Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Midweek again. Well Monday night was as described - lazy and with someone else cooking. Marvellous. Tuesday was another shortish day at work followed by, as it turned out, a fairly sociable evening. Wasn't seeing Andy (as originally I was meant to be helping Garry with a pop quiz) and so settled down for a quiet one in front of the telly. With that Sally (from Borders) arrived for a cuppa and so we had a bit of a natter. Off she toddled only for Tony (Dr Darren's ex) to ring and see if he could come over for a cuppa as he's headed back to Blighty today. And so all in all it was lovely! Bed and the work today for the exam on the systems for overbooking of the flights. Managed a rather girlie swot 98%, so was quite happy with that! We got the the afternoon off, and I had every intention of doing some paperwork. However Gary (of Gary and Max) was online and so we arranged coffee which was much more preferable. We then went and bought him a kettle and an interview shirt before heading back up Oxford Street for more coffee! Back here and we finally did Garry's pop quiz tonight instead of yesterday. Spoke to Andy, who's not feeling very well bless him, then updated this and then time for bed. We're actually out on the floor at work tomorrow meeting our teams. I'll find out which routes I'm looking after too... all I know so far is that I'm either doing domestic or regional - more tomorrow!

Monday, May 27, 2002

Where oh where does the time go? Another week's beginning and I realise (yet again) that I've not really updated you peeps about the last one. Suffices to say I've been very quiet on most fronts - the eye infection and antibiotics kind of scuppered everything else, and I'm broke until I actually get paid by Qantas (see celebrations and much eating and drinking, sometime around 4 June!). There were two things of note from the weekend before the one just gone...

Andy was away up the coast with his friend Fahmi, and so I spent a lot of the weekend with Russ and Rich, and the culmination of the weekend's activities was me getting my nipple pierced, having my first beers in 3 weeks at the Green Park Hotel last Sunday and then us lot all piling down to Arq and dancing the night away until some 4.30am! And yes, I did have to be up at 6.30am for work. Joy. I wasn't in the best of spirits last Monday morning and ended up forgetting my Qantas ID and locking myself out of the house. Great! Thanks to Russ for saving me with tea and sympathy and a sofa to sit on until Andy came and got me! Rest of the week was better though, but I was in a foul mood as I realised how little money I currently have, and I also missed a credit card in the UK, which has been piling up with interest quite nicely thank you. Doh. Had quiet Friday and Saturday nights and did the Green Park again last night, but not Arq. Much more sensible.

Good job too, as we did lots of maths today - working out all the maths behind the availability calculations for the overbooking systems. Geek that I am I really enjoyed it! More tomorrow and an exam on Wednesday. This training malarky is great - we're currently starting at 8.30am but getting done by 3.30pm. Fantastic! Off to Andy's tonight as Andrew and Wayne are cooking. Nice lazy times. Joy.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Quiet weekend. Ish. Until Sunday. Oops. Will expand more later. Monday was not good! Rest of week quiet to date. Short days in Qantas training. Passed first exam. All going well so far...

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Time for bed, Thursday night. Eyes are still not right and back to the eye hospital for me in the morning. Work after that. Had first day of systems training at Qantas today. Most freaky thing? Hardly a thing has changed in 12 years, down to the sign-in screen for the overbooking system being identical to how it used to be. Scary. Home early in time for the most spectacular storm. Went a bit crazy with the digital camera! Hopefully going to post the results up over the next day or so, and may well do what David's done and put a page of my favourite digi-cam shots. Meantime, I'll leave you with this. The sky really was this colour. Beautiful. I think it looks like a Turner painting...

How pink?

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Yesterday was Day 2 at Qantas. Or at least it should have been. Instead, it was a morning at the eye hospital and then home. Basically, my eye infection has spread to my other eye, and I might be allergic to the eye drops they gave me which could be exacerbating the problem. I'm now on my 4th lot of antibiotics. First they gave me these ones...
They're so beautiful...

Pretty, huh? Then it was these ones...

Ooh, so bold...

Actually I've had two lots of these ones. And now I'm on these ones too.

Yes, I know they're blurred, but my eyes are swollen!

That's how they look to me right now. Actually, yesterday I looked something like this.

My face looks lop-sided

Not a pretty sight!

Monday, May 13, 2002

Twas the night before Qantas, and all round the flat
Nothing was stirring, not Garry or Mat
(who's been staying whilst he finds new digs).

Tomorrow's the big day. Staying over at Andy's tonight, then back here for ironing, shoe cleaning, shaving etc.etc. Am starting to get a bit excited. Still feels a bit weird though. Had a nice weekend - very quiet and consequently just what I needed. Think these antibiotics are knocking me out a bit, as all I want to do is sleep. Friday night was a quiet one at Andy's with the lie-in we'd promised ourselves on Saturday. We hit Paddington Markets on Saturday afternoon and Andy bought a new ring (insert appropriate joke here). Saturday night we did a bit of a pub crawl but hated it and so came home early and I drove Andy's car back to his place as I wasn't drinking. Sunday was another lie-in, brunch at Andy's Mum's, a lie down, dinner and a James Bond movie on the box. Sleep and lots of it. Bliss.

Today started off with finding $20 in the street so treated myself to brekky! Sorted stuff out then bought work shirts, went to the doc's again (chance I might have to have a little lump cut out of my eyelid - more later), went into Borders and got my leaving card and pressie, went to the bank, had lunch, met Phil for coffee and back here for a chill! Wow. I'm tired just thinking about it. More news after the Qantas start tomorrow!

Friday, May 10, 2002

And lo, the coffee was brought on. Friday afternoon. Another glorious day and so I'm just about to head out and enjoy some of it. Yesterday's schedule was pretty much accurate, though Gary and Max joined Adrian and me for lunch and I ended up cooking dinner later as Andy's Mum wasn't feeling so good. Another nice early night over at Andy's place. Lots of cuddles :o)

Brekky today with Andrew at GoGo's after we dropped Andy off at work. Here and slob a while, before finishing off all the CDs, having a good old clean and a shower and so on. Another lazy night ahead - frankly I'm not going out with an eye like I have and whilst on antibiotics. The eye seems a little better, though it's hard to tell. I've decided to see how it goes over the weekend. Hopefully it'll be clearing by the time I start at Qantas on Tuesday. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile I think the weekend will entail lots of nothing, starting with a long lie-in with Andy tomorrow. It's stuff like that you really miss when you're not seeing anyone.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Today's busy schedule involves alphabetizing my CDs, having lunch with Adrian, coffee with Gary and later, dinner at Andy's Mum's. Nice and social, not too full on. Oh, and wearing dark glasses a lot :o) Yesterday ended up a social day too. After the doctors I started sorting the CDs but finally got bored, so went out for coffee. Martin phoned as he was on his way into town so he joined me. By then Pete had stopped by to say hi, Russ did the same, and once back at the house Rod called for a quick chat. Nice. I'm meant to be doing life admin stuff and so on, but honestly, feeling like I do, that ain't gonna happen. Bring on the coffee!!
Thursday morning, and no real change on the eye front. I'm over it now - I just manage to shake off cold/flu symptoms that were hanging around for ages and now this. Hoping it all clears up for the Qantas start on Tuesday. Waiting for a second lot of antibiotics to kick in - the first ones didn't seem to do anything. If there's no change by tomorrow morning it might well be into the Sydney Eye Hospital for me for some intravenous antibiotics. Joy to the world. I'll keep you informed.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Well, I'm not going to give you chance to comment on the posting below, as it's time to share with you, in graphic detail, just what I was on about!

Eye caramba! That's gotta hurt!

Eye-ly infectious! Eye eye eye!!

Severe case of red-eye! Eye-sore!

Off to the doc's in a moment. Hopefully this will get better soon!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Q: What am I? I'm swollen, purple coloured, throbbing, oozing slightly and a little sore... Answers in the comments please!

Monday, May 06, 2002

Ah. That'll be 6th May already then. Where did the last week go? I've no idea. Well that's not true, I do have some idea.

Wed 1 May: Eye gunked over on awakening. Also still full of cold. Phoned in sick. Went to doctors. Had a day of sorting all Oz admin. Fantastic. Over to Andy's for dinner with Andrew and Wayne. Fun. Sausages and mash. Yum. Early bed.

Thu 2 May: Late shift at work. Andy picked me up after and back to his. Dinner for more of Andy's friends and bed around 11pm as Andy was falling asleep.

Fri 3 May: Finished at 4.30pm from work and came home and vegged. Invited for impromptu dinner at Russ and Rich's, which was really nice. Good company (as Andrew and Wayne and Triple F Steve there too), good food and wine and all in all a nice night. Back to Andy's for much needed sleep.

Sat 4 May: Worked until 5pm. Andy came here and we got a DVD and some pasta from the supermarket. However, having eaten and drunk 3 beers we were knackered and feel asleep on the daybad! Bed at 9.45pm. So very rock 'n' roll for a Saturday night...

Sun 5 May: First sleep in with Andy for ages. Bliss. Eventually up for brekky at Roobar (won't be going back, too expensive and not that nice) and then to Andy's Mum's to help clear out her gutters. Matron. Back to Andy's for, erm, a rest :o) Back to town as Pete was delivering us some bookcases, bless him. Then to Steve L's place for his 40th birthday drinks which was fun, then a quick drink at the Palace and 3 games of pool before coming back here and watching Return of the Jedi. Bed 10.30pm. Nice, quiet, normal weekend. Yay for Davie.

Today 6 May: Andy left for work at just gone 7am after some early morning cuddles. Brekky part one. I dragged myself to the gym to see Liz and felt much better after a workout. Home, brekky part two. Phil called in and we went for coffee, and then it was such a beautiful day that I went for a long walk down town and then through the Botanical Gardens. Beautiful sunshine and lovely autumn light. Fantastic. Home and then update of this. Meeting Andy for coffee in an hour or so then having a night apart! Shock horror! Doctors again in the morning and then just two more shifts at Borders.

More news as it happens from a settling down Davie...