Thursday, October 30, 2003

So I left you last Friday with a somewhat cryptic reference to my lunchtime activities and the promise of a nice evening in store with Robert. All will be revealed…
Dinner with Robert was indeed lovely. We had Thai in Newtown and chatted about life, love, etc. We left with the promise to continue to get to know one another by email (which is ongoing) and Robert’s kindly invited me to his book launch next week. Saturday was meant to be house stuff, but in the end I just met up with Pete for brekky and we got back on an even keel after me messing him around last week. We had a brief visit from Johnno and Pete at the house and took them for coffee (actually they paid, bless ‘em) before heading over to Pete Lindhe’s house auction. Sadly all didn’t go to plan and it got passed in (which means it didn’t reach its reserve price for those readers from overseas). We commiserated with Phil and Graham (note correct new spelling) and a glass of wine before adjourning to the Colombian to have a bit more of a catch up over vodka and cranberry. I nipped home for a bit of a rest before heading out to Govindas to meet up with Dave and watch Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl and Contender for the Longest Film Title of the Year. It was bizarrely almost a year to the day since Dave and I had been on a date there (see October 2002 archives if you’re that interested) and nice that we’ve progressed into being such good friends. The movie was actually really quite a rollicking spectacle and if you happen to have read that Johnny Depp has based his character on Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones it becomes even more enjoyable. Dave headed off home and I checked the phone for developments. Aaron was headed to the Phoenix post Prince and Pete was keen to head out. Sounds like the perfect combination. So verily there we all were, having a rare old time. The music wasn’t the best, and neither was Pete’s mood and so we hit the Shift to try and get a bit more accessible music. That failed and so to Arq. That was a bit better and there were some other people there that we knew. Knowing Pete would be OK Aaron and I made our excuses…
Again we had a really good time together, and as if by magic it was Sunday early evening – how did that happen? I guess it’s testament to how well we’re getting on. We headed over to Newtown to get some food and I finally headed towards home around 7.30pm. Something else happened then… what the hell was it? Ah yes. Everyone else had spent the day at Toy Box, a dance party through the day. In fact the boys had called offering me a ticket that morning, but I’d chosen to stay in bed with Aaron (der - tricky choice that one…!) So I headed to the Shift and soon the gang was all there. In fact loads of people turned up, including Johnno and Pete. Fun, fun, fun. Into the early hours. In fact so early were the hours that me and Pete decided not to sleep and head to Arq and then go straight to work. And so it came to pass…
Work on Monday was not good. No gym as I could hardly keep awake, and in fact I almost fell asleep at my desk in the afternoon a couple of times. Not a good look. Home and fell alseep on the sofa, woke up long enough to eat half an avocado and watch Queer Eye and then coma time.
Tuesday – work, no gym. Aaron came over Tuesday night for a cup of tea. And left Wednesday morning :o) He’s a sweetie, and really is as cute as I remembered him. I think we might be spending quite a bit more time together…
Psycho trainer yesterday nearly killed me. Evil. Home to veg until I got an impromptu call from Johnno and Pete offering dinner. Yay! And so I did. Johnno came to pick me up, and in doing so let the cat out of the bag as to what had happened Friday lunchtime last week! Doh. Be sure your sins will find you out. I felt a bit bad but it seems all is well. Aaron’s aware too, so as we’ve all being saying, no one’s been hurt on we all get on with being mates. Big time. I’m excited about what’s been happening lately. I’ve said for a while it seemed like I’ve been on the verge of something great. It feels like it might be finally here…

Friday, October 24, 2003

Well it would seem that of late that Friday arvo is update Minkered... time. Well I guess that's probably coz I now have no internet link at home for the moment and it's doing my head in!! I left you this time last week - what has happened since? Well actually quite a lot...

Friday night - stayed in I think. Oh, I know - Pete and I tried to thrash out one final iteration of plans to give to the architect. However we hit a bit of a stalemate at 10pm and so Pete went home and I went to bed. Had originally planned to meet Johnno (builder) and his partner Pete for beers but I was too stuffed (as they so quaintly put it here).
Saturday - met Pete at the house post early brekky and haircut for me. We then actually hit Newtown and talked through our ideas with Rich and got everything resolved. Now all he has to do is draw them... Walked back and did some work on the house before calling it a day. I ended up at Gary's for dinner with his Pete (everyone's got one you know, they're the latest thing) and Phil and Graeme. Although I knew of P and G I'd never really met them in a social setting before, and they turned out to be lots of fun, and the meal was lovely. Phil reminds me of Jonathon - they have the exact same voice. Weird. We ended up watching the Best of Graham Norton on DVD which was actually much, much funnier than I expected. I was then mean to be meeting the builders again for a beer, but took a call from Rich of Rich and Russ... and suddenly I was heading to their place to get a lift to Sin Bin. A small dance party at a seafood restaurant (I kid you not) called the Grotto Capri. I'd heard lots about the freaky venue and so I couldn't say no - plus half the Bad Dog crowd were going to be there. And so it came to pass. There we all were, getting into it when I noticed Aaron - a cute guy I'd met briefly a couple of times before. On scanning the crowd for his boyf, he was noticeable by his absence and suddenly Aaron and I were chatting. And he's split up from his partner. And.. well you can guess the rest. The party was lots of fun - nice people, great music and lots of flirting and snogging. Fantastic. One weird thing was the fact that the Grotto Capri is kind of set in faux caves - stalactites and the like... and I just kept waiting for Muppets and the whole kind of Fraggle Rock thing to happen. It didn't but...
Aaron drove us home at 6am, and we spent the next 7 hours getting to know one another a little better... and it was great - relaxed, comfortable, sexy. Noice, as Kath and Kim would say. Finally guilt got the better of me as I was meant to have been at the house working from around 9.30am. Oops. Pete had gone however as he was over it. Oops again. Sorry mate. I then regrouped and had coffee with Dave before realising we'd all been invited to a house warming party and so off we went. Fun. One of the guys who was in the show at Sleaze was one of the house mates and sure enough we ended up knowing enough people to make it a bit of a laugh. Adjourned to the Colombian with Tony for a couple more beers, hit the Shift to see if Pete were there (he wasn't) then home to bed. Great weekend!!
Monday - gave myself the day off gym as I was tired (wonder why?). Work then home and then managed to hit the supermarket and come home and cook something noice whilst watching trashy telly. Also worked out with Kerry that I'll stay a little longer in Brumby Street until I know a bit more definitely when Pete and I can move into our new place.
Tuesday - work; gym with psycho trainer; home and out to Newtown for dinner with Aaron. Lovely. Both him and dinner. I realised early on that he was really nervous about the date which was really sweet. Bless him. Spent a bit more time getting to know each other before Aaron kindly drove me home...
Wed - work; no gym as I renewed my driving licence; home. More cooking and trashy telly - Jamie Oliver; the Simpsons; Kylie Kwong (who I have to say is leaving me cold) and then Queer Eye meets Oprah. Has my life come to this? This week it has, yes.
Thursday - work; no gym as a trip into the city in the arvo to visit our groups department. Dragged on a bit long so supermarket and home as I was to entertain Aaron at my place. Had a great dinner and again spent some time getting to know one another. So far so good - he's seeming lovely, sexy and fun - which is a great start. The scary connection came out last night too - we got on to birthdays (which weirdly hadn't come up until then). It finally transpired that we're both Aries... and then that his birthday is the day after mine! For those of you that know the sort of bond I have with Stevie P (same day as me) and Richie Bean (who shares Aaron's birthday on 2nd April) you'll realise that this will either be spectacular or could well end in tears!! Actually I think Aaron and I are destined for some fun... he finally left in the early hours so I could sleep.
Today - well there's a thing. Work. No gym because... because well I'll tell you on the next update. No really. Meantime it's now just gone 6pm and I'm off home. Out for coffee with the lovely Robert a bit later and then that's it. Hopefully catch up with Pete and some house stuff as rightly so Pete's been a bit pissed off that I let him down again last weekend. I've apologised, but I've plenty more grovelling to go before I'm off the hook. However it was so nice snuggled up with Aaron I just couldn't force my lazy arse out of bed...
May well hook up with him over the weekend. Just to make sure he's still cute... :o)

Friday, October 17, 2003

Aaaaaaaaaaaagh. Too much going on. Again. But that's good, no? Er, no. Stop!

OK. Last Friday ended up being day from hell and I think I had an early night as I was over the whole day - I realise I'd forgotten my gym kit so couldn't work out. Hate that. Didn't catch up with Carlo either. :o(
Saturday Pete and I worked on the redesign of the house after a trip to IKEA. I then went out for a beer with Rich and then the Phoenix where I chatted to the lovely Robert until we hit the Shift until I was so drunk I just had to go home. Probably best at 6am.
Sunday I was a waste of space until mid afternoon. In bed with Buffy til then. House post then, but did nothing.
This week has been mostly work. And gym. And flirting by SMS with the lovely builder. And realising that I didn't pay the bill for the phone. Or the internet. Doh. I met up with Rich the architect last night to get final go on the plans and so tonight Pete and I do one final iteration before handing them back to be drawn. Oh, and the gas got connected at the new house today, you'll be pleased to know.
That's it. Dull but I'm on the way home. It's Friday night!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Why oh why isn't it later in the day? It's not even 11am and I'm over today. Wednesday night I hit Rich and Russ's oh so briefly to wish Adrian a belated happy birthday. Then it was off to the Green Park with Pete as he'd had a bit of a run in with Crusty. Managed to cheer him up by the time we had food on Oxford Street. Home. Yesterday was just work, no gym (we had a leaving lunch) and home. Kath and Kim on the telly. Food. Bed. Today is dull, but I do have my maniac of a new trainer at 1.30pm. I'm counting on not being able to move easily afterwards! May catch up with Carlo later, not sure. Going to have the quietest of weekends... We've put a halt on the house stuff until we get what we have done so far checked out by a certifier. Just to be on the safe side. I have so much life admin to do it's not funny. Me, procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well well well. What shenanigans this weekend gone. Some of the most fantastic fun you ever did see. And then some more. I left you some days ago. In fact it’s now a week ago. Ay caramba.

We did the Sleaze rehearsal last week and I just seem to remember it went on longer than we’d planned. I think we ended up at Arthur’s Pizza which was good and then home to bed. Thursday was work and gym and who knows what in the evening. I’m assuming at some point I did stay in! The gym session on Thursday was with a different trainer and I know it almost killed me! Friday was more gym and more work but I was just really counting down the time to the weekend. Finally it was time to go (skanky ho) and no doubt I did something riveting that evening. I think me and Pete had pizza actually. After house discussions and the like. Saturday dawned and we hit the house in time for Rich the plan man to come over and show us what he’d done so far. So we discussed and cogitated and in the end it was time for me to hit final rehearsal. Which went on longer than planned so I hit Oxford Street to buy Shift recovery tickets and get my haircut. I was successful on one front at least… the hair had to wait! Food at Foodgame and then home to have a brief kip before the weekend’s frivolities commenced. Got to Rich and Russ’s around 9.30pm and we had drink and haircuts and dress ups and finally we were ready to go.
Sleaze: well – what a fantastic party! We got there and did the tour – it was actually fairly busy for so early which was an encouraging sign. Found a meeting place and went and gave Johnno and Pete (builder and partner) the tour. We then ended up back at the RHI and danced there until after the first show, which was pretty spectacular it has to be said. Thence to Studio 11 for our show. We hung around for about half an hour all up and then on we went. It was a kind of ritualistic light S&M show with two leather masters, some slaves and some guards (of which I was one). It all went off pretty much according to plan, and the venue was packed! Fantastic fun. And of course once it was over we could focus on the matter in hand, which was enjoying the actual party. And the longer it went on the more fantastic it got. I spent most of the time in the RHI dancing with Pete, Rich and Russ and the lovely Johnno and Pete. Great music, great shows, great company. All too soon it was 8am and the final show was over – how did that happen? We meandered slowly back to Rich and Russ’s where it was showers all round and a general regroup.
DayShift: down to the Shift which sadly wasn’t the best organised thing. We ended up waiting downstairs for three quarters of an hour as upstairs had been oversold. Once in though, it was great. Pete took a turn for the worst around 12.30pm so I took him home before returning. Russ left, then Rich and finally I stumbled out of there around 4pm. Back to R’n’R’s for a very brief kip then we got up and forced some food down before getting ready for Indulgence. Pete and I ran down to the Shift around 10.30pm, bought tickets and then came back to get ready again before finally heading down there just after midnight.
Indulgence: does the word revelation mean anything to you, dear reader? Previous Indulgence parties have been fun but nothing spectacular – generally a sexy crowd but with music that’s a bit too hard to get your head around. Well maybe someone had been listening to the crowd, but whatever the reason, the music was fantastic. Just the heavy side of accessible it hit all the right buttons and the place went off. The crowd was great – lots of our friends there. Finally saw a little of Dave having hardly seen him all weekend! Oh, and verily another six hours passed most pleasurably. Most, most pleasurably. Had the odd snog as a bit of a bonus and then we headed back again to Rich and Russ’s for the last regroup before the final onslaught…
Arq: and yet more fun ensued. The music was great and the crowd a laugh. I overdid things a little and had to be propped up by Rich for a wee while, but all’s well that ends well! Thanks mate – I love you lots! We did venture back to the apartment when upstairs at Arq closed, but not for that long and soon we were back downstairs dancing like maniacs. We finally called it a weekend around 4pm. What a fantastic time. Thanks go out to Pete, Rich and Russ and Johnno and Pete. Looking forward to getting to know those two boys a bit more. Or maybe a lot more…

Home. Chocolate. Sleep. Beans on toast. More sleep. Work yesterday dragged. Over to Rich and Russ’s for dinner which was great. Bed. Work today. Gym. And now I’ve had enough. Ready for home time. Which will be soon I guess. I’m having flirty text message banter with Johnno the builder and I’d forgotten how much fun that can be :o)

More news as it happens, but all in all – one of the best weekends I can remember!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Happy half-birthday to me
Happy half-birthday to me
Happy half-birthday dear Davieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy half-birthday to me.

Yes, I'm 38½ today. That's old.

Update on the week so far. Monday night - house stuff. Tuesday - house stuff and then the Sleaze show rehearsal. Today has been work and gym another Sleaze show rehearsal. Anyone see a pattern?