. Where I failed to see Andy again for the whole night! Oops. I did however catch up with the other UK bods - David and Brett, Rob and Adrian, Paul and Dino and Mark. Lovely to see them again. Azure was marvellous - probably due to the guys from the UK being there with my Sydney mates too. The only other downside was that I failed to see Pete and Johnno the entire time. Shame. But we had fun. Lots. Dancing with all and sundry in the middle of the floor from about 5pm until midnight. Woohoo! Of course we had to kick on and eventually ended up at the Phoenix due to everywhere else having queues from hell. It was yet more fun, though I wasn't in the fittest of states when Aaron took me home. Bless him. Thanks to him and Rich for looking after me...

Monday was work. On no sleep. Aaron did the same. We didn't have the best of days to be honest. Home that night to dinner with P+J and finding Nemo on DVD. Perfect. The rest of the week has been work (very busy); gym (well Wednesday night at least); dinner with Aaron, Rich and Russ and the UK boys and chores and sleep at all other times. Last night helped Aaron move a few things round in his new place post dinner. Tonight is meant to be a BBQ at R'n'R's with the UK lot - ostensibly so they could meet P+J too, but Johnno's not feeling well. Possible drinks in town after as Dr Graham's in town... We'll see. It would be lovely to see him and he's not going to Mardi Gras tomorrow, so... Watch this space.

Brunch with Andy B tomorrow followed by, hopefully, the Leigh Bowery exhibition at the MCA as it closes Sunday. Not sure about early eve tomorrow, but then Mardi Gras. Day recovery at Arq and then no plans for the night time. But rather more sensibly this week I've booked Monday off. Well done me.

More news from the front line as it happens...