Monday, March 21, 2005

It's probably one of the longest times between posts ever. No excuses, just stating the (somewhat) obvious. It's not even that there's been huge amounts going on - rather more settling into a status quo and not leaving myself time for quality blogging. Or even low quality blogging.
It seems a bit like a treading water time at the moment. Some good news in that the UK flat completed OK and that's a weight off my mind. And a bonus to the bank balance. However, the Australian house didn't sell at auction at the weekend and so that's still hanging over me a bit... We'll wait and see what happens this week in terms of further talks with prospective buyers. Work is still dull, but I've really got to hang in here until the houses are all sorted out (and that means potentially until this one sells and a further one is found and bought - I'm aiming high!). Things with Craig are good though we'd like to move from the place we're currently living in - but a lot hangs on the other property outcomes. Only 6 weeks until I'm back in the UK for 3 or so weeks - so hoping to catch up with as many people as possible.
Finally seem to have shaken the chest infection that knocked me down after Mardi Gras - and it wasn't due to overdoing things either! Good to catch up with Jonathan and Mark, and looking forward to catching up with them again at the end of April.
Birthday coming very soon - the big 4-0. Don't really care either way, but not doing anything big to celebrate. Very low key. Meal with Craig on the actual day, and probably beers the night after as it's a Saturday. I'll celebrate more when other stuff is a bit more sorted out! OK, back to work a while. More news as it happens...