Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Contrary to popular belief, I am in fact alive and well and living happily in Sydney. Some things I've done since I last updated this thing are...

1. Sold a house here in Redfern
2. Bought a house here in Newtown
3. Visited the UK for a three week period (apologies to those I didn't get chance to catch up with - particularly Pilar, Nelse and Garry). Many thanks to Jonathan, David Perry and Stevie P for allowing us to crash at their respective places
4. Went to Spain with my Dad for a week (not that much fun)
5. Went to Berlin with Craig for three days (much more like it)
6. Had the braces off my teeth
7. Had my eyes lasered
8. Had my PC get very sick and although it's in theory recovered, I've still not got it all up and running again yet.

There will be more soon. No, really. Don't give up on me just yet!!