Friday, August 31, 2001

Lazy day so far. But feeling much more upbeat about most stuff and that's got to be good news. More later. Probably drunkenly.
Better today. Much. After a lazy morning I went to IKEA and finally got the missing screws for the bed. Back and into town via a play on here. Dragged Garry out to the Oxford, where we had a good flirt with L of D - or Darryl as he's really known. Fun. The on to Garry's work karaoke do.. though I didn't get to sing. Home. Bed. 12.45am. Sleep now. More later. D xx

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I am King of the Uneventful. Never has so little been done by one person for so long. Got up. Did nowt. Except visit the toilet too many times. Damn this Beaver Fever! Finally got my act together and showered and shaved and readied myself for a trip downtown. It was at this point that the heavens opened. Great. I had soup. The weather brightened. I went and paid my last rent on this place and then hit the movies. Planet of the Apes. Well it passed a couple of hours. So much for the 'surprise' ending. Saw it a mile off. Home. Shite telly. I mean really shite. I will tell you all about how dull Oz telly is, but maybe not tonight. It's still raining and cold, so tonight it's heater on and an early night. Best news of all is that I've not been to the loo since about 11am. Am very hopeful as I've also done a couple of farts. Believe me, as news goes for the last week, that's a pretty major deal for me!! :o)

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Well another very, very uneventful day has passed. Yesterday concluded in dull style. Had tea with Tony and we tried a bit of half-assed clothes shopping. Home to crap telly. Bland chicken and boiled potatoes so I could take my tablets as a cure for the giardia. Watched Boston Public, The Secret Life of Us, spoke to Dad, Karen, Garry and Darren and left messages for Stevie P and Richie and Martyn. Bed around 11pm. Over it all.

Hopes for miracle cure overnight were scuppered by the 7.30am run to the bathroom. All's been OK since 10.30am though, so hopefully I'm over the worst. Sorted through my CDs which has been niggling a while, and tried to install various bits of software on here that I've been meaning to reinstall since I reloading the entire operating system. I think my CD drive is buggered though. Some stuff loads, some doesn't. Annoyingly one of the things that won't load is Microsoft Office - so I can't look at or create any Word or Excel documents. Pain. Think I might have to send the PC away to be fixed which is even more of a pain. May try and coincide it with going into the sun. Still need to sort that. Dull night ahead. More plain chicken and boiled potatoes. Crap telly. Early bed. Can everyone wish for something nice to happen please? Thanks.

Monday, August 27, 2001

Am still not well. Fairly quiet weekend. Friday's joy at feeling better was scuppered by waking with stomach cramps and so on (I'm sure I don't have to go into great detail on here...) early Saturday morning. Friday night was OK though. Saturday had to get out as otherwise I'd have gone mad. Garry and I walked to Newtown and had a look round there. Quite good fun. Back to watch the World Music Awards (dreadful) and then in theory Twelve Monkeys. However we ended up playing on the net and hitting the Oxford and the Shift. Sunday still not right bowel-wise and so stayed here. Garry came round and we messed on the net and drank tea. Met Mat at the Oxford at 6pm-ish and I was home to watch Babe - Pig in the City at 8.30pm. Bed.

Still no better this morning so have been to the doctors. Got giardia apparently, and now have some pills to take for it. Should sort itself out fairly quickly apparently and so fingers crossed. I'll try and eat more as the week progresses and get back to the gym when I'm a bit stronger. Trying to work out the few days in the sun. Talking to Tony about it at the mo - in fact meeting him for coffee (or weak black tea as it will be for me) within the hour. A quiet week I think. I'm so ready to be fit and well. Hey ho.
Thanks to whoever sent me an e-card via CardWish. I can't thank you personally as it won't let me pick up the card. Apparently the sender has violated their terms of service! I'm assuming it either maybe doesn't like rude words, or thinks it's a nuisance card. Or, apparently, you sent more than 30 that day. Please make yourself known to me so I can thank you!!

Friday, August 24, 2001

What a difference a day makes. I feel so much better today. Slept really well last night, and over the course of the day have felt better and better. Going out to meet some of the boys for something to eat. Won't go too mad, but it's nice to feel human again. Yippee. Oh, and congratulations to niece Melissa who got 8 GCSEs yesterday - 6 grade Bs and 2 grade Cs. Mel worked really hard for them so well done :o)

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Flu is bad. Not a very happy hedgehog right now. Am actually feeling much perkier than I did this morning, but am over being ill. Heading to bed and seeing if I can finally sleep. Realised I've not actually slept properly for about a week. Not that surprising given all that's been going down, but I could really do with a good night of proper restful sleep. Let's give it a go... nighty night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

It's flu. Feel crap. Have done all day. Bed now. Hardly slept last night. Have dozed on and off all day. Congrats to the quiz boys. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Hmmm. Weird old day. Slept badly again. Up at 9am. Got a message from Tony asking if I wanted to do lunch. Decided to fix a small problem with the PC. Ended up taking from 11.30am until the last phone call finishing at 8.45pm. Jeez... Interrupted that for what was a nice lunch with Tony in the park. Ate pizza and finally got the PC sorted out. Caught up with everyone's blogs - made for good reading today. Good luck to all the quiz boys (currently having a quick chat with Jon) and thanks to Rob for bringing so many memories of the Tavern flooding back. The answer is 5 by the way Rob! :o) Right, going to bed in a sec as I'm for some reason very shivery, cold and achy. Oh dear. Hope it's not flu :o(

Monday, August 20, 2001

A day of leaving stuff to settle. Chats to Dad, sister Sue, Andy B and Garry. Ringing other sister on Thursday (yes Katty, that means you!) to chat and get my niece Melissa's GCSE results. Other niece Julia got her A level results last week and has got into the Uni she wanted so she's very happy. Well done Jules! Bed for me very soon. See if I can sleep better than last night.
Quick blog as I'm in an internet café as AOL isn't working at home for some reason. Had a great weekend. In short (as I'll blog more later from home) Friday had a lazy coming-to-terms-with-quitting-work day and a drunken night in the Oxford with the boys. Saturday we went 10 pin bowling which was actually a lot of fun. Of the 7, 5 of us went to have food and then Garry and Mat came back to mine. We drank 3 bottles of wine, listened to very trashy music and then went to the Oxford. And then to the Newtown and then to a club called Caesars. Fun. Drag shows a go-go the best of which involved Kylie's new single. Met a nice man called Darren, which was unexpected and fun. Met Garry for brunch at Fez on Victoria Street and then walked down to Woolloomooloo for a beer. To the Oxford and the Peter and Paul had invited me to join them at Milk + Two Sugars back in Woolloomooloo. This to help David P's friend Bruno celebrate his birthday. Kind of OK. People have said good things about 'Milk..' but it wasn't that special. Back to the Occy and finally to the Shift before home. Bed. First day of wondering what to do next. I think a few days in the sun is priority one. My brain will function so much better after that...

Friday, August 17, 2001

OK. People are getting slightly concerned about my blogging and I think also about my state of mind!! Here we go. It's like this - by mutual agreement I've left my job. Been paid until the end of the month but actually didn't go back after lunch yesterday. I feel SO relieved. I've never felt so completely overwhelmed by anything in my life. I mean I know I've moved 12,000 miles away and haven't settled in the flat and the Tony stuff and all, but the job was just too much. The boss did finally agree that maybe it was too much for someone new to the country and two completely different marketplaces, but that's little comfort. It has made me realise I don't want to work long days for big bucks. I kind of knew that already, but the ambition fairy still rears its ugly head now and again. So, what now? Answer: Dunno. I think I'm going to use some frequent flyer miles and head up the coast sometime next week and have a few days in the sun and let my brain un-fry. After that? Temping short term I reckon. Turn up, do stuff that isn't too taxing, go home. Once doing that I'll look for work. Online editing seems to be what would suit me best. The job that reported in to my last job. Oh I did pitch that to the company, but for various reasons it couldn't be done. Anyhoo, suffices to say I'm feeling better about being here than almost any time since I've arrived. Yeah it's all a bit unknown, but that's part of the fun. Oh, and I've still got cold and am coughing a lot. Best head down the pub then.

I am OK though peeps. Really. Thanks for all the messages of support from those of you reading between the lines on the recent (and sorry to say fairly dull) blog entries. Things will pick up again soon. Maybe I will too! :o)

Thursday, August 16, 2001

I need a holiday. It looks like I've got the chance to have one :o)
Today's phrase is: I AM BEWILDERED - see below, meaning 2.

Main Entry: be·wil·der
Pronunciation: bi-'wil-d&r
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -wil·dered; be·wil·der·ing /-d(&-)ri[ng]/
Date: 1684
1 : to cause to lose one's bearings
2 : to perplex or confuse especially by a complexity, variety, or multitude of objects or considerations

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

It's 5.30pm and I've survived the day. I still feel pretty ropey, so I'm going to go home soon and have an early night. I've had a chat to my boss and we're both going to think about work possibilities within the department or within the company, but it looks like we've realised this is too big a deal - certainly for me coming in cold, maybe for one person at all. Nicole has mentioned also me taking a bit of time out to think about what I want - do you know how appealing that is right now? We're meeting again in the morning. I've got to think what I really want to do career-wise. Now considering I've had no real idea for the last 18 years, I'm wondering whether tonight will be any different?!?
Well. Not sure how this day's going to go, but I've a feeling it's not going to be good. I'm full of cold today - what I thought was a hangover yesterday was in part this cold too I now realise. Just read everyone's accounts of Brighton Pride. I miss you guys. Special thanks to Rob, and little Rob too, for mentions above and beyond the call of duty - Rob on his blog dedicating the early part of the RVT as the 'Uncle Hedgehog' session and little Rob in an e-mail where he just said that there was a little section of the dancefloor in the Tavern that people dance around in memory of me. It made me smile. Something I'm not doing as much of as normal.

Work is not enjoyable. What should be this most fantastic opportunity has become way too stressful. Already. And it's only day 2 of week 6. I honestly don't know if I'll make it to week 7. If I leave, then I (hopefully) can temp and survive until I get another job. Dunno. I'm over having to make decisions. I just want to turn up for work, be told what to do, do it, leave on time and do gym and other stuff. I don't want to be arriving at 8.30am, feeling bewildered, stressed and unhappy until 7pm or so every night. I thought I'd be fine once I got going, but no. It's just not working. Watch this space...

Oh, haven't blogged last weekend. In brief:
Fri - down to the Oxford for beers. My mate Phil was in from Melbourne and staying with me, but we didn't actually hook up that night other than giving him the keys. Beers with the boys then meal with Tony and Andy. It was fun, though at the end, when we went back to the Oxford for one last beer, I really just wanted to be going home with Tony. Not to be. Felt a bit low. Fell into bed.
Sat - up very early. At the gym by 8.40am! Ran a bit, did the second half of my program, ran again, had brekky in town and was home by 11.30am!! Met Garry and we went to the Taronga Park Zoo, which was fun. Great views on the ferry over, and from the zoo itself. The weather was spectacularly nice for winter. Dinner with Phil and his mate Dean in a fantastic pizza place in Paddington. Down to the Oxford after that, and then the Barracks. Bed at 2.30am.
Sun - up about 10am. Phil had gone out for brekky so I pottered a bit. Managed to walk into one of the glass doors in the apartment and break my phone. Not happy. I thought the door was open - d'oh! Said bye to Phil and met Garry for lunch on Victoria Street - my old stomping ground. Big Brekky at Una's which was great and then we went for a long walk through Kings Cross and down to the Botanic Gardens. Fantastic. Lovely day too. Ended up back at my place looking for Kylie websites. Like you do!! Down to the Oxford for the Sunday session at about 7pm - Mat and Justin were there, as was Scott and a few others, and we got talking to another guy called Darryl who is very sexy but a possible serial killer. Which was nice. Down the Shift and finally on to the Pheonix which was probably a bit much for a Sunday. But fun...

Right. More later. Probably from home. This afternoon could be very interesting...

Monday, August 13, 2001

Remember this from the other day?

Day. Hell.

Shit. Fan.

You decide.

Today is worse. Much worse.
Monday morning. Hungover. In for an 8.30am meeting with my boss. Who didn't show. Great. More later. Things are OK. Not great, not terrible. Oh, and my mobile's broken. I'll tell you about that later. I'm a div! OK, boss has arrived...

Thursday, August 09, 2001

No time to blog, AND I'm going bald. Great.
Too much to do. Maybe. Lots going on. Bad at blogging. Just a quickie until I structure my day. Yesterday I joined the gym. Today I have my workout program organised at 1.30pm. Yikes. OK. More later when I get going...

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

A better day. Up and to the doctors, though didn't sleep well last night as I was thinking about some overdue work. In the end I tipped up at work and called a meeting with my boss and asked for a bit of time and a bit more help. It was granted! I think she realised it was a tall order. It's now due Thursday last thing. Great. Manageable. Spent the rest of the day doing a list of things to do and then had a good meeting at the end of the day. Home to meet the nice electrician man who has fixed the lights, the oven and a loose power point. Filled in my second census in as many months. Food. Tony called. Feel better generally about that. Play on the net - chat to Danny. Bed now.

Monday, August 06, 2001

Damn. Just realised I said I'd call Scally in realtime mode after chatting online at the weekend. I completely forgot. Sorry matey!
Monday afternoon. Hmm. I'm hungover from last night and desperately need some food. Well the weekend came and went. Friday night was beers in the Oxford with the guys. Tony was there but we didn't really talk much. Saturday was a lovely day. Surfed the net a while, took in laundry, bought gym shoes (finally! still haven't been yet though...), had brekky in town. Wandered around for most of the afternoon just mulling on stuff. Out with Garry to the Oxford and then we decided to venture out of town a bit and go to Newtown. Beers in the Newtown first and then on to the Imperial for dancing. The music in the Newtown was like the Tavern, and we had our first hearing of Your Disco Needs You actually out in a bar! The Imperial was fun too - good music, fun crowd. Mat and Mike joined us and I finally stumbled home around 2.30am. Up quite early Sunday and chatted to a couple of people on the net a bit. Went up to Bondi to see Tony. We went for the most glorious walk along the cliffs and finally to a park with the most amazing views of the city. We also jumped the fence of a house being built and explored - I've not done that since I was a kid! Fun. Back to the beach for ice-cream and more of a talk about us. We're gonna be mates. He hasn't ruled out something more happening but I think in my head I have. For my own sanity. It was nice to spend time with him though. Hey ho. To the Oxford yet again to meet the gang - Garry, Mat, Justin, Mike, Haydn, Phil, Kev, Scott.. fun. Lots of girlie singing - particularly to things like A-ha and S Club 7. Onto the Shift as well... too much beer!!! Home and fell into a drunken stupor.

Today isn't a good day. Feeling low. Work is kind of OK, but I think the next couple of weeks are going to be stressful. I need to get back to the gym and get a routine going for the 5 weeks between now and moving. Tony offered good counsel on that yesterday. He's right too. A bit of regularity might restore some sanity. We'll see. Anyway, time for some lunch. I may blog some more stuff later ...

Friday, August 03, 2001

I refer you all to the archives of these very pages. Remember when I banged on about this? Well the situation has been rectified. We can all now sleep safe in our beds. Thanks for this link goes to Ian.
Well I'm slightly befuddled and really not in the best frames of mind. Can't really remember what I've done since the last entry. Wednesday worked late - until gone 8pm. Home, food, brief chat to Tony. Bed. Yesterday I didn't blog as Blogger was down. Work was OK . Got the content map finished. Left work at a reasonable time and nipped briefly home before meeting Tony to go to the movies. We saw 'You can count on me', which was actually very good. On then to grab some food, bumping into Denis and Justin (Brett's friends from Perth) on the way. Food was good, but less good was 'that' talk that Tony and I had at the end of the meal. He needs time out. From me. Too many things going on for him right now. He's uncertain about where we're headed, but rather than just stop he wants to clear his head of all his other stuff and then see where he's at after that. This probably means that for the next three weeks or so we won't see much of one another and, if we do, it's as friends. I wondered if this was a way of letting me down gently. He assures me it's not. He's not lied so far, so I have to believe him. Not sure I can play the waiting game though. It'll kill me. Hardly slept last night and so am a) exhausted and b) for some reason on the verge of tears. Not a great look for my weekly one on one with my boss. Still. I'll get through. I always do.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

I had one of those infamous 'I think I'm a witch' moments this morning. Waiting to board the train to work I decided that if I started playing 'Eurodisco' by Bis (the extended dance mix) as I got on that it would finish as I was getting off. Result? Almost to the second. That means that of my 30 minute or so commute, the actual train ride bit accounts for only 26.67%, or 8 minutes. There's about 17 or 18 minutes walking (12ish from home to Town Hall, 5ish from North Sydney to work) and the rest of the time is spent buying a ticket and a coffee. Just thought you'd like to know!
Pinch, punch, first of the cliché. White Rabbits. Grey Hairs. Etc. Can you pull a rabbit out of a hat? No, but I can pull a hair out of my nose. Oh dear...

Two large lattés and some toasted turkish bread and vegemite (I am SO local) and suddenly the world's a better place. I feel better for the decision to move to Bondi and it being out in the open - I can start to plan at least and know that the time spent in David's place is finite. Work is better today - though this arvo am doing stuff I've not done before. I have to finalise the content map for the new TV Hits site. This has the potential to be one of the biggest sites in the teen marketplace down here and I really need to get it right. I'll let you know how it goes...

Nice to see that people have been reading the blog. Ian kind of sympathises with my unsettled feeling, and Scally is going to be in so much trouble when I get hold of him... it's so not the reason for moving!