Saturday, December 27, 2003

Merry Christmas everyone! I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I'm away up the coast and so not been online until now. There'll be a full update later, but suffices to say we're incredibly relaxed. Aaron and I are up in Lennox with Pete and Johnno and it's been the most fantastic Christmas. Later today we head to Ocean Shores for part two of the adventure... 10 of us in a house until after New Year. Be very afraid. Big thanks to P+J (and Sue, Pete's sister for Xmas lunch - fantastic!) for the most wonderful time and for being great hosts. More soon.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Monday afternoon and by rights I should be working. However, I’ve done quite a bit today and so I feel like I should get this up to date instead and work tomorrow as it’s already almost 5.30pm and it’s not really worth starting my monthly report (which is the only thing outstanding on my to do list). Thursday night ended up being noice – home, veg out a bit, food (well, muffins with vegemite – that counts!) and then out with Pete and Johnno for a quick coffee in the humid night air. We talked about the house and how much it would cost for renovations to make it liveable as a one bedroom place, so at least I have a better idea of how much dosh I need to get together. Friday was another normal day. No gym though. Home and shower and change and then out to meet Pete to talk houses. Had beers at the Colombian and basically got things sorted. I need to get those plans submitted to council this week! Go Davie, go. Home to meet Aaron via Hungry Jacks and that was most of the evening. We were both a bit tired as it had been hot and stormy the night before and it was the end of another long week. I had to make some phone calls about various things to the UK – Dad, Frank the financial advisor, Fenella the accountant (no, really), The Woolwich re my endowment policy, Nick in Bangkok re the apartment sale. And shock horror I did it all. And found out stuff I needed to know re filing tax claims etc. That done I joined Aaron in bed and we slept longtime :o)

Saturday morning not too early we got up and had brekky. Then after dawdling a bit we hit town to try and find some shorts for me. But failed. I really have no clue where’s good to shop for clothes in Sydney! I suppose I’d better start finding out seeing as I intend to remain living here… We had some nosh at the food court and then finally headed home. I got a haircut and then got ready to head to start the musical excesses of the weekend. First up, Duran Duran and Robbie Williams in concert. We got to the stadium around 6.20pm - in plenty of time to meet up with Rich, Russ, Rod and Terry before Simon, John, Nick etc. hit the stage. And although they were looking a little ragged (Five and the Ragged Edges?) they were great. All the classics were there and we were belting out those old familiar lyrics along with them. Apparently there’s a new album and another tour next year – I’ll be there. Robbie was also good – I’m not as big a fan of his as I was a Durannie, but he was nevertheless the consummate entertainer. We left there happy at almost 11pm and walked home. I then hung around for Aaron before we hit Bad Dog and partied on (dude). Again it was a fun party, though noticeably quieter than the last one. There was an extra few dollars on the ticket price for a live band, which may have frightened a few people off, and of course Robbie too. Anyways we were soon in full swing. The music was great and it was only the live band that stopped the flow around 3am. Sadly the live experiment wasn’t a huge success. The Presets were OK, but I think the break caused a few people to reassess their evenings and too many people left. When the music got back into full swing the crowd was much more sparse and there was only just enough people to make a party quorum. Still we danced on undeterred until around 5.20am when we nipped home; rejigged and were back out again to the Phoenix to meet up with Pete and Tony (Johnno having decided not to kick on). However the Phoenix was also quiet and so we hit Arq. Which was surprisingly good! So good that we didn’t leave there until 11am. Pete was also there having some fun and it was nice to see him out and about having fun like we used to.

On arriving home we decided not to sleep. We showered and then hit Aaron’s before deciding vodka was the way forward. We hit the Bank Hotel and also had some food, which ended up being a bit of a mistake as then we felt sleepy. We got provisions and headed back to mine with the intention of watching DVDs, but after about 15 minutes we had to retire to bed. We slept until P+J phoned to ask us to have fish and chips on the beach at Bondi. What a great offer! So we did – along with Cassius, who’ll also be up the coast with us. We ate and drank champagne as the sun set. Marvellous. Home to bed.

Today has been work. A bit tired to say the least, but not too foul. Pete’s headed off round the world tonight so I’m going to try and get as much house stuff organised whilst he’s away. Only 4 more working days and then I’m off until 6 January. Have you any idea how excited I am? I’ve not had a beach holiday since September 1999… bring it on! Also, it’s going be to great fun spending the first week with Aaron, Pete and Johnno, and then the second week with Rich and Russ etc. in the original house we booked. We’ve got our NYE party tickets for Tropical Fruits and seemingly half of Sydney is going to be up there. I’ll post a full itinerary soon! Meantime – it’s time for this one to head for the hills.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

OK. I started an update last Friday – the 5th – but seem to have failed to finish it. Let’s put that to rights shall we? This reads on from the last entry at the end of November. Who made it halfway through December already?

Friday afternoon, over a week since the last blog entry. And I'd been doing so well too... oh well. Here goes nothing. Thursday night I ended up doing nothing as I was really tired. Pete was to-ing and fro-ing with Rich and Russ to the new apartment and so I went grocery shopping and came back and ate and then it was too late and... blah. Friday was work and a half-hearted gym workout. Friday night was drinks at Peter the vet's for Gary's birthday and then out to Saigon Bay for thai food. Fun. To Bears briefly at the Oxford but it wasn't too much fun. Pete was drunk and had a bit of a go at me for not meeting up the previous evening - turned out to be a bit of a misunderstaning but... bah. Grr. Home with Aaron and sleep. Saturday we slept in a bit and then had healthy breakfast - Weetbix, banana, yoghurt and then toast and coffee. Woohoo. Healthy is good. And then we probably did some other stuff. Not sure what! Hold on Davie.. think. Ah yes, nipped to see Rich and Russ in their new place with all the furniture in (looks great!) and then it was on to Murray's birthday drinks about 4pm. Lots of people there and it turned out to be quite a lot of fun. So much so that I can’t remember what we did later. Doh! Sunday was more healthy breakfasts and then a picnic down in the Botanic Gardens with Pete, Johnno and Michael. Dave joined us a bit later. It was nice to do something a bit different! This however lead to more drinks at the Colombian and hanging around to see what the official opening of Taylor Square held. Not much to be honest. But the furore of the whole thing ended up with us at Arq. Not a good idea with work the next day…

Monday and December dawns. I remember feeling fairly ordinary at work and not going to the gym – beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine. Ditto Tuesday. Wednesday I had the gym trainer and came over all queer (insert joke here). That night me and Aaron headed over to Pete and Johnno’s for pizza and Terminator 3 on DVD. Cool! After feeling strange the day before I skipped gym on Thursday too. That night I met up with Pete at the Colombian to talk houses. Well it was the opposite of ‘It’s all good’. Bit of a disaster really. For various reasons Pete has decided he doesn’t want to renovate the house any more. Great. The conversation talked around it for a while before finally ending with that. In trying to sort out a time to talk more I got a bit frustrated and left. Not the happiest of bunnies, that’s for sure. However, at this point there’s not a great deal I can do… If it’s Friday morning it must be time to see the dental hygienist. And so I did. And then basically got told that one of my wisdom teeth has to come out early next year. So I decided to bite the bullet (as it were) and find out about getting braces on my teeth. Watch this space. I may be up for a cameo in a James Bond movie yet. Friday night stayed in with Aaron and watched Lord of the Rings: Two Towers on DVD. Well the first half anyway. Bed. Saturday met Gary and his Peter for breakfast to talk sensibly about the house options. That done I got my hair cut and abluted and tidied and so on. Went into town to try and Xmas shop but was having none of it when I got down there. Headed back to the apartment and vegged. Aaron came over and cooked. We watched the remained or LOTR and fell to bed. Sunday was nice brekky then went our separate ways to sort things out. Next was brekky #2 with Pete and Johnno at a café near the new house. Then we hit Wayne and Andrew’s for their renovation drinks and then on to Bar Cleveland for Allan’s birthday bash. This with Rich and Russ by this point. Then it kind of became a free for all and suddenly we were drunk; we’d had dinner at a lebanese place with little Daryl; we’d been to the Colombian to carry on the shenanigans and suddenly we were at Arq. Again. How did that happen two Sundays in a row? Home at 4.30am and Aaron was up at 6.30am for work. Great. I dozed another 2 hours then fell in to work myself. Not big or clever. Except for the fact that one of our major systems had thrown a fit over the weekend and had broken. Woohoo! Less to do. Monday night was home and something trashy on telly – Pitch Black. Tuesday was home to meet real estate agent to talk house prices then shopping then home. Something else trashy on telly. No gym either day :o( Yesterday I did work out with the trainer and had much more energy than last week, so that was something. Ended up over at Rich and Russ’s with Aaron for dinner – impromptu BBQ. Noice. Too much wine though and then a bit of a chat with Aaron as he dropped me home. Commitment time. Or not. I’ve got so much going on in my head re the house I’ve no energy to spend on thinking about anything else right now. I’m happy for things to continue as they are at the moment… it’s fun and Aaron’s lovely. Let’s take things slowly…
Anyway, I slept badly and ended up in work not particularly early, so no gym today. Working out what to do with the evening. I need to speak to Pete some more, and catch up with Pete and Johnno – all house related, and I’m trying to work out if I can buy Pete out, which will involve selling my house in the UK and getting all my assets over here. It’s all a bit grown up really and requires effort and no procrastination – neither of which are my forte. We’ll see…

It’s 4.15pm Thursday. Time for a cuppa. Tonight will involve ringing of UK type people and sorting out Xmas pressies. Beyond that… who can say?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Time for a very quick minker. A quinker, indeed. So far, week has been as hoped - nothing Monday night. No gym Tuesday as on a very interesting course to do with Qantas' management of future incidents. Basically I've volunteered to help out if (god forbid) there were to be a Qantas crash, or another incident like Bali where Qantas helped out. I'm on the team that organises the team of Qantas volunteers. Still with me? Good. Interesting stuff. Hopefully all we'll actually get to do is some trial runs...
Tuesday night was a very quick drink with Gary for his birthday and then Aaron joined me at the Colombian before we'd had enough and went and vegged out. Yesterday was more of the same, though we did get the home phone reconnected so I can email, blog and chat with overseas mates again. Woohoo! Peter the gym trainer (yes, another Peter) made me do shoulders and legs, and advised me that I might have trouble walking today (leave it...!). Well earlier was OK, but I can now feel everything tightening up (leave that alone too!). Not sure what tonight will bring - hoping to catch up with Pete (house Pete). Right, almost 6pm - time to leave work. Yay!!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Monday afternoon - and a quick update before I head off home. Had a pretty good weekend though of course I'm a bit tired now. Will I ever learn? (And just in case anyone actually thinks about replying to that last question, it was rhetorical. Thanks.)
Thursday evening was as described - think I had eggs, toast and tea. Marvellous. Out to meet Robert at Newtown and we had a chinwag and a couple of beers before Aaron arrived. After food for Aaron we retired back to Brumby St and had 'the chat'. Aaron had said it was all good, and all he really wanted to say was that he wants us to make a real go of things. He was holding back a bit as he's only fairly recently out of a relationship and he was planning a bit of single life, but the best laid plans... So I guess it's official. Yay! :o)
Friday was work and gym and home. Aaron came over and we headed out to Dave's birthday drinks in Woolloomooloo. It was miserable weather - all cold and rainy (and in fact was over all weekend and still is!). Drinks were low key and we were a bit tired so we ended up home and in bed before midnight. I must buy Dave a birthday present...
Saturday was a slight sleep in and then I went to the house to meet Pete. No further discussions of what's happening as we just cleaned the place ready for Pete to move in there short term this weekend. Hopefully after that he can stay at my place whilst Kerry's away for Christmas and hopefully after that we should have plans approved and work can start. Watch this space... I don't think we've heard the last of this yet. It was good to see Pete in a good mood though. We were done by late lunch and so went and ate before I headed down into town to fix my watch which broke on Thursday night. That done I bought a new phone which is something I've been meaning to do for ages, so that's fun and funky. I've not shopped for anything really for ages so that was actually good to do to. Next project - clothes...
Back home and after food it was time for Allan and Brendan's 40th birthday bash. They'd hired a big ship - the HMAS Vampire down in Darling Harbour. Great venue, but a couple of slight hitches. Firstly and the biggest problem - the wind and rain. It was such a shame - it still ended up being a great night but would have been better had we not had to huddle round each other keeping warm. Secondly, the rugby world cup final. Actually that wasn't a big issue though we could hear all the cheering from the bars dotted around the harbour, and it made travel a little more interesting. From the party it was time to hit the Colombian to meet Aaron, with the intention of going to the Imperial for a change. However suddenly we were in the Phoenix with Russ and a few of the usual gang and the rest is history - Arq; meeting up with Pete and Johnno; stumbling home at 9am. Doh. Fun though.
We had tea and decided not to sleep so just kept ourselves amused a while :o) Then we did actually kip for about an hour before getting ready and hitting Michae and Costa's place for lunch. We managed to eat too, remarkably! It was nice to catch up with them and their mad mates... hopefully we'll do it more. Then Aaron was heading off to watch some live bands but I couldn't cut it. Too in need of a veg out. So I did, with some documentary about Michael Jackson followed by The Grinch. Good for doing nothing to. Aaron popped back over and bed at 10.30pm. Slept like babies.
Today's just been work. No gym - too tired and it's still rainy and miserable. Grrr. A quiet week this week. Please. Very quick drink tomorrow with Gary as it's his birthday and then a few of us are having a meal on Friday for further celebration. Saturday is a birthday/house-warming thing for Murray in the afternoon. I'm hoping the rest of the nights this week remain free!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday arvo and about an hour until home time. Been naughty and ditched the gym in favour of going home early for a change. Haven't been out for lunch even (chilli chicken rolls are delivered in on a Thursday) so will be well gone by 5pm. Not too much to report since last post... or actually there is. Ended up at a local art exhibition last night after work with Tony - nice to catch up with him and Adam that runs the shop, and a couple of free glasses of wine to boot. Thence to somewhere else for dinner with Tony - and I don't even know the name of the place! My risotto was nice though. Meantime I took a call from Pete who's not in the best of frames of mind re the house. I've a suspicion that he might want to put it back on the market - and if he does I can't afford to buy him out and so that's that. We'll see. He wants to move in short term so we're doing some cleaning this weekend. Chance to chat I think - hopefully he'll come round. It'll be a real wasted opportunity if we end up getting rid of it. Home to a slightly weird chat with Aaron on the phone. He wants to 'talk' tonight, though assures me it's all good. We'll see later I suppose. So that kind of took the wind out of my sails last night. Hey skanky ho.
Into work early as mentioned, and at our weekly meeting it was announced that my promotion had finally been made official. So I'm now a Senior Flight Analyst... which means bugger all really. I get a bit more pay but lose my rostered days off (essentially a flex day a month) so that's a bit of a bummer. Whatever. I guess I don't have to do a great deal more work-wise except mentor new starters (which I've already done) and do some systems development and so on (which I'm already doing) so business as usual then.
Tonight will be cheap food at home, then drinks with Robert in Newtown for a catch up before he heads to Blighty for a couple of weeks. After that I'll find out just what Aaron's got to say...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Wednesday arvo and I'm buggered. Missus. Just back from an hour with the psycho trainer at the gym. Today's torture? Cardio. So after a total of 57 minutes of treadmill; rowing and crosstrainer, with running up and down 4 flights of stairs 5 times as a little 'break' twixt treadmill and rowing you might not be so surprised I'm so bushed. An hour and a half to kill before hometime... whatever can I do? Actually I've been very productive today - I did all my normal work and then updated my special eventing so I'm completely caught up with everything. Well that's at least one aspect of my life that's under control then. Stayed in last night waiting for the architect to call for me to go and collect the final version of the plans for council before Rich buggered off on holiday for 2 weeks. Slightly dismayed then when, by 9pm, I rang to find he's left them for me to pick up at his work instead. Which is miles away and very inconvenient if you haven't got a car. And he's not done a couple of things I think we might need for submission and so I don't even know if we'll get this in before December. Bugger x3. So I ate and watched trashy telly and rang Aaron. Then I rang my Dad - I mentioned almost as a throwaway at the end of the last post that it was four years yesterday since Mum died. Dad seemed OK. A family friend was taking him up to the crematorium where there's a memorial to Mum and then they were going out for lunch afterwards. That'll be perfect for Dad. It still feels weird sometimes that's Mum's not around - but probably more so for me given the frequency that I dream about her. We weren't ever particularly close - as a family we've always been closer amongst siblings than the parent-child bond, but I do seem to dream about Mum with frightening regularity. Nothing bad particularly, she's just there. Mind you, my dreams are generally rooted in the past than in either the now or the future. Oftentimes there are people from school - most of whom I've not seen nor even heard about since 1983. Sometimes people from Uni - and I left there some 15 years ago. Weird. I'm sure some psychoanalysts would have a field day about something I've repressed from my childhood years but I'm buggered if I can remember anything. And no, it most definitely wasn't that!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Weekend hung out for, done, dusted and more than ready for the next one! Friday ended up being a quiet one in with Aaron at my place. I cooked pasta and veggies and we had wine and vegged out in front of X-Men which was on telly. Yay.
Saturday was a leisurely morning followed by a stroll up to meet Rich and Russ at the Milk Bar for something to eat. It was a glorious day and so as if by magic we ended up at the beach. R'n'R, Pete and Johnno and me and Aaron. La Perouse - fun. First beach day in ages, and I'd forgotten how nice it is. Though it's still spring and the water was freezing! Headed back with Pete and Johnno and did coffee and cake at the Grumpy Baker. Noice. We then all ran round like mad things and suddenly we were having pizza in Newtown at Wedgetail. Rich and Russ didn't join us in the end though... and then we went to see Kill Bill Vol.1. Well... lots of people had told me it was great so I was quite looking forward to it. And it delivered. I really enjoyed it. Sure it's violent, but to the point where it's like Itchy and Scratchy on the Simpsons. You become immured from it. It actually takes on a cartoon like quality (and not just the section of the movie that actually becomes a cartoon). Uma is great - she really does (literally!) kick ass. Am ready for the next instalment already, but we have to wait until February. Grrr. From there it was briefly to the Colombian and then down to the Phoenix. Have to say it was disappointing. Fun to head down with Pete, Johnno and Aaron, but it didn't really do it for any of us. The crowd was a bit strange and the music was dire. No good. P+J headed up to Arq but we decided to stay a little longer as some of Aaron's mates were there. We ended up back at Warren's, chilling instead. Home by 6am...
and up at noon-ish. Tea and music and dozing. Met P+J at the Chocolate Dog in Newtown as I had the biggest hankering for sweet potato pancakes with bacon and sweet chilli sauce. Noice. Then it suddenly became the middle of winter again - cold and almost rainy - so Aaron and I retired back to Brumby St and watched Donnie Darko on DVD. Cool film. We were going to then chill, but Pete called and I ended up down the Shift with him for a beer. A few others there - Mark, Stephen initially and later Pete and Johnno and Tony. Fun but a bit later than necessary given the weekend's other activities. Bed after 11pm.
Monday - work. No gym as tired. Decided we'd go to the Here and Now concert at the Entertainment Centre. Consisiting of a 'not to be missed' 80s line up I'd been debating for ages whether to go and just thought 'sod it'! It was fun! We met Gary and Peter for a beer and Hungry Jack's before and missed the two Aussie bands - 1927 and Mondo Rock. We were nicely in place however for Go West and Belinda Carlisle and they did pretty good renditions of their classics. Next up Paul Young. Oh dear. He tried hard but bless him his voice is shot. Completely. We had beer instead and got ready for the two headline acts. First up - Kim Wilde. She was great. She looked good and looked like she was having a blast! Fun performance that really got the crowd dancing and singing. The 10 minute break before the Human League really split the whole gig into two parts and the last set was very much a Human League mini-gig whereas the rest had been a kind of 'best of' reminisce. The Human League were great though less sing-a-long than Kim. However for those afficionados amongst us it was great. We got Hard Times/Love Action; Open your heart; The Lebanon; Human; Mirror Man; (Keep feeling) Fascination; Tell me when and Don't you want me. Fantastic. They hinted they might tour separately next year in Oz. Bring it on! Beer with Gary afterwards and then home. Late. Tired now.
Tuesday. Work. No gym again as I couldn't get out of bed today. Aaron left at 6.45am and I slept on until gone 8am. Hoping for a quiet rest of week. Have to phone Dad later - it's four years today that my Mum died.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Hanging out for the weekend...

Robert's book launch last Thursday was interesting. Nice to see Murray as always, and of course Robert himself. Probably the only place I'll ever hear a lesbian reading out loud a book passage about gay men and fisting. But you get that... Aaron accompanied me and we ran a bit late meeting Gary and Pete L for drinks at the Colombian. Food and home. Friday was work and a half day. The afternoon was spent at council and the with Johnno for coffee and chats, bless him. Hit the supermarket and then Aaron came over and we watched a made for telly movie version of one of my favourite books as a child - A Wrinkle in Time. It wasn't half bad actually and weird that so much of it is still indelibly imprinted on my brain after some 30 or so years...
Saturday morning was lazy and then brekky with Rich and Russ. I then did coffee with Dave in Potts Point and Dr Pete and Johnno joined us there. Aaron came over too and he and I then went to some mates of his for a birthday drinks bash. Michael and Costas seem very nice, and weirdly they live in the Tewkesbury Apartments - where I first lived when I moved to Sydney in August 1998. Strange to be there again. Well the drink was flowing and soon we were a little tipsy. With every intention of hitting the Phoenix later, Aaron and I went and had Vietnamese, then hit my place to chill. Which involved playing lots of trashy music and then, without really realising it, crashing out. Probably for the best. Sunday morning was brekky with Aaron in Darlinghurst and then we hit town for shopping. Ended up at the Tilbury to meet Dr Pete and Johnno, which was odd. Not really our sort of place, but always nice to see the boys. Finally home, Aaron ate and then bed. I was feeling full of cold, which crept up on me after crashing out. A bit bizarre, but quite full on. Haven't been that sniffly for ages.
Monday - work. Catch up with Pete at the Trinity to hear his news. Tuesday work and then over to Gary's for pasta and Finding Nemo on his new plasma screen TV. Noice. Wednesday work, gym, Aaron. Dinner - chinese in Newtown. Snuggle. Sleep. Yesterday work - awful day at work. Lots of messy bits. Not happy. Met Pete to talk housey housey and then Aaron came and sped me to Newtown. We met Dr Pete and Johnno and went for more Vietnamese. Lots of fun.
today - Friday. Work. Not done a great deal. Nixed the gym. Ready for home. Soon. Not sure what the weekend holds. Definite catch up with Rich the architect and Pete at some point. Maybe Phoenix with Dr P+J. Brekky with R'n'R again? Who can say?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Having a great time getting to know Aaron. He's cute, fun, sexy... you get the picture. We seem to get on well, can laugh at stuff and talk about all sorts of rubbish. I'd forgotten how nice that can all be when it's more than just with a mate. More please :o)
Thursday again. Another week passes. Dave fails to remember what's been going on. Again. Probably. I can't remember what happened last Thursday night. I know I should, but I can't. Maybe I had an early night. Maybe I didn't. Aha! Let me check tonight's telly guide and see if that rings any bells for last week. Bear with me a second...OK. I was somewhere out coz I know I missed Kath and Kim. But can I remember where? Can I bollocks. One last hope - lemme check sent emails last Friday. It's a long shot but it just might work. Yay! OK, Out with Pete for a couple of beers as he needed distraction. Aaron joined us as we hit the dodgy pizza place and we pigged out. Then home to bed. With a mosquito. Not the nicest of threesomes let me tell you...
Friday was work and gym and home. Out with Aaron and Pete and Johnno for pizza on Crown St and then for beers. Colombian and then Oxford. Then home and not too late to bed. Dozed in with Aaron Saturday morning before hitting the local cafe for bacon and egg roll. Yum. Aaron tootled off, I got my hair cut and then hooked up with Pete. We kind of mooched, waiting for Rich the architect to call and go through plans. He finally called to say it would be much later, so we kind of just meandered. Pete's not been in the best of humours and eventually his mood rubbed off on me and I had this feeling of impending doom. We ended up in Newtown shopping for clothes (he bought, I didn't in the end) and then suddenly there was a million things to do in about 4 minutes. Aaron kindly drove me over to Rich and Russ's to pick something up to take to Pete and Johnno's. From there to Aaron's; then mine; then out to the Bent magazine anniversary party thing where Aaron's ex was playing. The performance was actually pretty good, though the singers let the songs down a bit. Still fun though. From there it was off to Bad Dog - arranging to meet all and sundry there. And so we did :o) It was fun, as ever, though I felt the music to be a bit disappointing this time round. Didn't stop us having a blast though - Johnno and Pete seemed to enjoy it and we spent most of the time with them, Tony and Dave. J+P adjourned to Arq around 5am but we decided not to go - it's just wrong after a Bad Dog... from attitude free, fun, alternative music to shiny, smooth men with their heads up their arses? I don't think so! We adjourned to Aaron's and then to Fred's, with Dave and Michael. We then had to go and pick up the house plans at 9.30am having had no sleep and still in party mode. Fun! I think. Back to Fred's where we watched Spirited Away on DVD. Lovely. Finally to Aaron's around 2.30pm and sleep. Up around 6pm for updates all round then ordered turkish pizza, chatted and were asleep again by 10pm. Marvellous!
So as you can imgine, work wasn't the best on Monday morning. But I survived. Left a bit early to meet Johnno and his Pete at the house so they could repair next door's damage. Pete came to look at the plans that night and was kind of non-committal which is slightly concerning. We need to sort that out! I had a very early night that night.
Tuesday was work over at NGI all day, which wasn't too bad. Gym in the middle of it. It was also Melbourne Cup day (Grand National equivalent) but I couldn't be bothered to bet. Had to meet Johnno at the house again and then adjourned to the supermarket. Aaron came over and we had a lamb roast and watched telly. Noice. Yesterday was psycho trainer at lunch and then home and a lazy time. Cooked and watched telly and was in bed and asleep around 9.20pm. Rock 'n' roll! Slept through until gone 7am this morning.
Today's been work; gym and I'm about to try and do some phoning to work out if we can get our house plans submitted and sped through council. Wish me luck. Heading off to a book launch later and then a couple of beers with Gary. Half day tomorrow. Woohoo!

Thursday, October 30, 2003

So I left you last Friday with a somewhat cryptic reference to my lunchtime activities and the promise of a nice evening in store with Robert. All will be revealed…
Dinner with Robert was indeed lovely. We had Thai in Newtown and chatted about life, love, etc. We left with the promise to continue to get to know one another by email (which is ongoing) and Robert’s kindly invited me to his book launch next week. Saturday was meant to be house stuff, but in the end I just met up with Pete for brekky and we got back on an even keel after me messing him around last week. We had a brief visit from Johnno and Pete at the house and took them for coffee (actually they paid, bless ‘em) before heading over to Pete Lindhe’s house auction. Sadly all didn’t go to plan and it got passed in (which means it didn’t reach its reserve price for those readers from overseas). We commiserated with Phil and Graham (note correct new spelling) and a glass of wine before adjourning to the Colombian to have a bit more of a catch up over vodka and cranberry. I nipped home for a bit of a rest before heading out to Govindas to meet up with Dave and watch Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl and Contender for the Longest Film Title of the Year. It was bizarrely almost a year to the day since Dave and I had been on a date there (see October 2002 archives if you’re that interested) and nice that we’ve progressed into being such good friends. The movie was actually really quite a rollicking spectacle and if you happen to have read that Johnny Depp has based his character on Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones it becomes even more enjoyable. Dave headed off home and I checked the phone for developments. Aaron was headed to the Phoenix post Prince and Pete was keen to head out. Sounds like the perfect combination. So verily there we all were, having a rare old time. The music wasn’t the best, and neither was Pete’s mood and so we hit the Shift to try and get a bit more accessible music. That failed and so to Arq. That was a bit better and there were some other people there that we knew. Knowing Pete would be OK Aaron and I made our excuses…
Again we had a really good time together, and as if by magic it was Sunday early evening – how did that happen? I guess it’s testament to how well we’re getting on. We headed over to Newtown to get some food and I finally headed towards home around 7.30pm. Something else happened then… what the hell was it? Ah yes. Everyone else had spent the day at Toy Box, a dance party through the day. In fact the boys had called offering me a ticket that morning, but I’d chosen to stay in bed with Aaron (der - tricky choice that one…!) So I headed to the Shift and soon the gang was all there. In fact loads of people turned up, including Johnno and Pete. Fun, fun, fun. Into the early hours. In fact so early were the hours that me and Pete decided not to sleep and head to Arq and then go straight to work. And so it came to pass…
Work on Monday was not good. No gym as I could hardly keep awake, and in fact I almost fell asleep at my desk in the afternoon a couple of times. Not a good look. Home and fell alseep on the sofa, woke up long enough to eat half an avocado and watch Queer Eye and then coma time.
Tuesday – work, no gym. Aaron came over Tuesday night for a cup of tea. And left Wednesday morning :o) He’s a sweetie, and really is as cute as I remembered him. I think we might be spending quite a bit more time together…
Psycho trainer yesterday nearly killed me. Evil. Home to veg until I got an impromptu call from Johnno and Pete offering dinner. Yay! And so I did. Johnno came to pick me up, and in doing so let the cat out of the bag as to what had happened Friday lunchtime last week! Doh. Be sure your sins will find you out. I felt a bit bad but it seems all is well. Aaron’s aware too, so as we’ve all being saying, no one’s been hurt on we all get on with being mates. Big time. I’m excited about what’s been happening lately. I’ve said for a while it seemed like I’ve been on the verge of something great. It feels like it might be finally here…

Friday, October 24, 2003

Well it would seem that of late that Friday arvo is update Minkered... time. Well I guess that's probably coz I now have no internet link at home for the moment and it's doing my head in!! I left you this time last week - what has happened since? Well actually quite a lot...

Friday night - stayed in I think. Oh, I know - Pete and I tried to thrash out one final iteration of plans to give to the architect. However we hit a bit of a stalemate at 10pm and so Pete went home and I went to bed. Had originally planned to meet Johnno (builder) and his partner Pete for beers but I was too stuffed (as they so quaintly put it here).
Saturday - met Pete at the house post early brekky and haircut for me. We then actually hit Newtown and talked through our ideas with Rich and got everything resolved. Now all he has to do is draw them... Walked back and did some work on the house before calling it a day. I ended up at Gary's for dinner with his Pete (everyone's got one you know, they're the latest thing) and Phil and Graeme. Although I knew of P and G I'd never really met them in a social setting before, and they turned out to be lots of fun, and the meal was lovely. Phil reminds me of Jonathon - they have the exact same voice. Weird. We ended up watching the Best of Graham Norton on DVD which was actually much, much funnier than I expected. I was then mean to be meeting the builders again for a beer, but took a call from Rich of Rich and Russ... and suddenly I was heading to their place to get a lift to Sin Bin. A small dance party at a seafood restaurant (I kid you not) called the Grotto Capri. I'd heard lots about the freaky venue and so I couldn't say no - plus half the Bad Dog crowd were going to be there. And so it came to pass. There we all were, getting into it when I noticed Aaron - a cute guy I'd met briefly a couple of times before. On scanning the crowd for his boyf, he was noticeable by his absence and suddenly Aaron and I were chatting. And he's split up from his partner. And.. well you can guess the rest. The party was lots of fun - nice people, great music and lots of flirting and snogging. Fantastic. One weird thing was the fact that the Grotto Capri is kind of set in faux caves - stalactites and the like... and I just kept waiting for Muppets and the whole kind of Fraggle Rock thing to happen. It didn't but...
Aaron drove us home at 6am, and we spent the next 7 hours getting to know one another a little better... and it was great - relaxed, comfortable, sexy. Noice, as Kath and Kim would say. Finally guilt got the better of me as I was meant to have been at the house working from around 9.30am. Oops. Pete had gone however as he was over it. Oops again. Sorry mate. I then regrouped and had coffee with Dave before realising we'd all been invited to a house warming party and so off we went. Fun. One of the guys who was in the show at Sleaze was one of the house mates and sure enough we ended up knowing enough people to make it a bit of a laugh. Adjourned to the Colombian with Tony for a couple more beers, hit the Shift to see if Pete were there (he wasn't) then home to bed. Great weekend!!
Monday - gave myself the day off gym as I was tired (wonder why?). Work then home and then managed to hit the supermarket and come home and cook something noice whilst watching trashy telly. Also worked out with Kerry that I'll stay a little longer in Brumby Street until I know a bit more definitely when Pete and I can move into our new place.
Tuesday - work; gym with psycho trainer; home and out to Newtown for dinner with Aaron. Lovely. Both him and dinner. I realised early on that he was really nervous about the date which was really sweet. Bless him. Spent a bit more time getting to know each other before Aaron kindly drove me home...
Wed - work; no gym as I renewed my driving licence; home. More cooking and trashy telly - Jamie Oliver; the Simpsons; Kylie Kwong (who I have to say is leaving me cold) and then Queer Eye meets Oprah. Has my life come to this? This week it has, yes.
Thursday - work; no gym as a trip into the city in the arvo to visit our groups department. Dragged on a bit long so supermarket and home as I was to entertain Aaron at my place. Had a great dinner and again spent some time getting to know one another. So far so good - he's seeming lovely, sexy and fun - which is a great start. The scary connection came out last night too - we got on to birthdays (which weirdly hadn't come up until then). It finally transpired that we're both Aries... and then that his birthday is the day after mine! For those of you that know the sort of bond I have with Stevie P (same day as me) and Richie Bean (who shares Aaron's birthday on 2nd April) you'll realise that this will either be spectacular or could well end in tears!! Actually I think Aaron and I are destined for some fun... he finally left in the early hours so I could sleep.
Today - well there's a thing. Work. No gym because... because well I'll tell you on the next update. No really. Meantime it's now just gone 6pm and I'm off home. Out for coffee with the lovely Robert a bit later and then that's it. Hopefully catch up with Pete and some house stuff as rightly so Pete's been a bit pissed off that I let him down again last weekend. I've apologised, but I've plenty more grovelling to go before I'm off the hook. However it was so nice snuggled up with Aaron I just couldn't force my lazy arse out of bed...
May well hook up with him over the weekend. Just to make sure he's still cute... :o)

Friday, October 17, 2003

Aaaaaaaaaaaagh. Too much going on. Again. But that's good, no? Er, no. Stop!

OK. Last Friday ended up being day from hell and I think I had an early night as I was over the whole day - I realise I'd forgotten my gym kit so couldn't work out. Hate that. Didn't catch up with Carlo either. :o(
Saturday Pete and I worked on the redesign of the house after a trip to IKEA. I then went out for a beer with Rich and then the Phoenix where I chatted to the lovely Robert until we hit the Shift until I was so drunk I just had to go home. Probably best at 6am.
Sunday I was a waste of space until mid afternoon. In bed with Buffy til then. House post then, but did nothing.
This week has been mostly work. And gym. And flirting by SMS with the lovely builder. And realising that I didn't pay the bill for the phone. Or the internet. Doh. I met up with Rich the architect last night to get final go on the plans and so tonight Pete and I do one final iteration before handing them back to be drawn. Oh, and the gas got connected at the new house today, you'll be pleased to know.
That's it. Dull but I'm on the way home. It's Friday night!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Why oh why isn't it later in the day? It's not even 11am and I'm over today. Wednesday night I hit Rich and Russ's oh so briefly to wish Adrian a belated happy birthday. Then it was off to the Green Park with Pete as he'd had a bit of a run in with Crusty. Managed to cheer him up by the time we had food on Oxford Street. Home. Yesterday was just work, no gym (we had a leaving lunch) and home. Kath and Kim on the telly. Food. Bed. Today is dull, but I do have my maniac of a new trainer at 1.30pm. I'm counting on not being able to move easily afterwards! May catch up with Carlo later, not sure. Going to have the quietest of weekends... We've put a halt on the house stuff until we get what we have done so far checked out by a certifier. Just to be on the safe side. I have so much life admin to do it's not funny. Me, procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well well well. What shenanigans this weekend gone. Some of the most fantastic fun you ever did see. And then some more. I left you some days ago. In fact it’s now a week ago. Ay caramba.

We did the Sleaze rehearsal last week and I just seem to remember it went on longer than we’d planned. I think we ended up at Arthur’s Pizza which was good and then home to bed. Thursday was work and gym and who knows what in the evening. I’m assuming at some point I did stay in! The gym session on Thursday was with a different trainer and I know it almost killed me! Friday was more gym and more work but I was just really counting down the time to the weekend. Finally it was time to go (skanky ho) and no doubt I did something riveting that evening. I think me and Pete had pizza actually. After house discussions and the like. Saturday dawned and we hit the house in time for Rich the plan man to come over and show us what he’d done so far. So we discussed and cogitated and in the end it was time for me to hit final rehearsal. Which went on longer than planned so I hit Oxford Street to buy Shift recovery tickets and get my haircut. I was successful on one front at least… the hair had to wait! Food at Foodgame and then home to have a brief kip before the weekend’s frivolities commenced. Got to Rich and Russ’s around 9.30pm and we had drink and haircuts and dress ups and finally we were ready to go.
Sleaze: well – what a fantastic party! We got there and did the tour – it was actually fairly busy for so early which was an encouraging sign. Found a meeting place and went and gave Johnno and Pete (builder and partner) the tour. We then ended up back at the RHI and danced there until after the first show, which was pretty spectacular it has to be said. Thence to Studio 11 for our show. We hung around for about half an hour all up and then on we went. It was a kind of ritualistic light S&M show with two leather masters, some slaves and some guards (of which I was one). It all went off pretty much according to plan, and the venue was packed! Fantastic fun. And of course once it was over we could focus on the matter in hand, which was enjoying the actual party. And the longer it went on the more fantastic it got. I spent most of the time in the RHI dancing with Pete, Rich and Russ and the lovely Johnno and Pete. Great music, great shows, great company. All too soon it was 8am and the final show was over – how did that happen? We meandered slowly back to Rich and Russ’s where it was showers all round and a general regroup.
DayShift: down to the Shift which sadly wasn’t the best organised thing. We ended up waiting downstairs for three quarters of an hour as upstairs had been oversold. Once in though, it was great. Pete took a turn for the worst around 12.30pm so I took him home before returning. Russ left, then Rich and finally I stumbled out of there around 4pm. Back to R’n’R’s for a very brief kip then we got up and forced some food down before getting ready for Indulgence. Pete and I ran down to the Shift around 10.30pm, bought tickets and then came back to get ready again before finally heading down there just after midnight.
Indulgence: does the word revelation mean anything to you, dear reader? Previous Indulgence parties have been fun but nothing spectacular – generally a sexy crowd but with music that’s a bit too hard to get your head around. Well maybe someone had been listening to the crowd, but whatever the reason, the music was fantastic. Just the heavy side of accessible it hit all the right buttons and the place went off. The crowd was great – lots of our friends there. Finally saw a little of Dave having hardly seen him all weekend! Oh, and verily another six hours passed most pleasurably. Most, most pleasurably. Had the odd snog as a bit of a bonus and then we headed back again to Rich and Russ’s for the last regroup before the final onslaught…
Arq: and yet more fun ensued. The music was great and the crowd a laugh. I overdid things a little and had to be propped up by Rich for a wee while, but all’s well that ends well! Thanks mate – I love you lots! We did venture back to the apartment when upstairs at Arq closed, but not for that long and soon we were back downstairs dancing like maniacs. We finally called it a weekend around 4pm. What a fantastic time. Thanks go out to Pete, Rich and Russ and Johnno and Pete. Looking forward to getting to know those two boys a bit more. Or maybe a lot more…

Home. Chocolate. Sleep. Beans on toast. More sleep. Work yesterday dragged. Over to Rich and Russ’s for dinner which was great. Bed. Work today. Gym. And now I’ve had enough. Ready for home time. Which will be soon I guess. I’m having flirty text message banter with Johnno the builder and I’d forgotten how much fun that can be :o)

More news as it happens, but all in all – one of the best weekends I can remember!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Happy half-birthday to me
Happy half-birthday to me
Happy half-birthday dear Davieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy half-birthday to me.

Yes, I'm 38½ today. That's old.

Update on the week so far. Monday night - house stuff. Tuesday - house stuff and then the Sleaze show rehearsal. Today has been work and gym another Sleaze show rehearsal. Anyone see a pattern?

Monday, September 29, 2003

Yeah verily it came to pass that Dave blogged intermittently. I’ve got lots to do! I’m doing things! I’m going to have to make this brief-ish as I can’t remember what’s been happening (I think I’m turning into a goldfish) and I don’t want to be here at work too late tonight – don’t they know I’ve got a house to re-build?

OK. Weekend before last. Er… I know I did the beers with Dave after work at the Colombian and it was good to catch up with him. Albeit all too briefly. I went homewards towards 8.30pmish, with the intention of possibly coming back out for Bears at the Oxford. However the best laid plans… I got a call from Carlo and so did a bit of a diversion. Bed after that.
Saturday would have been house stuff – it’s just a question of remembering what we were up to and when! I know that on the Saturday night we hit the Phoenix as we do, but that it wasn’t outrageously late. Rich and Russ were in Melbourne so it was just me and Pete. Sunday saw us knock out all the ceilings in the house and so we could get a really good feel for how the upstairs bedroom will look when we build it. Yay. Oh, and I think Rich the draftsman came round too, to measure up. The plans are finally moving…
Sunday night was Una’s and the Shift. Can’t remember work being particularly different from any other week last week, so assume I did the gym every lunchtime and came in early-ish most days. I know I went to see Mambo Italiano with Rich and Russ on Wednesday night, and had a rehearsal for Sleaze on Tuesday. Yes, I’m in a show. Nothing involving lycra, which is great. I’m just a guard (one of ten) in a bit of an S&M show. Marvellous! It’ll be fun. Had dinner with Pete post rehearsal too – at Tropicana where we talked houses and him and Crusty, which has most definitely finished.
Thursday night? Er, dunno. Or Friday either really. Friday after work we went to the house to put the timber delivery inside. Johnno and Pete (how many Pete’s at the moment?) arrived for a look see and then Pete and I did dinner at Foodgame and I think had a relatively early night each.
Saturday was brekky down at Strangers with Candy (to see the sexy waiter!!) and then to Bunnings to buy butch power tools and the like. We spent Saturday afternoon trying to get a new beam into the walls to hold the roof up, but had to stop when next door came round to tell us their plaster had cracked. Oops. It did reveal a bit of shoddy workmanship on their attic conversion however… So, we stopped and probably ate somewhere. If it’s Saturday it must be the Phoenix… but I know that before that Pete and I had a beer at the Shift (which was awful). I hit Manacle for a couple of beers whilst Pete had a sleep – chatted to Mark and Carsten and Rod and… and... and… The Phoenix was fun again. Lots of nice people there – Dave, Rich and Russ, the lovely Robert (whose number I finally got!), Anthony… and another guy called Warren whose number I got… To Arq briefly which was a mistake. Not good. Walked home in the very cold around 5.30am. Couldn’t sleep for ages, so I think it was around 8.30am when I did finally snooze. Got to the house at noon, having missed Johnno and Pete. Curses. We got the beam in (finally!) and cleared all the rubbish away and got the ceiling joists into the roof space. We had lots of visitors – Brendan and Piggy; Allan from work; Jan and Pete’s cousin Sarah; Rich and Russ and Brett. We called it a day at 8pm – very satisfied with our days efforts as we finally had the last bit of stud wall down and could see the space as one big room properly for the first time. Shower then pizza then a couple of beers at the Shift (vile) and the Colombian (viler). Home. Bed.
Today – work at 8am; gym at lunch; home now. Will probably hit the house to see how Pete’s got on today ) he’s a teacher and is on holidays for 2 weeks, the git. Tomorrow and Wednesday are Sleaze rehearsals as is Saturday arvo. This week’s going to fly!

Friday, September 19, 2003

I can’t believe it’s well over a week since I blogged. I thought I’d blogged after the last entry so I’m either losing my marbles or I dreamt it.

Last week’s evenings were peppered with early nights and Buffy. I can’t remember much else. The days were work and gym. I probably met up with Pete one night and possibly Gary another, but I really can’t remember and I’m too tired and arsey today to give it any real thought! I did go shopping on the Wednesday night as I’ve got the supermarket receipt to show for it. I bought lots of nice things for lunches here at work now I’m being good and going to the gym.
The weekend is a bit more of an event. Friday night we went to the Theatre, luvvie darling. To see the Blue Room – starring two of Oz’s finest, Sigrid Thornton and Marcus Graham. Fun. Just the two of ‘em, carrying on for 2 hours. Semi-clad for most of the time. Unclad in bits. It was good to do that again – it’s been too long since I did a bit of theatre! Home to be for me afterwards.
Saturday was spent mostly at the house and we cleared out all the crap into the back garden and swept everything clean. Yay. Saturday night was a couple of quiet beers for me with Pete (who sadly has been dumped by Crusty again) and then pasta in Stanley Street. Early bed as I was up early on Sunday for the 10K Bridge Run. I did this race last year and so decided I was up for it again however this time with a bit less training. The course was slightly different, finishing at the Opera House and I decided it would be worth the view if nothing else. It was great. I think I was about a minute or so slower than last year which was fine by me. A glorious morning too – felt very virtuous after I’d finished and it was still only 8.20am!
Finally met up with Pete for brekky and then tried to find a t-shirt for Bad Dog. Failed and so hit Bad Dog anyway, courtesy of Rich. Fantastic party yet again – the usual suspects were there and the music was up to scratch again so yay! We kicked on to the Phoenix which was hilarious and with some sexy men. We then decided to go to Arq, which was a bit of a change but OK nevertheless. Got chatting to the lovely Robert – he’s most definitely on my to-do list. Sadly he disappeared before we got to the phone number stage. However it’s not the first time I’ve seen him out and about so watch this space (he said hopefully…)
We finally called it a night around 6am. So I suppose we called it a morning really. Back to R’n’R’s to sleep. Finally woke in the afternoon and met the lovely Jonno the builder at the house (woof!). He talked us through some ideas and then finally we legged it from there. Pete went off and I finally went home. Days off in the week are great!
Since then I’ve done little all week, save a nice coffee date with a guy last night. Fun – quite intense but fun. Tonight’s meant to be a couple of beers straight after work though to be honest I’d rather just go home. Hey ho.

Monday, September 08, 2003

OK, so not quite a week has gone by this time before my update. I’ve decided it’s hard work trying to juggle a full time job; a new gym regime; renovating a house and being the social butterfly that I’ve always been. Something will have to give. Wonder if I can work shorter hours??? :o)

Tuesday night last week then. I did indeed run home – and in fact I ran to and from work every day except Friday, when I just ran in. Not bad going really – though I’ve actually hurt my foot a bit and I’ve a 10K race on Sunday. This week I’ll just train in again and save myself for Sunday. After that I’ll try and run again, foot permitting. Now, last week’s evenings are a bit of a blur. I know I didn’t really spend any time at home at all, but I’m not sure where I was! I think Tuesday night was over to Rich and Russ’s for dinner with them, Pete (who’s now living there) and Renee and Bianca – Rich’s niece and a friend of hers – lovely girls! Had a laugh and then home.
Wednesday was work again. Gym at lunchtime. Met Gary at the house to show him round and then we toddled off Colombian-wards for beer. However, I got a call at 8.02pm to say that me and Pete were on telly so we diverted to Rich and Russ’s to watch. It was fun but we got less exposure than expected for 3 separate filming sessions – we must have gone on the cutting room floor! If you fancy it you can go to, scroll down to Hot Property and look in the show archives. We’re in the section entitled Darlo Terrace. You might have to go into this week’s show and then look for last week’s show in the LHS bar – currently it hasn’t been updated, but will be by Wednesday. Still, all a bit of fun. Beers subsequently with Pete, then dinner and home.
Thursday – work. Didn’t gym in the afternoon as we had a team lunch out to welcome Nick, our new team member. We went to a nice fish restaurant down in La Perouse called the Boathouse. It was a gorgeous day and lovely to sit by the sea… The afternoon dragged a bit consequently but soon I ran home again. No idea what I did on Thursday night. Oh yes. I remember. Carlo came over for a catch up. Lovely!
Friday – work early, no gym lunchtime and then the dentist. Met Pete for coffee then home, change and back to Dave’s for dinner. Nice evening. He cooked lots of nice things and Brendan, Heikle (sp?), Drew and Puppy were there too. I stumbled home the worse for red wine some time around 1am.
Saturday – up around 10am-ish and met Pete at the house. We grabbed coffee and brekky at Paua (noice!) and then set to work on attacking the front of the house. We cleared all the front garden – which considering how rootbound it was was pretty good going. We were knackered when we finally called in a day/night at 7pm. I went home, bathed, ate, changed, and hit R’n’R’s at 10.30pm. Drink there, then Manacle and then down to the Phoenix. Boy oh boy. In the words of Madness ‘Oh what fun we had’. Lots of sexy friendly men, good music and daddy snogging were all on the agenda. I decided not to go home with the sexy daddy and head on up to Arq with the crowd and it was fun there too. So much so we didn’t leave until gone 8am.
Sunday - back ar R’n’Rs, the plan was to sleep and then continue work on the house. Er, no! We just carried on partying. Like there was no tomorrow. Stupid circus acts, gymnastic moves and so on were the order of the day. Until some time around 12.30pm when we went back out for more beers. Not a good move. Too minkered! Back to sleep a while and then up around 6pm. Out to buy food then Pete cooked and we watched Scooby Doo. Home. What a fantastic weekend – and great to spend so much time with R’n’R and Pete again. More please.
Monday – into work. Tired. No gym. Home now. Just realised though that I’ve left my train pass in my jacket which I left at the gym this morning when I went to pick up my shoes and trousers. Bugger. Hey ho. Tonight will be food and Buffy on DVD and then early to bed.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

And verily it came to pass that Tuesday became blogging day…

It’s been a busy week and so I’ve got quite a lot to report. From last week then:
Tuesday – went back to Newtown and cleaned the flat from top to bottom. Packed up my stuff and dropped it back into Brumby Street before going back for one last sleep at Newtown. In bed early as I knew the boys were on an early morning flight…
Wednesday – Mark and Carsten arrived at 6.15am. I got up shortly after and showered and had a cuppa with them before heading off to work. Gymmed at lunchtime, but was tired and so I tried to run and didn’t even do that very well :o( Back to Brumby Street for the first time in ages, but I think I ended up out for dinner with Pete. I can’t quite remember! Maybe that was Foodgame night and if so chicken pesto burger. Yum! Yes – we had to meet up to drop a cheque off at the solicitors (which in the end we forgot to do!) – see below.
Thursday – was meant to be eventful. It was the day we were due to complete on the house. Determined not to get too excited we hung out until 2pm – I went to the gym in fact to keep myself occupied. There was a message waiting as I came out to say that the vendors had failed to return one document on time and so it was postponed until Friday at 2pm. Bugger. Met up with Pete that night for comisseratory (?) beers. We had a couple at the Colombian (vile), one at the Shift (viler) and then decided to torture ourselves with a final beer at Stonewall (vilest). Truly vile. So, home – without a house.
Friday – tried not to get too excited again. Into work at 7.50am as I was taking a half day. Left at 12pm and hit the gym with Andrew. From there back home and Pete had picked up the ute so off we toddled back to his place to pack up some stuff. We took the call to say the house was ours and so we went to Jan’s (Pete’s lovely aunt) for a cuppa and then off to North Sydney (over the bridge and far away) to pick up the keys. We got a bit lost, but finally by about 5pm we had the place – yay! Exciting times ahead. So, back to Pete’s and we loaded up the ute with his stuff for storage at the house. We met Jan there and she’d brought some Moët bless her. Then it was back to Pete’s to load another lot of stuff for Rich and Russ’s and then we hit Una’s for a big meal of schnitzel. (I must have a word with cook – that schnitzel’s far too delicious for my figure…) Then it was back to Pete’s for a bit of a clean and then we were done. And dusted :o)
Saturday – well that was a day and a half!! I was up early and eventually headed out for coffee to wait for Pete. We had bacon and eggs and then descended on the house for our first real day of renovation. The plan was to remove all the nasty carpets and lino to see what was on the floors underneath; knock out the wall of the bedroom as it fronts on to the hall to open up that space; and maybe have a look at the sub-tropical garden and see what we could unearth. And in the words of Bruce Forsyth – didn’t we do well!! The carpet from the living area came up relatively easily – leaving us with some not very nice floorboards and a big void under the floor itself. Great. The kitchen floor was a bit better, but still not salvagable. In the meantime, Pete knocked the supposed brick wall between the living area and the bedroom – and hey presto we discovered it wasn’t brick at all and so we could knock seven bells out of it! Pete cleared all the living room side as I finished off in the kitchen and then we took out the bedroom/hallway walls. Not surprisingly we were a bit knackered by this point, having also entertained Rich the draughtsman; Tim and Ross; Mark and Carsten and Jan – as well as making chicken sandwiches. I suddenly remembered I was meant to be hitting John’s leaving meal (he’s back to Canada for a while) and was very late. We called it a day and went to our respective homes… I hit Oxford Street for John’s meal – it was good to say goodbye if only short and sweet! I went down to Manacle to wait for Pete and chatted to a few mates before Pete arrived and it was time to hit the Phoenix. Yay. Had a complete blast down there and I think it was 5.30am before we moved on to Arq having spent time with Mark, John and Allan, Rod, Murray, David Austin etc. etc. etc. Arq was OK too – though the music was a bit all over the place. We retired back to Rich and Russ’s at 8amish to watch Toy Story and drink tea.
Sunday - Slept for a couple of hours and decided it was time to hit the house baby one more time. We knocked through the one wall we had left and then decided we should give the back garden a go. We got it all clear (including the concreted in washing line) except the huge avocado tree by the time that Adrian, Jason and David arrived. We had tea in the garden once they’d gone and hung around until Jan and Ralph came to look at the progress. Home to change and then out to the Shift for a reward of beer. Stayed there with Mark and Stephen – popped out for chinese and then were so stuffed by 10.45pm that we called it a night. I was almost asleep by the time I reached Brumby…
Monday – into work and decided to give the gym a miss to go and buy healthy lunch and snacky stuff for work. However I did run home – I’ve got a permanent locker at the gym now and so plan to run the 3½K each way every day… Oh really. It took just over 20 minutes which is great. Showered and went to try and buy Bad Dog tickets but the shop was closed :o( Pete cooked gnocci and then we were going to go and measure at the house but tiredness overtook us. I went home and uploaded the digicam pics onto the PC, but not yet onto here – watch this space.
Tuesday – up and ran into work this morning. Systems testing was cancelled so normal day. Had Josh for my personal training session at 1pm. Back here. Ate like a horse. And now it’s time to go and run home. I’ll be fit if I carry on like this!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I can't believe that it's two weeks exactly since I blogged. Two whole weeks. And I've no idea what I did in that time at all either. Now that's kind of scary. (Takes minute to try and write down what's happened in the last two weeks to try and put it down on here in some semblance of order).

Ok - back on track a little. It would seem I did the following:

Tue - where I left you. Nothing much to report. Probably gymmed and then vegged in Newtown.
Wed - Did Gym in the morning with Liz. Worked. Dinner with Tony at Peasant's Feast which was lovely. Nice to catch up with him again properly.
Thu - work. I'm kind of skipping over work on here at the moment, but apart from the dull systems testing I'm actually really getting in to it at the moment and enjoying myself! What's that about? Thu night was a ten-pin bowling night with work, which ended up being a lot of fun. We didn't win, but after a pretty poor starting game (94) I came good with a second game of 147! Had had a few beers by then so got a lift home and vegged. Fun.
Fri - work. Can't remember doing anything. Think I had an early night! Or maybe Carlo. Who can say?
Sat - was meant to be meeting Pete for an early brekky before soliciting. Er... anyway, the trains were out between Newtown and town and so I walked. And got a bit lost. Managed to arrive in time for coffee, but not in time for full brekky, which we had post soliciting. At the Dank St depot, of which we'd had good reports - however it turned out to be overpriced and full of ex boyfriends. Vile. Eventually back to Newtown before heading to David and Jason's for Craig's birthday party. Chatted to Adrian and Shane and mostly Tim and Ross. I was happily imbibing the punch, not realised it wasn't as tame as it purported... down to Manacle just because. Chatted to Brendan who's a friend of a friend, and then to two friends of his - Stuart and Enda. Stuart is a bit of a gorgeous daddy, so obviously I hated that. Down to the Phoenix and suddenly it was 5am and I was on the way home. Without my jacket I found out later. How out of it was I exactly?
Sun - sleeeeeeeep. Lazy brekky down at the Chocolate Dog and then coz of the no trains thing decided I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere really. I watched a DVD of some description (probably) and just vegged out. Then I got invited to dinner by an acquaintance in Newtown which was perfect. We had pasta with chorizo and artichokes and watched Barbarella. Had never realised just how camp that film is before. Fun. And the post-Barbarella entertainment was fun too...
Mon - to work. That night was a run around... into town to pick up and get a prescription filled, back to Newt, back to Central and then to Gary's to watch 28 Days Later... If you haven't seen it do so - it's not out here for another couple of weeks, but I gather it's been out in England already (from where Gary got the DVD). Part The Stand by Stephen King; part Lord of the Flies by William Golding - it's written by Alex 'The Beach' Garland and directed by Danny 'Trainspotting' Boyle. The result is a powerful horror movie, heigtened in its effect by weird colorisation and camera angles. And decent performances too. Go see.
Tue - Sytems testing is dull again. Discuss again. I got slightly irate as there wasn't much for me to do and no-one seemed particularly interested in finding stuff for me. I finally did some stuff, helped by a gym break in which I ran for 7½K. Joy. Quiet night in.
Wed - worked, with my gym fitness assessment at lunch. I'm pretty fit apparently. Let's see what Josh (my trainer) has in store for me over the next few weeks. Can't remember if I did anything that night. I think not.
Thu - work. Gym day 1 - chest and biceps. Ouch. Dinner that night round at Steve and Anthony's with Rich and Russ. Nice to catch up with everyone again for the first time in ages.
Fri - work. Gym day 2 - legs and abs. Ouch again. Home. Veg. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Sleeeeeeep early.
Sat - slept in a bit and had brekky in for a change. Out and got haircut, new gym shoes ($250 - how much!?!) and had coffee with R'n'R. Back to Newt and finally met up with Gary to hit the Newtown for beers. We were joined by Craig, Aaron, Paul and someone else, and then R'n'R. The original plan was to hit the Imperial for a Newt night out, but for some reason at midnight me and R'n'R ended up at the Phoenix. Then Arq. Oops. How did that happen? A nice young guy called Matt gave me a lift home... The first time in ages that I've had a big impromtu night out and it was so much fun. Lovely to be out with Rich and Russ properly again.
Sun - went to sleep around 9.30am! Yikes. Woke at 2pm. Watched Final Fantasty on DVD then finally hit Rich and Russ's for pizza and pepsi and relax. Home and sleep.
Mon - early to work. Gym day 3 - back and triceps. Ouch x3. Home with half a chicken. Er... early bed after the Simpsons when Homer moves in with some gay guys. Very funny indeed.
Today - also early to work. Gym day 4 - shoulders and abs again. Ouch and a thousand times ouch. That's it. Have finished all I'm going to do for the day and so I thought I'd just get this up to date before heading off. I don't think I have a problem with that. I'm going to tidy the apartment as Mark and Carsten arrive home in the morning. Vacuum the cat. That sort of thing. Now, what can I eat??

More news as it happens!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

When puss comes to shove...

Tuesday again. And blogging again, though this time no dull systems testing. Was meant to be, but it was cancelled as they had nothing for me to do this morning. So a normal day. Got quite a bit done too. Yay for me. Okay, here's the week in retrospect:
Tuesday - was meant to gym but ended up at Brumby and tried to update some PC stuff. It took forever! Home, takeaway and chill out. It seems to be my only night in! What's on the telly? Rubbish probably. Aussie telly is crap. Discuss
Wednesday - up early for Liz. Got a call to say she'd done her back in so gymmed anyway - how good am I? Into work. Lunch with Allan and the very lovely Andrew (woof!). The idea is forming about working out at the gym near here lunchtimes instead of the one nearer home. Upside? All done by the time I get home, a break in the day and possibly Andrew as a training partner :o) Downside? Nowhere to work out if I get that weekend urge. Though I could always run in the park. I'll go and do some rates investigation later in the week... I have no idea what I did in the evening time, but I'm sure it was wonderful. Probably an early night as I was having cat slight allergy dramas. The cat is lovely but like a dog in its need of affection. Couple that with red and sore eyes and it's not the best of scenarios. Weirdly one week on I'm OK - maybe it wasn't puss at all, but I'm keeping more of a distance (not completely though) and washing my hands a lot. Just call me Lady Macbeth. A couple of people suggested not feeding puss or even (shock) maiming her! I couldn't do that. After all, there's more than one way to skin a cat... (now there's a hypoallergenic thought!!)
Thursday - work. Nipped into city for a couple of things and then impromptu beers with Dave. And then Brett. And then Pete. And Al was upstairs too. Pizza with Pete and then home.
Friday - work. Gym. Movies at Fox Studios - Terminator 3. I enjoyed it. Much like the others. Clare Danes I have a soft spot for. Fun! To Manacle with Des - caught up with Steve, Andrew B, Rod and a few others besides.
Saturday - had an impromptu brekky with a chap called Rich. Noice. Fun. Lots of talk about Wacky Races and stuff :o) Then I finally made it to the Bonds Warehouse in Sydenham to buy t-shirts, underwear etc. Gym. Lite beers with the lovely Graham - sexy doctor from Brisbane that I met in November who just happened to be down for the weekend. He really is so sexy!! Oxford, Colombian, back to Graham's hotel. The three of us :o) Home and toast at 1.30am. Bed by 2am.
Sunday - up at 7.45am, realising that Saturday night's shenanigans really wasn't the best preparation for running 14K in the City to Surf race with 59999 other people. Made it all on time to meet Allan and Ian and this year we all started from the front pack. The not eating on Saturday night was the biggest mistake - my body having no fuel to cope with the first half of the race. The last half was better as I'd had brekky which kicked in to help. I had to stop twice in the first 4K though, which isn't right! I still did 73'22" which was about 4 mins faster than last year, but left rueing the chance of probably going under 70' had I thought with my head and not my...
Later Sunday - post race we adjourned to the pub and had beers. Then Una's with Al and Ian and to the Tilbury. Not really my cup of tea. Home. Rang Dad and got Karen. Dad's broken his arm and is in the local nursing home which is a bit of a worry. Bed and sleep by about 9pm.
Monday - work. Newtown. Over to Mark's for the final Buffy ever!! We had pizza and beer and all things Buffy. We had last week's to watch too and then there was a documentary to follow so I finally got home and into bed around 1am. It was weird with Buffy ending - it's been a great thing to have to look forward to every Monday night, catching up with our own Scooby Gang. Whatever will we do instead?
Today - up at 6.45am. Into work early. This now means it's almost time to go home.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Tuesday. Doing some systems testing that really couldn't be any duller. No really. Friday night was to Bondi for Kerry's birthday meal. It was OK, but I was so tired... but not tired enough to say no when Carlo texted me asking to catch up. He left some time around 12.30am. Boy did I sleep!
Saturday was lazy. The cat let me sleep in and I eventually went for the most gorgeous walk in the glorious winter sun - 21C. To the Chocolate Dog for sweet potato and coconut pancakes with sweet chilli sauce, bacon and some sweet potato crisps. And coffee. Yum. Trolled up and down King Street - found a nice park amongst the back streets and just felt enervated by the sunshine. Was meant to be going out to someone's housewarming later that night. Decided I couldn't be bothered. Felt anti-social for some reason, though I did actually get as far as the house, rang the bell but when no-one answered I turned on my heels and walked back to the apartment! The party hadn't seemed very busy and I didn't feel like talking to strangers. However, that didn't stop me hitting the pub, where I bumped into several disparate people I know all there for someone's birthday which was odd. I had no idea those people all knew each other! Down to the Imperial but was over it almost on arrival. Home to bed.
Sunday was much the same as Saturday - at least brekky was identical! I then went over to the Green Park with Pete and Crusty, and then to Rich and Russ's for Sunday roast. Noice. Briefly to the Shift after lots of wine made me think it might be enjoyable. Our survey said? Unh-hunh. Home.
Monday was a Qantas holiday, but we needed skeleton staff so I volunteered to work, having had last Monday off for Bad Dog. I do get a day and a half in lieu which is better for me. Yay. Slobbed at home with the cat. Food. Bed. Buffy. Bad sleep.
Systems testing. Dull. Hoping to gym tonight and again in the morning. Let's see how I do!

Friday, August 01, 2003

It's August already. Well who'd have thought it. And over a week since I last blogged - sadly that's more believable these days. I've managed to cram some stuff into the last week and a day - most of it good too!

Friday - as far as I can remember I had an early night after the gym.
Saturday - Pete and I spent most of the day doing brekky and looking for Bad Dog costumes. Well I did. Dinner that night round at Gary's with Peter, Pete, Rich and Russ - then on to the Shift and the Phoenix and the Shift again. Both me and Pete suffered a bit - not good in the Phoenix. We recovered to party on however... Back to mine around 7am - doh. Sleep.
Sunday - up at 10.30am to finish the convict's outfit - pics to come. Nice ball and chain. So I'm told. Over to Dave's to help him fix his outfit then to Waverley. Bad Dog does the business again. However we seemed to arrive, have a beer or two, have a few chats and a dance and it was all over! Down the the Phoenix again. Nice dance with a guy called Tim. Up to Arq but by then I was over it. Home and sleep.
Monday - off work, but was only fit for bacon and eggs, tea and Buffy. Then over to Mark's for more Buffy with him and Megan - the others cried off. Home at midnight - exhausted!!
Tuesday - work and then an impromptu visit to Gary's.
Wednesday - up for gym then work. Home and moved to Newtown. Installed myself in the flat, made friends with the cat, bought takeaway and vegged out. Bliss.
Thursday - slept badly. Grrr. Into work. Pete came to Newtown - food and a quick beer. Bed.
Friday - slept badly again. Grrr again. Into work again. Out tonight for Kerry's birthday meal in Bondi. Then sleep. Please...

More from the weekend as it happens. Only other news: the owners of the current apartment want to sell it. This could make things tricky re moving out early to move into the new house - I think I may get stitched up and have to pay until the end of the lease - that so wasn't the plan!

It's August already. Well who'd have thought it. And over a week since I last blogged - sadly that's more believable these days. I've managed to cram some stuff into the last week and a day - most of it good too!

Friday - as far as I can remember I had an early night after the gym.
Saturday - Pete and I spent most of the day doing brekky and looking for Bad Dog costumes. Well I did. Dinner that night round at Gary's with Peter, Pete, Rich and Russ - then on to the Shift and the Phoenix and the Shift again. Both me and Pete suffered a bit - not good in the Phoenix. We recovered to party on however... Back to mine around 7am - doh. Sleep.
Sunday - up at 10.30am to finish the convict's outfit - pics to come. Nice ball and chain. So I'm told. Over to Dave's to help him fix his outfit then to Waverley. Bad Dog does the business again. However we seemed to arrive, have a beer or two, have a few chats and a dance and it was all over! Down the the Phoenix again. Nice dance with a guy called Tim. Up to Arq but by then I was over it. Home and sleep.
Monday - off work, but was only fit for bacon and eggs, tea and Buffy. Then over to Mark's for more Buffy with him and Megan - the others cried off. Home at midnight - exhausted!!
Tuesday - work and then an impromptu visit to Gary's.
Wednesday - up for gym then work. Home and moved to Newtown. Installed myself in the flat, made friends with the cat, bought takeaway and vegged out. Bliss.
Thursday - slept badly. Grrr. Into work. Pete came to Newtown - food and a quick beer. Bed.
Friday - slept badly again. Grrr again. Into work again. Out tonight for Kerry's birthday meal in Bondi. Then sleep. Please...

More from the weekend as it happens. Only other news: the owners of the current apartment want to sell it. This could make things tricky re moving out early to move into the new house - I think I may get stitched up and have to pay until the end of the lease - that so wasn't the plan!


Thursday, July 24, 2003

Suddenly it's Thursday and a week since we bought the house at auction. Tonight (hopefully) we're heading off to the solicitor's to sign our lives away. After that, I'm hoping to go and purchase part of my Bad Dog outfit and Pete and I are going to sit and plan our options for the house renovation. Well start to at least.

Tuesday night after my early mark I ended up at the gym - virtuous, yay. Then I met up with Gary and Peter to return keys and t-shirt and have a curry. Not so virtuous, not so yay. Then Peter got called out to fix someone's pussy (stop that, he's a vet!) so Gary and I retired to the Colombian. Downright un-virtuous, non-yay. Also vile - what's going on with things here? Is it just a winter 'no-one goes out for beers' or what? Any road up - I digress.

Last night I went round to Mark and Carsten's place to find out how their pussy works (stop that again - I'm house and pet sitting for them for a month starting next week). We had a lovely meal and the apartment is great - it'll be fun to live there a wee while, and hopefully should end just as we get possession of the house. Fingers crossed it all works out so easily. Right, lots to do at work, so best get back to it...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

It's Tuesday. I had a lovely, very quiet weekend looking after George the Staffordshire terrier and staying over at Peter's, whilst he and Gary were in Melbourne. Stayed in both Friday and Saturday nights, took George for walks, went to the gym, met various people for coffee, chillled in general. You'd think then that I was rested. Oh no. For some reason I couldn't sleep well at Peter's and then on Sunday night went out for beers (the Mars Lounge - new, interesting). Doh. Last night was nothing but eat but I did sleep fantastically well. Today's system testing day has brought back the desire to sleep but I've fought it. And now I've been told to go home early. 4pm. Woohoo! Laters...

Friday, July 18, 2003

Hmmm. Maybe it's a winter thing, but my blogging has hardly been fast and furious of late. I last left you in a kind of bimbo limbo, bemoaning the un-excitement in my life. A mate recently mentioned that life isn't always about the big things, but more about going to the corner shop to buy milk. He reckons if you can be happy doing that, then you can be happy in most everything that life throws at you. There's been much milk lately... not all of it happy. But hey...

In short, things go on. Work is still busy, but good. Pushing for that promotion - review in less than 2 weeks. Fingers crossed. I have started the long and laborious return to the gym. Been twice this week and going tonight, straight from work. Have signed up for the City to Surf again - 14K in 3 weeks time. Only problem is I've not really run since the half marathon almost 2 months ago now. Ouch...

Haven't been out much of late. Am kind of over the scene a little bit right now. Did do beers at Manacle last Saturday and had a surprisingly social time. Cool. Still catching up with Carlo here and there. Mostly there...

I seem to have been given a new mantle of pet/house sitter. Am looking after George the Staffordshire Terrier this weekend and relocating to a different part of Surry Hills whilst friends Peter and Gary go to Melbourne. Tuesday week I move to Newtown for a month as friends Mark and Carsten tour the US and Europe. I guess their pussy will be safe with me (missus). It's a chance for some time to myself which will be good - for some reason I'm kind of craving it. No disrespect to Kerry, who seems great, but I think I need some Davie time.

Finally, in really shock news last night, Pete and I bought a house!! YAY! We've bought 28 Young St, Redfern East - just a wee bit further from town to where I am now. It's currently a 1-bed workers cottage in need of some TLC. Or a bulldozer. It's in a wide, tree-lined street that's blocked off at one end so will be relatively quiet, and it's the worst house in the street! Deceased estate and really needs completely gutting except for the frontage. However, it's on 30m of land and has rear lane access through Little Young St. We intend to build up and back - 2 beds and a bath upstairs; downstairs open plan, out to the outdoor area and then a garage at the back. Fantastic. Or it will be. It's quite a big job so I don't reckon we'll be in for a good while. Depends on plans, approval, builders etc. But how exciting...

Right. It's time to get my act together. I get my weekends back from now until completion in September, then I don't reckon I'll have a lot of time until Christmas. I said I was waiting for something big to happen. I guess this is it!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

It's all been happening. Well actually not that much has been happening and I feel a bit in limbo. Seem to be treading water at the moment waiting for the next thing to happen. Whatever that is. Househunting is getting more depressing as it's winter and not much about. What is about is consequently going for a higher price - it's your basic demand and supply and the whole auction system not really helping those of us who are more price sensitive. I also think that the glut of 'lifestyle' programs on telly extolling the virtues of 'renovation' is causing every Tom, Dick and Harry to think they can have a go. Sigh. Next.

Work's OK but busy. Seemingly not as much fun at the moment. Oh well. I've not been gymming either, though I relaunch tomorrow with Liz. Honest I do. Garry finally left and before I had time to think Kerry had moved in. We had welcome dinner on Friday with Rich and Russ, Pippa and James and Anthony which was nice. It's still a bit odd though, coming to terms with someone new living in your house. Very much walking on eggshells until we find the right comfort level.

Stayed in Saturday night with beans on toast, Lost in Space and Harry Potter. Things could be worse. Though I'm not sure by how much... No plans for a while. No desire to go out. Pete's away in Cairns so not even househunting this week. Time to gather my thoughts. Or, if last night's anything to go by (as we didn't do Buffy as it was a repeat) a time to read Harry Potter and escape into a land where things can be altered with the wave of a magic wand. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

It's Wednesday night. It's late. I need sleep. Suffices to say there's nothing really new to report. Though I will. Tomorrow. Garry's leaving do for one thing. Going to bed with Harry Potter... :o)

Friday, June 20, 2003

Friday afternoon. Woohoo. Another week over. Wednesday night was a stay in and veg out night. Marvellous. Had snacky bacon and cheese muffins - very much comfort food. Yesterday was a good day at work - had an informal review ahead of my formal review in July, just to make sure that there were no surprises and in lieu of a meeting missed due to my boss changing jobs. Basically all is good. In fact it's almost too good. If only they knew... My boss wants to put me forward for promotion to senior analyst at the end of next month, only 14 months in. Normally it takes between 18 months and 2 years to hit senior after you finish training. If I get given the nod it'll be just over a year. I guess I have done the job before, but it's still rewarding to see how much faith other people have in what I do. Fingers crossed it all goes through...

So I met Gary for a beer. And Pete. And Pete. And Dave. Colombian/Oxford. Vile. Company was good though. Staggered home at around midnight, no dinner. No wonder I felt vile this morning. Treading water day. Heading off in a minute to mee the new flatmate. Hope we get on OK - she moves in properly next week!! Quiet night after that. Home cooking, cleaning, vegging. All is well...

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Wednesday morning. Just still. By two minutes. Feeling better than yesterday... I finally think that I've broken the back of this cold. Nice night last night - pizza and beers with Pete, discussions of the house variety (purchasing, not music). Ready for a simple weekend - the focus being on spending time with mates. A bit of house hunting, probably - but otherwise social gatherings in the winter sunshine.
Breaking News :

At Melbourne Airport today, an individual, later discovered to be a school teacher, was arrested trying to board a Qantas flight whilst in possession of a compass, a protractor, and a graphical calculator. 

Authorities believe he is a member of the notorious Al Gebra movement. 

He has been charged with carrying weapons of maths instruction.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I'm going to try and do one post a day from work - short and to the point. Rather like my good self.

Still full of cold, though feeling slightly more chipper than yesterday. Had a nice evening doing the Buffy thing - Genevieve cooked a lovely curry and we sat and put the world to rights drinking beer before watching a very good episode of the Slayer. Only about 5 till the very end - what will we do?? Took some cold and flu tablets and didn't wake until 8.30am. Fantastic. The rest of the week is shaping up very nicely - and quietly. Have binned the personal training until I feel better. Pete and I are getting together tonight to talk houses; am cooking a cheap and cheerful dinner for Dave on Thursday and then Kerry (new flatmate) is coming to see the place Friday arvo. Flying visit. Saturday is drinks at Dave's and Sunday is Garry's leaving do. Hmmm - maybe it's not as quiet as I thought!

Monday, June 16, 2003

OK, OK. I know. Today however is not the day for a catch up. Not with a stinking cold like the one that I have. Basically though, all is well. Apart from feeling like death warmed up. A very quiet weekend with no alcohol. Maybe that's why I feel bad...
The house-hunting continues, no luck as yet. Work goes on. I had a week off. Marvellous. Gave myself a week off the gym post half-marathon though that's now extended due cold. Normal service etc.
Today in Sydney is a glorious winter's day. Although it's 18C, there's a chill in the air midst the glorious sunshine. Wonderful. I need another weekend immediately.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

OK. It's a week past June already. Let's admit that I've been slack. Ooh matron. Back on track hopefully. I'll flesh out some of the stuff that I've alluded to very shortly. Meantime let's post this and get an entry up for June at least!

Friday, May 30, 2003

No, I've not disappeared. There's just rather a lot going on. There will be a full update. No, really. However in the meantime...

Healthy walking. A really trashy night out. Buffy. A half marathon. Work. Coffee. Suddenly house-hunting. Gym. Appearances on national telly...

That's in no particular order and doesn't even begin to describe the half of it. More later...

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Bugger. Make that 6 reasons. There was the most incredible sunset tonight. Apocalyptical. A full day of rain and heavy grey clouds. Suddenly, around 5.30pm a small rift opens in the clouds, the rest of the sky being incredibly dark. The sun shines through the gap. Gobsmacking. Alright Mr deMille, I'm ready for my epiphany.
5 reasons you should take your digital camera everywhere with you:

1. Walking to the dentist you stumble upon a spill of oil or brake fluid or something on the wet road. The ultraviolet, gold and turquoise swirls have formed themselves into a perfect heart shape.
2. You arrive at the dentist to find that overnight the ATM in the bank next door has caught on fire and burned down its surrounding 6'x6' enclosure. (Spontaneous ATM combustion? Someone arson about?) The remaining box appears tacked on the end of a tube, looking like some sort of space station docking mechanism or alien maw (depending on whether you're an Apollo 13 fan or if Sigourney's more up your alley), now defunct in the charred remains.
3. You walk out of the dentist into one of the most powerful deluges you can remember. Those with stronger religious beliefs around you are looking round for pieces of 6'x4' and animals in pairs are nervously packing their suitcases.
4. A blown inside out umbrella lays forlornly at the side of the road near Hyde Park, pleading with its broken outstretched metal tendrils for some TLC.
5. So much water has descended from the heavens that the walkway out of the park down from the Anzac War Memorial is like a small stream. The steps to the pavement are acting as a beautiful impromptu waterfall.

Sydney is beautiful in the sunshine and awe-inspiring in the rain. It makes me remember why I live here now. Spectacular, spectacular.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Wednesday evening. Almost bedtime for Davie. Monday night was Buffy night as usual. It's getting a bit fraught! Only a few more episodes until the end of Series 7 - and I'm catching up by almost being at Series 4 having started again from the very beginning (it's a very good place to start). Just Dave, Mark, Geno and me this week - no Megan. Pizza and wine and we all felt fine :o) Yesterday was just work and slob. Was meant to gym and/or do life admin but couldn't be arsed. Today was a bit better. Up at 6.30am for the gym with Liz at 7am. We did legs. Ouch. Home and Pete came over and we had $5 at the Strawberry Hills hotel. Then we came back here and talked about buying a place together. Basically if we pool our resources we can get somewhere way nicer than if we buy individually. We've agreed that we'd like to in principle. We'll do it all legally and above board and so on. Now we just have to work out how much we've got to spend, and where we want to live. We've got a good basic idea and seem to like similar things so... fingers crossed that it all goes ahead sometime in the not too distant future. Woo-hoo! Tea and chocolate and bed. I've eaten lots (of trash) today. I must stick at the gym and eat better - only 2 and a half weeks to the half marathon!

Monday, May 05, 2003

Overdue. But here.

24th: Finished work, gym (another 6K run and a workout). Did indeed end up having beers at Barnacle but nothing too outrageous.
25th: Yet another public holiday as previously mentioned. Mucked around in the morning after sleeping in a bit I think (long overdue). Actually I know I watched a total of 12 episodes of Buffy over the 3 days of the long weekend so probably a couple to ease me into the day. Meant to be going to a picnic as also previously mentioned, but I got as far as Dave’s with the intention of us going to Coles and heading on down. We didn’t. Dave wasn’t in the best of humours so instead we had a good old natter and then headed to Spring for coffee and sustenance. Dave was knackered and so I left him to sleep and returned home. I got ready and headed to Rich and Russ’s as they’d picked the boys up from the airport. We did drinks and then dinner at Café Comity before more drinks at the Colombian. And then Barnacle. The boys went off for more drinks and dancing naughtiness. I went home!
26th: I know there was Buffy. I know there was probably coffee. I think there might have been grocery shopping. I reckon Carlo was in the mix somewhere there too probably. There was also dinner, and drinks with the boys again. I know we ended up down the Phoenix and that I left them all to it around 2.45am and went home as they went to Arq. Good Davie!
27th: Oh dear. All this drinking is taking it’s toll as I can’t remember what I did on this day at all. I know at around 4pm I made my way to Gary’s new place in Moore Park Gardens with 2 bottles of wine, but before that it’s a bit blank. I know it was really rainy, and I know I’d been somewhere… but where? Oh well. After Gary’s got a bit bleary too, as we hit the Colombian to meet the boys again and Pete and Paul. And thence to the Shift where various people came and went. I got talking to a nice guy called John (Scottish, landscape gardener) and arranged to try and catch up again… home drunkenly. Alone.
28th: Work as normal though a little jaded. Today was the day I start looking after Melbourne-Brisbane flights so all my market knowledge gained over the last near year on Sydney-Cairns-Sydney counts for nought. Well not nought, but not much! It’s good though as I get some business traffic on the new route and so the systems I use are different and in different ways, and the demand patterns are different again. Something more to learn and keep the old bonce ticking. Wasn’t sure if we were doing the Buffy thing, but we did again so headed to Mark’s. Takeaway pizza and catch up with the gang. Noice. Home with Megan.
29th: Work again. I’ve actually been working reasonably hard of late which has inhibited both this and the personal emails. What’s that all about? The plan for tonight was to go and see Björn Again with Gary and Andrew C. So we hooked up downtown for a swift beer at which point Andrew wasn’t feeling great and left me and Gary to it. So off we went to the Balmain Tigers Club (for that was the lugubrious venue said concert was at). Well that in itself was an experience. The Tigers are a rugby league club and the venue is their clubhouse. As Gary pointed out – it’s a place where the men are men and the women are, also. The whole thing was some surreal suburban nightmare. We had the $20 steak and seafood Tuesday night special as we took in the ‘ambience’ of the place. I’d forgotten that places like this exist. The crowd for Björn Again were mostly groups of women (I’m guessing quite a lot of office outings) looking for a few good men. Aren’t we all! The show itself was fun – Björn Again themselves didn’t seem too enthralled to start with but warmed up by the second half. By then several beers had kicked in and so Gary and I contented ourselves with singing slightly alternative lyrics to the ABBA songs. I’d never realised how easily you can substitute the words ‘skanky ho’ into that many songs! We couldn’t let it lie and so ended up back at the Shift for one last beer… vile!
30th: Worked. Did nowt else as was too tired. Sleeeeeeeeeep.
1st: Worked. Was meant to do the gym, but was too tired. Intended to veg out solo, but Pete rang at a loose end and so he came over and we did the pots of tea/natter/look for flats on the net thing again. Noice. More sleeeeeeeeeep.
2nd: Up with the lark and to the gym for Liz at 7am. Good workout. Into work and I’m sure it was lovely. Back, shower and change and then off to Rich and Russ’s after Ross came and dropped off Tim’s jeep to the garage. Lots of wine, nice food and good chats to the gang and David and Brett as it was their last night before they headed back to the UK. We ended up down at Barnacle, but I piked after one beer as I was a) very drunk and b) had every intention of running and gymming on Saturday. In bed around 12.45am.
3rd: Bleugh. Bleary eyed it became apparent I wouldn’t be gymming early on in the day. Actually it was a glorious day and so it became apparent that I wouldn’t be gymming at all. Instead I did some Buffy having slept in until around 11am for the first time in ages. Met Tony for brekky – really nice to see him again and long overdue. Thence a little shopping with Mr Westmore before he had to leg it for a haircut. I met up with Canadian John and Ian for coffee at Grumpy’s and then as Ian had the car we ended up for a fantastic walk at Watson’s Bay around the South Head and the lighthouse. Marvellous. Home and ablutions ready for the date with John, the guy from the Shift last Sunday. Arrived on time to the Newtown and before long John arrived too. He’s a nice guy, but not as cute as I’d remembered from Sunday (beer goggles anyone?). He’d shaved for the date, but is actually someone that suits a bit of beardy growth. Well in my opinion anyway. Strati and Dale arrived and that took the pressure off a bit and Andrew Carfrae was there too, as was David (Crusty) Bassett and Robert. I decided to leave around 11.30pm if there was ever going to be any chance of running at all this weekend.
4th: Up at 8am, a little hung over but not too bad. Two episodes of Buffy; a bowl of weetbix (yes, there’s no ‘a’ between weet and bix here), yoghurt, banana and milk; a pot of tea. Then I decided it was time for me to run round the park. I did so, for an hour. 12 times in all. Very achy knees at the end. Home, shower, lunch, another Buffy. All this by 1.30pm! Carlo phoned to see if I wanted to catch up (I did), then I headed to have coffee with Russ, Rich, Adrian and Shane. Back to R’n’R’s then chilled until Pete called and we hit the Shift. Various people arrived through the night and I got progressively more drunken. Spotted there were: Rich, Russ, Canadian John, Ian, George, his cute friend Simon, John the unsuccessful date from Saturday night, Dez… home after midnight, possibly with burger.
5th: Into work. Worked. Going home right now. Then to Mark’s for Buffy again. The pizza was a hit last week so we’re doing it again this week. Yay!