Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So. A week on.

I do feel a lot better - still not sure what was going on for most of last week, but I think it was either a cold or an allergy. Eye drops and antihistamines did help and I've not had anything since Friday. Maybe it was just me relaxing after the first term of teaching...

Had a good night with Muz Thursday on his return, and caught up with Anna off my uni course on Friday which was great as we swapped Kindy stories. The weekend was chilled with beers, brekkies and bonding. One of the many UK David's was in town and great to catch up with him...

I'm both restarting running action tomorrow and going into school - these holidays will be over before I know it.

Still, there's always Anzac Day to get up to some mischief... :o)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm feeling very listless.

It should be a good time - day 4 of school holidays should find me relaxed, playful and full of the joys of spring. Or at least autumn. But no. Unable to shake some sort of sickness - cold? Hayfever? Allergy? Lethargy? I feel like I'm not quite up for anything. Add to that Muz being away in QLD and Dave is not a happy bunny right now.

Don't seem to have the energy/desire for gym/running/cooking. Too restless for tv/DVD/movie/computer stuff/reading/museums. Feels like I've got ADD. My eyes itch and I go from being coldy/fluey to being ready to take on the world. Bi-polar anyone?

Hmph. Not happy Jan.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well I turned 43 today. It was a lovely day. I was at school teaching, then at a picture book workshop, then had dinner and beer with Jules and Bill. Noice. Here are some other numbers for the day...

17 - kids that sang to me this morning
12 - SMS birthday salutations (8 Oz; 4 UK)
9 - Facebook happy birthday messages (including one from Facebook itself)
3 - actual birthday cards
3 - beers tonight
3 - phone calls in (one sleepy; one cheery; one wishing they could be here)
2 - phone calls out (one to the UK; one to QLD)
2- birthday emails
1 - cake from a parent

Happy birthday to me (and Stevie P in the UK)!