Tuesday, December 31, 2002

It's New Year's Eve and I'm hopefully going to be let out early from work to go and start the festivities. Yesterday I went home and had a sleep before having dinner at T² with Rich, Russ and Pete. $5 steaks there really are fantastic value. Then for coffee and then walked back with Pete. Bed relatively early. Garry woke with jetlag at around 3am, and that's when the open plan style warehouse apartment isn't such a good move. Although he was quiet I could hear him pottering about and smell the toast. I just managed to drift off about 20 minutes before the alarm, allowing for that completely groggy feeling to take hold this morning. Joy.

Been emailing Gary all morning with song lyrics and managed to get Pete to buy his and Max's Indulgence tickets so everyone's happy. Yay. I will try and get to the gym before tonight, but it closes early and to be honest I might be better going for a disco nap. Gonna head to Rich and Russ's and watch the 9pm fireworks on the Bridge before going to Tim's for pre-Indulgence drinks. I hope it will be fun... I think it will. Coming soon - 2002 in review and 2003 - goals and aspirations. In the meantime


Monday, December 30, 2002

If you get here, read below for Part One before continuing with this update! Please. If you want to. Oh please yourself!

Part Two: I left you Monday morning heading into work. Both Monday and Tuesday were quiet days at work as most everyone was off already. Uneventful days, hardly worthy of a mention. I dragged myself to the gym Monday night as I'd missed my session with Liz. I actually can’t remember what I did Monday night at all. Maybe food with Adrian? Who can say. Christmas Eve I finished work and went for beers with Gary and Raph in the Colombian. Also present were David Bassett and Pete, and so a fun night was had. Home quite merry and after quick internet chats it was to bed with me.

Xmas day was a nice day. Up early to walk to Adrian’s by 8am. Darren (who Adrian met on Saturday night and who I had bizarrely been chatting to on the net for a couple of weeks previously) drove us up to Bondi and we did the Bronte walk. Headed back and then to the beach at Redleaf via Adrian and Fred’s place who’d kindly organised a picnic. Lots of people there – Pete and Paul, David and Jayson, Robbie in our group – Stephen and Kerry and square jawed Michael in the next group and then Scottish James and his bunch one group further along. It was nice. The sun came out intermittently and it was a very relaxing afternoon. Headed home about 4pm and was at a bit of a loose end when Stephen from Saturday night happened to head over unannounced on the off chance I was around… lovely! Rang UK people various later and hit the sack about 12.30am.

Boxing Day was a washout. Rain, rain, rain. I pottered in the morning and then braved the rain to walk to Una’s for brekky. Did a couple of bookshops and ran into square jawed Michael again. We had a coffee – he’s a really nice guy. We chat a quite intense chat about relationships and goals for the New Year and stuff. He’s gone north to Tropical Fruits, but on his return we’re going to a movie… Headed to Hum where I chanced upon Gary and so we had coffee. We walked down to Hum and then I left Gary to meet Max and I headed home, via Oxford Street. I was in the most foul mood and so I didn’t really want to stay in. At 7pm I went out for another walk and returned some almost 3 hours later having walked to Oxford Street again, then to Newtown and then back to the apartment. Took myself off to bed.

Worked Friday but it was a lazy day. Arranged to meet Pete for food and beers later, which we did and which was fun. In between there was another visit from Carlo, who was the guy that had popped in the previous Saturday. He was working round the corner again :o) After the Barracks I decided on a whim to hit the Imperial as there was a guy from the UK who’d messaged me on the net saying he’d be there. He was. He was also cute. Bit of a snogfest then home!

Saturday was a bit of a nothing day too. Tried shopping but got bored of it. Tried cleaning but couldn’t be bothered. Didn’t feel like the gym, so didn’t. Not sure what I did really. I know I picked Russ up from the airport around 6pm, but beyond that… I think I did coffee with Adrian, and also Gary again. Later… met up with Russ, Triple F Steve and Keith at the Colombian. It was too busy so we hit the Barracks. Pete the English guy from Friday night was there, as was his brother and another guy off the net who I’d chatted to but never actually met. Very cute. Lots of fun. Gary and Max were there too, and Gary was very, very drunk. Kind of like I imagined myself to have been at the Palace after the housewarming. On to the Phoenix which was fun. Adrian was there and also lots of sexy men. We danced. We had fun. I took a very nice man home…

Sunday slept until about 10am and finally got up. Met Russ and Keith for brekky then Adrian joined us and we went for a walk down to the wharf at Woolloomooloo. From there to meet Gary and Max for a quick beer before heading to Bronte and Gregg’s BBQ. It was fun. Other guests included Matt, Julie, Alan Bright (who I didn’t know knew Gregg and Matt) and Gary and Rocco. Nice people. Nice house. Nice food. Nice music. Fun. Shared a cab back with Alan, Gary and Max and was tempted into the Shift. Russ, Rich and Adrian soon followed and it was mad! Lots of people there that we knew. Lots of flirting. Kept us occupied until gone midnight and I had to go home. Finally. Mad weekend. I need some sleep!

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

This post is the first half of an update. I started this last week but didn't get to publish it. This covers up until about 2 days before Xmas. There'll be another post bringing us right up to date after this!

Part One: And quite a lot later I’m back. What is going on? I know I’ve said this before, but I’m determined to make more of Minkered… in 2003. Realistically though, probably not until the second quarter of the year as the first two months will be holiday and then Mardi Gras, and hopefully Danny’s here for Easter so we’re looking at May. Actually it’s coming in to winter time I guess then so maybe that’s a more realistic expectation. I’d like to do some proper web design study too, so maybe I can dovetail everything – now wouldn’t that be marvellous? My god – I think I’m a little early with my New Year’s Resolutions!

I last left you properly the night of Michael’s meal, which turned out to be rather pleasant. Drinks at the Colombian, followed by very nice Japanese at Hikaru – a restaurant on Oxford Street I’ve often looked in but never been in. The original plan was to kick on, but after 3 schooners and most of a bottle of wine my tiredness got the better of me and home I went.

Waste of a morning on Thursday as I attended the most mind-numbing meeting I’ve ever been to. Still, it was a morning out of the office and made me realise how dead it is out here in Mascot. Transfer to the city please. Thursday night was a date with Marc. American Marc. Marc ended up out with us lot at Bad Dog and sprung a surprise dinner invitation on me at Arq. He came to the house, we had beer, we went to dinner (Japanese again, same place!), we came back to my place, we talked and lost ourselves in the Mathmos projector image for ages. A really nice date. Except I don’t fancy him. My head’s still elsewhere I guess and so it’s going to be a while before I can really expect to move on. Evenings like that can only help though – proof that there are decent, fun, intelligent single men out there. Friday was work, gym, food, drop Rich off at the airport (the boys have left me for Christmas! Sob!!) and an early night. Yes, you heard me. Saturday was a bit of a waste of a day. Up early but didn’t do much. Met Gary and Max for lunch at the Courthouse and then was so uninspired I went home again. Ended up chatting to someone on the internet that I’ve been chatting to for a good year or so and as it turned out he was working close by… :o)

Went to the gym but as soon as I started my first exercise I came over all queer (matron). So I binned the gym and met Adrian for coffee instead. We decided we’d go out to the Phoenix late, so home and chill until about 11.30pm. The Phoenix was interesting. I’ve never ever picked up as quickly as I did that night! For those of you that don’t know, the Phoenix is a basement bar/club, and I managed to picked up 4 steps down from the front door. Good work. Very time efficient! Stephen is someone with whom I’ve flirted for about 3 months on and off, but haven’t seen around for ages. A timely re-introduction then. We stayed and danced with Adrian and soon lots of other people were there. Marc from Thursday’s date. Dave. Lots of others. It was a fun night. We finally left around 5am and headed back to the ranch… from where Stephen finally went home after brunch around 3pm. His partner lives in Norway – it would seem I’m on a run of meeting people whose other halves live in Northern Europe. Great.

Thence I headed to Bondi for James’s birthday drinks at his and Tony’s place. It was fun – a few beers and vodka shots. Chats to Pete, Rod and Tony, Tony, James and a few of his mates, the guys I met at the Sci-fi Exhibition… and then to the Colombian. Lots of chats with Andy P, John, Alan and Murray etc. Fun. Had the realisation that I'd actually snogged John the first time I'd met him to not realised subsequently that it was him. Oops. Stumbled home later than expected around 10.30pm. Was woken at 5.25am by Garry ringing from the Vauxhall and holding the phone up whilst Dame Edna was singing Top of the world. Fell back to sleep and was woken at 6.20am by Liz cancelling my personal training session. I was quite relieved!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Can I also just say that I've done nothing about Christmas. Not a thing! This from someone whose Christmas present commitments are on the other side of the world. Oops. Better get my skates on.
And then suddenly it was Wednesday of the week after. What’s going on? Time is just whizzing past. Last week can be summed up mostly in two words – work, gym. I was very good last week and went not only Monday, but Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Scary. I worked the whole week and was pretty busy – again a good thing as no real chance to focus on much else. Martin came over Tuesday night for dinner as he’s recently split up with his man so we had a good old natter about relationships and behaviour and so on. Interestingly for me it made me think about my time with Tim and how we were together. Funny how time away from something changes your perspective on stuff. I really do think I’m way more ready for a relationship than ever before – however it takes two to cliché…

Garry headed off to the UK on Wednesday night – lord only knows what sort of time he’s going to have! I think I might be able to guess though…

Had dinner with the boys one night too – can’t remember which. Certainly on Friday after the gym as Rich came down to our gym with Adrian and we ate afterwards. We also headed out for beers later that night – Beresford/Barracks which was fun. Relatively early to bed. Saturday didn’t turn out to be the day of doing stuff that I’d hoped as I woke in a foul mood. Kind of anxious about Bad Dog and the whole Dave thing. In the end I just got some washing done and then met Adrian for outfit shopping. We met the boys and then I met Adrian back at the gym. Got ready and we headed for Marrackville, smack on time. As it turned out there was a bit of a queue and our outfits seemed to meet with approval from the crowd. We were wearing red hipster trunks, black singlets, tinsel round the tops of our boots and flashing reindeer antlers. Obviously. We had some photos taken early on and then everyone arrived and the party kicked off in full effect. Lots of people we knew and great music as ever. Dave arrived after a little while and was just lovely – nice as ever and it was good to know (I think!) that last week’s chat isn’t going to stop us being mates. Still fancy the pants off him mind you. So, lots of dancing and before we knew it it was about closing time. A few of us headed off to Arq and there we remained until gone 9am. Couldn’t rest at home so listened to music and then met the lads for lunch. Finally did the Palace. Chatted to Dave briefly as he was working and spent some time with Des, who as it turns out is going to be in the UK the same time as us boys. That’s going to be some fun… Home and bed around 10pm.

Gym 7am Monday and then work. Round to Rich and Russ’s for dinner with Andy, John and Ken. Fun! Worked my nuts off yesterday and then rushed home via the supermarket as Tony was coming for dinner. We had a lovely night – it was good to talk to him and I’m glad we’re mates again properly. Bed soon after.

Today’s been a little less hectic at work and only spoilt by a fire drill just as I’d warmed my lunch up. Bugger. Out tonight for Michael’s (Adrian’s Michael) birthday meal. Now the temptation is to carry on after the meal as I’ve a meeting in town at 10am and can go straight there. However I’m representing the department to a cruise company so probably shouldn’t go in still minkered. But it is almost Christmas… Right, time to phone Dave. More later.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

OK. Who's stealing the days (and nights)? Surely it can't be Monday evening already when I last posted on Wednesday? Apparently it can. I think there's a rip in the space-time continuum down here somewhere...

I did gym Wednesday and not much else. Did a bit of mixing - it's way cool. Watch this space for some music to come. Hopefully. Thursday and Friday were both busy at work. Thursday night I went into town looking for an excuse not to go to the gym. Ostensibly to Christmas shop I got there and couldn't be arsed, so bought a Swiss ball to use as my computer seat at home and met went round to see Russ and Adrian instead. Much more fun. And we had dinner and then I went back to Russ's for tea and sympathy. Actually I'd been a bit miserable but was in a better frame of mind as I left Russ's as it threatened to rain. Friday night I stayed in. No, really. In bed by 11pm.

Saturday I'd arranged to meet Sexy Dave for brekky. He called mid morning to postpone until 1.30pm so I did laundry and went for a walk down to Potts Point before heading to Zinc. We had an interesting brekky, basically starting off with me telling Dave that he's really got to me and I can't stop thinking about him. Your average Saturday really. Long story short. He already has someone he's going to give things a go with and thus wanted nothing more than some fun. I was up for a bit more. Problem. Anyway it's resolved and hopefully we can get on with being mates as a) he's lovely and b) I'd like that. Hope he does too. We share a lot of interests - least of all music - and it's nice to have someone like that to witter on about it with. Such a shame we had differing views on Christmas trees... I'm glad he's found someone special though as he's seemingly lovely and it gives us all hope that nice guys find nice guys...

Went for a walk and then met Martin for coffee before hitting the gym. Down to Bondi for the office Xmas party which was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Kicked on to the Phoenix to meet the boys. Also more fun than I thought. Finally home around 5am! Yesterday was a bit of a waste of a day. Spent most of it playing online and with music stuff. Finally dragged myself to the Palace via Hungry Jacks and chatted to Strati for a while. To the Shift and had some fun with Gary Jones, Des and Kevin. Home. Bed.

Gym at 7am with Liz. Felt good! Work today was busy again which is great - keeping my mind occupied. Home and shower and ironed. So rock 'n' roll. Shopped and then home for soup and cheese on toast - yum. Just what I needed. Queer As Folk, brief chats to Scally on here and now bed. Nighty night!

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Oh and Scally - the vodafone thing was real. I won a movie pass. Yay for me!
It’s Wednesday already. How did that happen? I’m going to skim over a few days in short-hand as not too much has happened. However, Sunday’s housewarming will be covered in a bit more detail. As much of it as I remember that is…

Friday. Worked. Gymmed. No one was up for much so I kind of decided I’d head out for a beer around 10.20pm. Walked up to Oxford St, but everywhere was so quiet I decided to bin the idea and head home. So I did. In bed by 12.30am.

Up relatively late considering I hadn’t drunk, but just in time to let the grocery delivery man in. Shopping off the net you know – it’s the only way. Pottered about and can’t really remember what I did – but I know eventually I ended up at the Milk bar for a late brunch with the boys and Adrian. The rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur – can’t have been too interesting. I know I did the gym later and then went over to the boys place for dinner risotto!) and that Pete Linde was there too. I know there was vodka, and I know I drank way too much of it. Stumbled to the Phoenix and wandered round once or twice before realising I was too drunk and should head home. I did.

Sunday woke with a bit of a sore head. Got brekky for me and Garry and we got the place ready for the party. We were ready by midday. People weren’t coming until 2pm! People did start and arrive and soon the party was in full swing. By about 6pm I was so trashed I have no recollection of anything much else that happened. Actually I remember being at the Palace being told by Dave the DJ to go home as I was drunk. Understatement. I remember nothing else until Monday morning and waking to the realisation that there was no way on god’s earth that I’d be making my gym appointment. Oops.

I did find out later though that apparently at one stage at the party I had my hands held behind my head, was being force fed Milky Bar and fruitcake and very evidently enjoying it. According to reports on the state of the front of my trousers. Oh dear. Also various reports from the Palace have me almost falling over but standing (kind of) by the cigarette machine making a nuisance of myself to Dave whilst he was trying to DJ. Sorry mate. Word on the street though was that the party rocked. Thanks to all who came (whoever you might have been) and thanks to the people that thanked us for a good time!

Monday evening was tidy up time. The place wasn’t too bad, but we were over it by the final mopping around 7.45pm. Garry went to bed and I got noodles, played on the PC and hit the sack around midnight.

Yesterday was quiet. Work’s been busy which has been great. Played e-mail tag with Gary all day and then met him at the Colombian for beers after a half-hearted gym session, where I’d bumped into Andrew and we both just took one look at each other, burst out laughing and wondered if we should hide our heads! Gary and I had a nice night – beers, food at the Courthouse and chats about all and sundry (mainly men, music and m.. m.. oh I don’t know.. miscreants!). Home a little merry. Internet. Bed.

Today’s also been very busy at work. Lots to do, but that’s good as less time to focus on the stuff spinning round in my head. Leaving soon. Gym. Quiet night. Maybe try and play with the new mixing software that Scally got me. And a good night’s sleep. Hopefully.