Saturday, June 29, 2002

OK. it's Friday and it's late. It's so late it's very early Saturday. However this day cannot go unnoticed. One year ago I arrived back in Oz slightly bleary-eyed, wondering what the next few months would have in store. Little did I know...

More tomorrow on the year thing. Suffices to say I'm having a great time. Oh yeah. Laters....

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So long overdue... Hello everyone. Two weekends have passed and it's already halfway through the next one. Bad Davie...

Have been hanging out with Rich and Russ a lot lately, and have also had some fun with Garry again, so all is well. Two weekends ago. Indulgence at the Shift - great night, lots of very sexy, hairy men. The Sunday brought Frisky, which was a little disappointing, then back to the Shift again, which was fantastic! Lots and lots of fun. Alan and Murray. Very sexy. On the 'to do' list! Back to R'n'R's for tea. Sleeeep. Green Park again on the Sunday. Fun, fun, fun.

Week - er, Craig was staying here. Couple of drunken fun nights. Particularly one with Rich :o) He he he.

Weekend just gone. Drinks Friday Beresford, Barracks. Fun. Sat night. Pheonix with Rich and Russ. So many sexy hairy men. Love it. Arq with Rich. Fun x3. Long dance with Kiwi Daddy Jon. Hated that! Back to R'n'R's for tea. Back here and chats to Garry and trashy music. Relaxing time. Shift in the night time to see Craig off. Which we did again with dinner Monday. Lovely dinner at R'n'R's last night though Russ is away. Steve and Anthony were there too and we watched Charmed, projected onto their lounge wall à la big screen. Nice night. Quiet one tonight. Waiting for Garry to get home then it's either Moulin Rouge, Mars Attacks or the Wizard of Oz on DVD. Fantastic!!

Friday, June 14, 2002

Help! Too much is happening. I can't cope. It's all fun though!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Ay caramba. What a weekend! Fun times a go-go. More later when I'm a bit more with it. For now though, sleeeeeeeeeep.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Oh, and a big hello to Jason Harding. Hey you... I will send you a long email soon!! You're one of the few people I can track on the weblog stats... Watch this space!!
Oops. Too long has passed since the last entry - I must get back on top of this (as the actress said to the cliché). A few things to report. Work is going great guns. Still mixing on the floor training with classroom training and all going well. It looks like I'll be controlling some of the flights based around either Brisbane or Cairns, though exactly which hasn't been finalised just yet. Expect full update next week, after the Queen's Birthday long weekend here. Still enjoying short days and lots of learning. Yippee!

Last weekend... hmmm. Ah yes. Arranged dinner with Andy for Friday night, but popped round with beers to Russ and Rich's to warm their new apartment. One beer led to another, then we had dinner and suddenly we were all a bit drunk. Andy headed home and Russ and I braved the Beresford and then the Barracks. I ended up hitting that 'I have to go to bed, NOW!' wall at around 1am, and so I did. Evil hangover Saturday, and didn't get out of bed until late. Did very little and eventually headed to Andy's about 5pm with a lift from Wayne. We had a nice BBQ and so on and hit bed. It was however time for that talk. Andy is a lovely man, and we get on very well, but there's not that spark to maintain things as a relationship. So we're friends. Which is fine. It'll be better that way. Still, missing the cuddles! Anyway...

Sunday we had brekky and then I came here. Went over to Russ and Rich's and we hit IKEA for a look-see. Back to theirs and Russ made some scones whilst Rich did ironing and I chose lots of 80's music. That's what Sunday afternoons are for! We decided to hit the Green Park again (the only place to go on a Sunday these days) before feeling a bit mischevious and heading to the Pheonix. Well me, Rich and Strati did - Russ was good and went home as he had to be up early. The Pheonix was surprising full for a Sunday and much fun was had! I didn't get enough sleep that night...

This week's been good at work. Nice quiet nights too. We had a rostered day off yesterday as there were some systems problems and I was ill all day - typical! Not sure what or why, but didn't really sleep well, finally dragged myself up around 1pm with a headache and watched DVDs all day. Ugh. Back pretty much to normal today though, so no idea what was going on there! Over to Andy's tonight for another BBQ and then I think a half day tomorrow and the long weekend ahead. Fantastic!