Thursday, November 27, 2003

Time for a very quick minker. A quinker, indeed. So far, week has been as hoped - nothing Monday night. No gym Tuesday as on a very interesting course to do with Qantas' management of future incidents. Basically I've volunteered to help out if (god forbid) there were to be a Qantas crash, or another incident like Bali where Qantas helped out. I'm on the team that organises the team of Qantas volunteers. Still with me? Good. Interesting stuff. Hopefully all we'll actually get to do is some trial runs...
Tuesday night was a very quick drink with Gary for his birthday and then Aaron joined me at the Colombian before we'd had enough and went and vegged out. Yesterday was more of the same, though we did get the home phone reconnected so I can email, blog and chat with overseas mates again. Woohoo! Peter the gym trainer (yes, another Peter) made me do shoulders and legs, and advised me that I might have trouble walking today (leave it...!). Well earlier was OK, but I can now feel everything tightening up (leave that alone too!). Not sure what tonight will bring - hoping to catch up with Pete (house Pete). Right, almost 6pm - time to leave work. Yay!!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Monday afternoon - and a quick update before I head off home. Had a pretty good weekend though of course I'm a bit tired now. Will I ever learn? (And just in case anyone actually thinks about replying to that last question, it was rhetorical. Thanks.)
Thursday evening was as described - think I had eggs, toast and tea. Marvellous. Out to meet Robert at Newtown and we had a chinwag and a couple of beers before Aaron arrived. After food for Aaron we retired back to Brumby St and had 'the chat'. Aaron had said it was all good, and all he really wanted to say was that he wants us to make a real go of things. He was holding back a bit as he's only fairly recently out of a relationship and he was planning a bit of single life, but the best laid plans... So I guess it's official. Yay! :o)
Friday was work and gym and home. Aaron came over and we headed out to Dave's birthday drinks in Woolloomooloo. It was miserable weather - all cold and rainy (and in fact was over all weekend and still is!). Drinks were low key and we were a bit tired so we ended up home and in bed before midnight. I must buy Dave a birthday present...
Saturday was a slight sleep in and then I went to the house to meet Pete. No further discussions of what's happening as we just cleaned the place ready for Pete to move in there short term this weekend. Hopefully after that he can stay at my place whilst Kerry's away for Christmas and hopefully after that we should have plans approved and work can start. Watch this space... I don't think we've heard the last of this yet. It was good to see Pete in a good mood though. We were done by late lunch and so went and ate before I headed down into town to fix my watch which broke on Thursday night. That done I bought a new phone which is something I've been meaning to do for ages, so that's fun and funky. I've not shopped for anything really for ages so that was actually good to do to. Next project - clothes...
Back home and after food it was time for Allan and Brendan's 40th birthday bash. They'd hired a big ship - the HMAS Vampire down in Darling Harbour. Great venue, but a couple of slight hitches. Firstly and the biggest problem - the wind and rain. It was such a shame - it still ended up being a great night but would have been better had we not had to huddle round each other keeping warm. Secondly, the rugby world cup final. Actually that wasn't a big issue though we could hear all the cheering from the bars dotted around the harbour, and it made travel a little more interesting. From the party it was time to hit the Colombian to meet Aaron, with the intention of going to the Imperial for a change. However suddenly we were in the Phoenix with Russ and a few of the usual gang and the rest is history - Arq; meeting up with Pete and Johnno; stumbling home at 9am. Doh. Fun though.
We had tea and decided not to sleep so just kept ourselves amused a while :o) Then we did actually kip for about an hour before getting ready and hitting Michae and Costa's place for lunch. We managed to eat too, remarkably! It was nice to catch up with them and their mad mates... hopefully we'll do it more. Then Aaron was heading off to watch some live bands but I couldn't cut it. Too in need of a veg out. So I did, with some documentary about Michael Jackson followed by The Grinch. Good for doing nothing to. Aaron popped back over and bed at 10.30pm. Slept like babies.
Today's just been work. No gym - too tired and it's still rainy and miserable. Grrr. A quiet week this week. Please. Very quick drink tomorrow with Gary as it's his birthday and then a few of us are having a meal on Friday for further celebration. Saturday is a birthday/house-warming thing for Murray in the afternoon. I'm hoping the rest of the nights this week remain free!

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday arvo and about an hour until home time. Been naughty and ditched the gym in favour of going home early for a change. Haven't been out for lunch even (chilli chicken rolls are delivered in on a Thursday) so will be well gone by 5pm. Not too much to report since last post... or actually there is. Ended up at a local art exhibition last night after work with Tony - nice to catch up with him and Adam that runs the shop, and a couple of free glasses of wine to boot. Thence to somewhere else for dinner with Tony - and I don't even know the name of the place! My risotto was nice though. Meantime I took a call from Pete who's not in the best of frames of mind re the house. I've a suspicion that he might want to put it back on the market - and if he does I can't afford to buy him out and so that's that. We'll see. He wants to move in short term so we're doing some cleaning this weekend. Chance to chat I think - hopefully he'll come round. It'll be a real wasted opportunity if we end up getting rid of it. Home to a slightly weird chat with Aaron on the phone. He wants to 'talk' tonight, though assures me it's all good. We'll see later I suppose. So that kind of took the wind out of my sails last night. Hey skanky ho.
Into work early as mentioned, and at our weekly meeting it was announced that my promotion had finally been made official. So I'm now a Senior Flight Analyst... which means bugger all really. I get a bit more pay but lose my rostered days off (essentially a flex day a month) so that's a bit of a bummer. Whatever. I guess I don't have to do a great deal more work-wise except mentor new starters (which I've already done) and do some systems development and so on (which I'm already doing) so business as usual then.
Tonight will be cheap food at home, then drinks with Robert in Newtown for a catch up before he heads to Blighty for a couple of weeks. After that I'll find out just what Aaron's got to say...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Wednesday arvo and I'm buggered. Missus. Just back from an hour with the psycho trainer at the gym. Today's torture? Cardio. So after a total of 57 minutes of treadmill; rowing and crosstrainer, with running up and down 4 flights of stairs 5 times as a little 'break' twixt treadmill and rowing you might not be so surprised I'm so bushed. An hour and a half to kill before hometime... whatever can I do? Actually I've been very productive today - I did all my normal work and then updated my special eventing so I'm completely caught up with everything. Well that's at least one aspect of my life that's under control then. Stayed in last night waiting for the architect to call for me to go and collect the final version of the plans for council before Rich buggered off on holiday for 2 weeks. Slightly dismayed then when, by 9pm, I rang to find he's left them for me to pick up at his work instead. Which is miles away and very inconvenient if you haven't got a car. And he's not done a couple of things I think we might need for submission and so I don't even know if we'll get this in before December. Bugger x3. So I ate and watched trashy telly and rang Aaron. Then I rang my Dad - I mentioned almost as a throwaway at the end of the last post that it was four years yesterday since Mum died. Dad seemed OK. A family friend was taking him up to the crematorium where there's a memorial to Mum and then they were going out for lunch afterwards. That'll be perfect for Dad. It still feels weird sometimes that's Mum's not around - but probably more so for me given the frequency that I dream about her. We weren't ever particularly close - as a family we've always been closer amongst siblings than the parent-child bond, but I do seem to dream about Mum with frightening regularity. Nothing bad particularly, she's just there. Mind you, my dreams are generally rooted in the past than in either the now or the future. Oftentimes there are people from school - most of whom I've not seen nor even heard about since 1983. Sometimes people from Uni - and I left there some 15 years ago. Weird. I'm sure some psychoanalysts would have a field day about something I've repressed from my childhood years but I'm buggered if I can remember anything. And no, it most definitely wasn't that!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Weekend hung out for, done, dusted and more than ready for the next one! Friday ended up being a quiet one in with Aaron at my place. I cooked pasta and veggies and we had wine and vegged out in front of X-Men which was on telly. Yay.
Saturday was a leisurely morning followed by a stroll up to meet Rich and Russ at the Milk Bar for something to eat. It was a glorious day and so as if by magic we ended up at the beach. R'n'R, Pete and Johnno and me and Aaron. La Perouse - fun. First beach day in ages, and I'd forgotten how nice it is. Though it's still spring and the water was freezing! Headed back with Pete and Johnno and did coffee and cake at the Grumpy Baker. Noice. We then all ran round like mad things and suddenly we were having pizza in Newtown at Wedgetail. Rich and Russ didn't join us in the end though... and then we went to see Kill Bill Vol.1. Well... lots of people had told me it was great so I was quite looking forward to it. And it delivered. I really enjoyed it. Sure it's violent, but to the point where it's like Itchy and Scratchy on the Simpsons. You become immured from it. It actually takes on a cartoon like quality (and not just the section of the movie that actually becomes a cartoon). Uma is great - she really does (literally!) kick ass. Am ready for the next instalment already, but we have to wait until February. Grrr. From there it was briefly to the Colombian and then down to the Phoenix. Have to say it was disappointing. Fun to head down with Pete, Johnno and Aaron, but it didn't really do it for any of us. The crowd was a bit strange and the music was dire. No good. P+J headed up to Arq but we decided to stay a little longer as some of Aaron's mates were there. We ended up back at Warren's, chilling instead. Home by 6am...
and up at noon-ish. Tea and music and dozing. Met P+J at the Chocolate Dog in Newtown as I had the biggest hankering for sweet potato pancakes with bacon and sweet chilli sauce. Noice. Then it suddenly became the middle of winter again - cold and almost rainy - so Aaron and I retired back to Brumby St and watched Donnie Darko on DVD. Cool film. We were going to then chill, but Pete called and I ended up down the Shift with him for a beer. A few others there - Mark, Stephen initially and later Pete and Johnno and Tony. Fun but a bit later than necessary given the weekend's other activities. Bed after 11pm.
Monday - work. No gym as tired. Decided we'd go to the Here and Now concert at the Entertainment Centre. Consisiting of a 'not to be missed' 80s line up I'd been debating for ages whether to go and just thought 'sod it'! It was fun! We met Gary and Peter for a beer and Hungry Jack's before and missed the two Aussie bands - 1927 and Mondo Rock. We were nicely in place however for Go West and Belinda Carlisle and they did pretty good renditions of their classics. Next up Paul Young. Oh dear. He tried hard but bless him his voice is shot. Completely. We had beer instead and got ready for the two headline acts. First up - Kim Wilde. She was great. She looked good and looked like she was having a blast! Fun performance that really got the crowd dancing and singing. The 10 minute break before the Human League really split the whole gig into two parts and the last set was very much a Human League mini-gig whereas the rest had been a kind of 'best of' reminisce. The Human League were great though less sing-a-long than Kim. However for those afficionados amongst us it was great. We got Hard Times/Love Action; Open your heart; The Lebanon; Human; Mirror Man; (Keep feeling) Fascination; Tell me when and Don't you want me. Fantastic. They hinted they might tour separately next year in Oz. Bring it on! Beer with Gary afterwards and then home. Late. Tired now.
Tuesday. Work. No gym again as I couldn't get out of bed today. Aaron left at 6.45am and I slept on until gone 8am. Hoping for a quiet rest of week. Have to phone Dad later - it's four years today that my Mum died.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Hanging out for the weekend...

Robert's book launch last Thursday was interesting. Nice to see Murray as always, and of course Robert himself. Probably the only place I'll ever hear a lesbian reading out loud a book passage about gay men and fisting. But you get that... Aaron accompanied me and we ran a bit late meeting Gary and Pete L for drinks at the Colombian. Food and home. Friday was work and a half day. The afternoon was spent at council and the with Johnno for coffee and chats, bless him. Hit the supermarket and then Aaron came over and we watched a made for telly movie version of one of my favourite books as a child - A Wrinkle in Time. It wasn't half bad actually and weird that so much of it is still indelibly imprinted on my brain after some 30 or so years...
Saturday morning was lazy and then brekky with Rich and Russ. I then did coffee with Dave in Potts Point and Dr Pete and Johnno joined us there. Aaron came over too and he and I then went to some mates of his for a birthday drinks bash. Michael and Costas seem very nice, and weirdly they live in the Tewkesbury Apartments - where I first lived when I moved to Sydney in August 1998. Strange to be there again. Well the drink was flowing and soon we were a little tipsy. With every intention of hitting the Phoenix later, Aaron and I went and had Vietnamese, then hit my place to chill. Which involved playing lots of trashy music and then, without really realising it, crashing out. Probably for the best. Sunday morning was brekky with Aaron in Darlinghurst and then we hit town for shopping. Ended up at the Tilbury to meet Dr Pete and Johnno, which was odd. Not really our sort of place, but always nice to see the boys. Finally home, Aaron ate and then bed. I was feeling full of cold, which crept up on me after crashing out. A bit bizarre, but quite full on. Haven't been that sniffly for ages.
Monday - work. Catch up with Pete at the Trinity to hear his news. Tuesday work and then over to Gary's for pasta and Finding Nemo on his new plasma screen TV. Noice. Wednesday work, gym, Aaron. Dinner - chinese in Newtown. Snuggle. Sleep. Yesterday work - awful day at work. Lots of messy bits. Not happy. Met Pete to talk housey housey and then Aaron came and sped me to Newtown. We met Dr Pete and Johnno and went for more Vietnamese. Lots of fun.
today - Friday. Work. Not done a great deal. Nixed the gym. Ready for home. Soon. Not sure what the weekend holds. Definite catch up with Rich the architect and Pete at some point. Maybe Phoenix with Dr P+J. Brekky with R'n'R again? Who can say?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Having a great time getting to know Aaron. He's cute, fun, sexy... you get the picture. We seem to get on well, can laugh at stuff and talk about all sorts of rubbish. I'd forgotten how nice that can all be when it's more than just with a mate. More please :o)
Thursday again. Another week passes. Dave fails to remember what's been going on. Again. Probably. I can't remember what happened last Thursday night. I know I should, but I can't. Maybe I had an early night. Maybe I didn't. Aha! Let me check tonight's telly guide and see if that rings any bells for last week. Bear with me a second...OK. I was somewhere out coz I know I missed Kath and Kim. But can I remember where? Can I bollocks. One last hope - lemme check sent emails last Friday. It's a long shot but it just might work. Yay! OK, Out with Pete for a couple of beers as he needed distraction. Aaron joined us as we hit the dodgy pizza place and we pigged out. Then home to bed. With a mosquito. Not the nicest of threesomes let me tell you...
Friday was work and gym and home. Out with Aaron and Pete and Johnno for pizza on Crown St and then for beers. Colombian and then Oxford. Then home and not too late to bed. Dozed in with Aaron Saturday morning before hitting the local cafe for bacon and egg roll. Yum. Aaron tootled off, I got my hair cut and then hooked up with Pete. We kind of mooched, waiting for Rich the architect to call and go through plans. He finally called to say it would be much later, so we kind of just meandered. Pete's not been in the best of humours and eventually his mood rubbed off on me and I had this feeling of impending doom. We ended up in Newtown shopping for clothes (he bought, I didn't in the end) and then suddenly there was a million things to do in about 4 minutes. Aaron kindly drove me over to Rich and Russ's to pick something up to take to Pete and Johnno's. From there to Aaron's; then mine; then out to the Bent magazine anniversary party thing where Aaron's ex was playing. The performance was actually pretty good, though the singers let the songs down a bit. Still fun though. From there it was off to Bad Dog - arranging to meet all and sundry there. And so we did :o) It was fun, as ever, though I felt the music to be a bit disappointing this time round. Didn't stop us having a blast though - Johnno and Pete seemed to enjoy it and we spent most of the time with them, Tony and Dave. J+P adjourned to Arq around 5am but we decided not to go - it's just wrong after a Bad Dog... from attitude free, fun, alternative music to shiny, smooth men with their heads up their arses? I don't think so! We adjourned to Aaron's and then to Fred's, with Dave and Michael. We then had to go and pick up the house plans at 9.30am having had no sleep and still in party mode. Fun! I think. Back to Fred's where we watched Spirited Away on DVD. Lovely. Finally to Aaron's around 2.30pm and sleep. Up around 6pm for updates all round then ordered turkish pizza, chatted and were asleep again by 10pm. Marvellous!
So as you can imgine, work wasn't the best on Monday morning. But I survived. Left a bit early to meet Johnno and his Pete at the house so they could repair next door's damage. Pete came to look at the plans that night and was kind of non-committal which is slightly concerning. We need to sort that out! I had a very early night that night.
Tuesday was work over at NGI all day, which wasn't too bad. Gym in the middle of it. It was also Melbourne Cup day (Grand National equivalent) but I couldn't be bothered to bet. Had to meet Johnno at the house again and then adjourned to the supermarket. Aaron came over and we had a lamb roast and watched telly. Noice. Yesterday was psycho trainer at lunch and then home and a lazy time. Cooked and watched telly and was in bed and asleep around 9.20pm. Rock 'n' roll! Slept through until gone 7am this morning.
Today's been work; gym and I'm about to try and do some phoning to work out if we can get our house plans submitted and sped through council. Wish me luck. Heading off to a book launch later and then a couple of beers with Gary. Half day tomorrow. Woohoo!