Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Tuesday night and time for bed. A knackered Uncle Hedgehog here. Yesterday day passed in a relatively uneventful haze. Lunch with Russ which was a good bit, and then all I could do was watch the Matrix on DVD and then fall asleep for a bit. Ventured out shopping and came back and made soup - Courgette, Pea and Prosciutto (that's posh pea and ham to you!). Andy picked me up and we had the soup at his then hit the sack early and cuddled ourselves to sleep. Nice.

Up this morning and back here. Personal training session with Liz. I was so weak it wasn't true. Still trying to shake off this cold and I now have a very attractive sty on my eye. Thanks. Run down? Me?? The quiet life that I lead??? Back and fell asleep on the couch. Soup remnants for lunch then into work for 2pm for the slowest shift ever. I so don't want to be there! Mind you, only 6 more shifts... Finished work an hour ago at 10.30pm and now going to bed as I'm in again in the morning at 8am. Joy.

Monday, April 29, 2002

Well what a fantastic few days. It's been lovely for two main reasons - getting to spend quite a bit of time with Andy and starting to get to know him better, and having David and Brett here from the UK. Caught up with the boys on Tuesday night for pizza and a few beers with Bruno and Chris. Wednesday night met up with David and Brett and went for Thai with Denis and Justin before meeting Andy and joining Russ and Rich and Andrew and Wayne at Arq. It was surprisingly busy as it was a Public Holiday on the Thursday. Good music too. Andy didn't feel so hot so I brought him home and looked after him sometime after 2am. Sleeeeeeeeep. Lazy brekky then Andy drove us up to Palm Beach where we just had a long walk and chatted. Fish and chips on the way home. A real day at the seaside!

Thursday night was drinks at Bruno and Chris's place as another welcome to the boys and it was nice to catch up with Pete and Paul and Denis (again). Takeaway curry and more sleeeeeep. Brekky with Andy and Andrew and a bit of shopping before it all got too much. Gym and a sunbed for me, then round tp Pete and Paul's before heading out to Arq again (no rest for the wicked). It was decidedly empty this time round, but didn't stop us all staying out until about 5.45am Saturday! Ay caramba. Andy had been a good boy and stayed in, so he rang me at 9am to try and coax me into breakfast. I fell back asleep and didn't wake again until about 10.40am. Oops. Met David and Brett for coffee later with Andy and Andrew (are you starting to notice some sort of ritual behaviour showing through here??). Said fond farewells to David and Brett who were flying out that night. It was great to catch up with them and further proof that they are two of the loveliest men I know. Bless.

Then things took a turn for the (even more) hedonistic. Saturday night was Inquisition - a big leather dance party held at Fox Studios. Probably the third biggest party event of the gay calendar here in Sydney after Mardi Gras and Sleaze. I'd managed to score the leather bargain of the year by buying a pair of shorts for only $45 from a closing down sale opposite the flat. Marvellous. Although somewhat skimpy. So, regaled in all our finery we hit Adrian and Fred's for pre-drinks and finally scooted off the the party proper, arriving around 11pm. Everyone I'd ever met in Sydney seemed to be there. We'd picked up Adrian Y and Tony on the way through, as well as Russ and Rich and Andrew and Wayne and it was nice to spend more time with them all. The party was great fun - good music, incredibly friendly atmosphere and a very sexy crowd. What more could you want? It was nice to be there with Andy too - it's been a while since I'd gone to a major party with someone. I'd forgotten how much I like it. Come 7am we'd given our best. What else to do but head home, shower and sleep a wee while. Until getting up and hitting the Barracks for recovery from midday! The usual crowd were there too, and it kept us all amused until 5pm. Coffee. Home. Shower. Tea. Bed.

So nice to spend time with Andy. Lovely man. More please.

Currently Monday 9am. Ugh.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Yay - 5 days off. It's Wednesday night and I'm not back in work until 2pm Tuesday. Bliss. Inquisition in the middle of all this and David and Brett are here too. Yippee!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Sydney has more than its fair share of mad people. Oxford Street where we live is so full of them that Garry and I have rechristened it Madison Avenue. People asking for money, people chatting to lamp-posts, people shouting at the breeze... and this morning a quite attractive young woman singing into a hairbrush and dancing, playing to the audience that was her own reflection in a shop window. And it's not even time for the next round of auditions for Popstars. Mad.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Ahhh... an update after a nice weekend. Odd in parts, but nice. Ended up having a quiet night in on Friday. Andy texted me later than he thought he'd be and I'd already gone to bed. Still, an early night probably did me the world of good. I was working early Saturday too, but not a normal day in the book store for me, oh no. I was working at a science fiction convention called Supernova (for which I can find no link) for my sins. What a weird day. An incredible amount of people whose first language was 'geek'. Lots of greasy hair and body odour issues. I know it's all a bit stereotypical, but if the anorak fits...

Highlight (if that's the right word) was two Klingons in front of me in the food stall queue ordering calamari. It just didn't fit right somehow! And in a more telling moment afterwards... I texted Garry the flatmate to tell him of the above and how it just wasn't right. Strangely enough the predictive texting on my phone recognised the word klingon, but didn't recognise the word calamari!! Does this mean that geeks program the phone dictionaries or what? Hey ho. But it really made me grin.

Oh, and I also was attempted to be picked up by (probably) the only other two gay people at the convention... a couple who were there to promote their sci-fi film week. Nice enough guys but... does this sort of thing only happen the moment you start to see someone? Anyway the whole thing was just a bit too surreal and I was glad to leave and get home ready for my two days off.

Of course it was Saturday night, and for a change we were actually going out for a meal as it was Anthony's birthday. So, soon we were in the Lord Roberts and then on to a mexican restaurant called Café Pacifico. It was a good night though I was very tired. Beer and margaritas didn't really help, so I stopped drinking and sobered up long enough to make it on to someone else's birthday bash around the corner! That was also fun as lots of the gang were there. Finally home and bed for me at just after 1am.

Sunday arrived unannounced around 9am. Garry and Ant zipped off the the Blue Mountains but I'd arranged to meet up with Andy later in the day so I eased myself gently into the day with toast and coffee with Adrian. Hooked up with Andy and Fami for more coffee at Go-go's and then we hit the Forbes Street Leather Fair to see what was happening. As it turned out, not much was so we went for beers and came back later. Much more enjoyable then! Caught up with lots of mates and had more beer and just generally milled and mooched. Hit Foodgame for food and then the Palace for another beer or two with Steve Mac and his new man and then it was time for home. Well, Andy's. Shower, bed and The Empire Strikes Back. Perfect!

Today's been a productive day too. Brekky, gym with the personal trainer and a sunbed all before 11am. Lunch with Phil. Tidied the bedroom finally during the rest of the day now that I have furniture (limited) post IKEA trip. Managed to break my necklace, smash my lamp and break the toe off the glass clown that was my Mum's today too. At least that's three, so no more I hope! The flat's looking really good now. Actually, the Tales of the City thing is about to happen - hot apartment, hot job and hot boyfriend. Well in three weeks it will. I jokingly mentioned it to Andy at the weekend and said he's only got three weeks left! I was joking!!! Hopefully I'll get chance to enjoy all three for a while. Right. Bedtime now. Just having a wee MSN Messenger chat to Wayne and then it's away with me...

Friday, April 19, 2002

Friday night's all right...

Home from work and it's almost the weekend (except for me working tomorrow, obviously). Meant to hit the gym yesterday, but decided to sleep in. Probably a wise decision as I felt very tired. Work. Home. Andy picked me up and we hit his place for dinner and relax. Perfect. Good food, nice bottle of wine. Up this morning and Andy dropped me within about 5 minutes of work. Had time for coffee. Fun day at work - pub at lunch and I managed to give my Anzac day shift away (that's 25th April for you non-Aussies) meaning I've got 5 days off in a row next week and have time to spend with Brett and David whilst they're here. Oh, and in other news... Andy gave me a toothbrush for him to leave at my apartment. Guess that means we're officially an item :o)

Not sure what the plans are for tonight. I could go to the gym. I should go to the gym. I probably won't go to the gym! Andy's out for dinner and we're meant to be hooking up later for coffee. May go out for a beer with Garry - we don't seem to have gone out together for ages! Watch this space...

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Wednesday night, and not an entry blogged. Oops. Here goes... Sat night was one of those impromptu nights that just gathers its own momentum and before you know it... We (we being Andy and I, Andrew and Wayne and Russ) started off in Newtown at a house party (and a very nice house it was too), then went to the Newtown Hotel and then the Imperial as it wasn't too busy. However, it was less busy there and so we went back to the Newtown until the Imperial opened its downstairs. However, by about 2am me, Andy and Russ hit Arq because we could! And a good choice it was too. Fun night, ending in me and Andy finally ending up here at 8.30am Sunday morning. Ay ay ay. Slept until lunchtime and vegged. Out to meet Adrian and Strati for coffee at about 6pm, then on to the new Sunday afternoon/evening thing at the Palace Hotel. An encouraging turnout - will this be the replacement for the Beauchamp?? Beers with Russ and Triple F Steve (remind me to tell you about Triple F if I haven't already) and then a quickie at the Shift before home and bed.

If it's Monday, it must be IKEA (the trip postponed from Sunday). Well, after a session with Liz the trainer anyhow. Phil very kindly drove me there, and I bought chairs, a desk, a chest of drawers, glasses, a laundry basket, towels, a toaster, a blender... sigh. Home eh? Came home and started to get sorted. Eventually however Andy called me to an impromptu (the work du jour, natch!) barbie at Russ's - just the 7 of us then! Actually it was really nice and 3 beers and good nosh later Andy and I were here watching Sex and the City. Marvellous. He finally headed home and I hit the sack. Tuesday back at work and I launched myself back in by almost knocking myself out by hitting my head on a locker door. Ouch. However the ensuing headache did mean I left a bit early! More sorting last night and finally got the flat almost back to normal. Today I was meant to hit the gym after work but didn't. Dinner with Martin, which was great, and then coffee with Andy and Andrew and Wayne. I do love living so close to everything! Home. This. Bed. Soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2002

When I left university (117 years ago), I joined British Airways on one of their graduate I.T. programs. It was meant to be a cross between a business and I.T. role, providing I.T. solutions to business problems. Great I thought. However, one thing BA failed to mention was that you had to program solidly for a full two years before you were let loose in any sort of consultancy role. Hmmm. So, ever the shy, retiring type, I complained. To their credit, they upheld my complaint and gave me 6 months to find another job within BA whilst giving me project work. I was offered a job in Inventory Management, overbooking flights to Africa. It was a great department to work in - as part of your normal job you allocated staff travel seats so everyone wanted to be your friend. The work had a nice mix of everyday stuff and ad hoc stuff and used lots of different systems (and brain power!). I moved on to setting all the group and tour operator rates for the Caribbean, whilst providing analysis support for the whole of BA's Rest of the World region (basically everything excuding Europe and North America). It was almost the perfect job - the people being a good mix and a good laugh. So why did I leave? At the time, raw ambition. I wanted to move on within the company, and in that department no-one was moving (as they realised they were onto a good thing!). I moved out into a different analysis job and then out of the company altogether, wanting to change the world (as you do). I have looked back at that time since and wondered if I should move back into it. I even approached Qantas when I first came over here (4 years ago) but there was no external recruitment planned at that time. Hey ho.

Cut to the end of January 2002. For the first (and only) time this year, I scanned the employment section of the Sunday paper. Lo and behold, an ad for Inventory Analysts for Qantas - no experience necessary. Immediately I sent in an application and heard nothing for well over a month. Finally I got a call to attend psychometric tests in early March. Verbal reasoning, numeracy and a personality test.. all 206 questions therein! Nothing more for a week and a half and then finally a call for interview on March 26th. It went pretty well but you never really know. Anyway, I took a call yesterday afternoon from one of the women that interviewed me... and I start in mid-May. Yippee!! I resigned from Borders immediately but will work about 3 more weeks then have a few days off before embarking on a 3 month training program. I can't wait. The chance to use my brain again, new people, a great company and an industry I've always been interested in. What more could you ask for? More money? Yup, and a structured development plan which sounds great. How about cheap flights? Ah yes, those. They kick in after a qualifying period (of which I'm not sure how long yet), but it's there. So, people in the UK, be very afraid. I maybe dropping into the Tavern for that surprise visit when you least expect it. Either way, I'm really really excited again about work for the first time in ages. Wish me luck please!! :o)

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Tuesday night. Ohmigod, two posts on the same day? A first for a while I think. Also think I'm coming down with a cold. Boo hoo. Another day of work over and done with, then out for coffee with Andy. We do live on the most social street in Sydney. Walked over the road to see Adrian and Fred, coming back from dinner with Kevin and Craig, talking to Craig and Kev (yes, that's two Craig's and two Kevin's). Then Andrew joined me and Andy (yes, that's two etc.) and finally Richard joined Andrew as Andy and I left. I'd earlier bumped into Richard and Andy had previously bumped into Strati (no, there's only one of him). Anyway, we all had a good natter and finally back here for a quick snack, talk to my Dad and catch up on email etc. Bed now (10.45pm) as in work for 8am tomorrow. Sleep. Tight. Bugs. Etc.
Tuesday morning at 9.30am. Slept a little later than usual today (8.30am) though I don't have to be in work until 11am. Decided not to do the gym today. Was going to throw in an extra session, but am going tomorrow afternoon and Liz (who was actually sick yesterday) will throw me around on Thursday so that's plenty. Intention is to try and sort a few things out here this morning. I did go to the gym yesterday, even though Liz cancelled. Swopped shifts so worked yesterday - my first Monday since the shop opened I think! The downside was that I only had one day off - the upside is that I get a 3 day weekend coming up. Sat, Sun, Mon. In fact I finish at 4.30pm Friday and don't actually have to be in again until 11am Tuesday. Gotta like that. IKEA somewhere in the middle hopefully. I so need some furniture!! Seeing Andy tomorrow and Friday... it seems to becoming more of a regular thing :o) The weather this morning is lovely. Clear blue sky. Sunshine. Weird it'll be dark by 6pm, but that's autumn for you...

Sunday, April 07, 2002

So, what have I done since my birthday? Well a bit of this, and a bit of that. Birthday day I read a book and took a lovely walk before heading out for beers later in the day. Tuesday went to Andy's (dentist) for dinner and stayed. Very nice. Wednesday did the gym. Thursday did Liz the personal trainer then work from 2pm. Friday work and gym then Andy came here. I cooked then Shrek on DVD. Early to bed. Sat worked and then me and Garry went to Gary and Max's in Balmain for dinner. Fab. We took a ferry out there (15 mins) but it felt like we'd gone on holiday! Lots of wine, lots of chat, roast beef and yorkshire puddings etc. Sixth Sense on DVD followed by part of Bug's Life before crashing out. Slept like a baby in very quiet Balmain. Up this morning to bacon sarnies. Gary and Max were the perfect hosts. We need to do stuff like that more! Home and watched the Matrix then met Tony (Dr. Darren's ex) for coffee. Home again then went to the gym. Good for me. Back and eat, chat to Andy, then over to the Shift to join Garry and Craig. Back here to watch the end of Star Wars Phantom Menace then now off to bed. I have Liz the personal trainer again at 9am, so need some sleep. She'll kill me!! More as it happens...

Monday, April 01, 2002

Oh, probably one of the reasons I didn't go clubbing last night was because I can't remember going clubbing on Saturday night. The meal at Craig's was nice and drunken with lots of silly singing and dancing. Then apparently we went to the Shift. Apparently Andy was there and we all danced a while. Apparently one of the speakers blew and the music stopped. Apparently Andy brought me home and put me to bed! Oops. Minker me!
Yay. It's my birthday on both sides of the world. That means I'm old everywhere. Bah humbug. It's 9am on my birthday morning and for some reason I'm up and about. And not too hungover. Had a party here last night which was fun and decided (probably wisely) not to go clubbing after all! Of course now I'm at a loose end. Matron.