Thursday, April 24, 2003

Short and sweet - as nothing much has happened since last blog. Watched Buffy on Monday night and then hit the sack. Tuesday was work and then the gym. 6K run and a workout. Home and food and then Pete came over for numerous cups of tea, chocolate and chats. We ended up looking at flats to buy for him on the net - but at the back of my mind I was thinking about when I should do the same - sell Peckham and buy here. No firm plans for right now, but some encouraging prices on some nice loft style things I could buy with only a teeny mortgage left over...
Wednesday I did the other way round - gym before work with Liz. After work I'd intended to go for a run, but ended up eating, crashing out in front of the telly and a few internet chats with UK friends. In bed for 10.10pm. Work today before another long weekend - ANZAC Day tomorrow. Maybe a couple of drinks with Rich and Russ tonight. David and Brett arrive from Perth tomorrow night, and in theory there's a picnic in the park tomorrow for Dez and a different Brett's birthdays. Yay. OK - back to work for the afternoon and then another reasonably quiet, healthy-ish weekend planned. Go new balanced Davie!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Happy Easter to one and all. It's now Easter Monday evening and I've got some time before Buffy to finally update what's been going on for the last two weeks. Bad Davie - I promise to blog more regularly from now on. Yeah right. OK, cast your mind back to April 4th - coz that's when I left you last. Well properly anyway. I'd been baking scones - read on.
Fri 4 - Up for an early session with Liz at the gym. Work. The scones were a huge success. We even got a spontaneous chorus of Happy Birthday, which to my knowledge has never happened before! A very quiet dinner with Rich and Russ and Adrian and Shane at the Courthouse. To Jason's. Nice evening with a nice bloke.
Sat 5 - Brekky with Jason somewhere on Victoria Street. The rest of the day's a bit fuzzy. Think I hooked up with Carlo at some point. Not sure what I did in the evening time. Beers but no club? That would sound about right. Or I may have even stayed in and watched the remaining episodes of Buffy Series 1.
Sun 6 - spent the day finishing my very own mix CD. It's fantastic!! Even if I do say so myself. Now all I need to do is work out how to put it on here in downloadable form. Beers in Colombian & Shift I think, probably with Pete. The only other thing I can remember is chatting to Dave for 30 mins on the mobile in an alley behind the Colombian. He'd had a crap weekend. Think I cheered him up!
Mon 7 - work. Run in the park. Buffy at Mark's. Mark made his famous soup. Soup-er! Home in a cab with Megan.
Tue 8 - work. Gym. Maybe other stuff too. Who knows? Actually I think I ran in the park again, rather than gym.
Wed 9 - popped in to see R'n'R. Beers with Pete at the Colombian, where we also caught up with Tim and Jason. I also met Baby Tom who was in all the way from London and we had beers and pizza with him. Lovely to see him!! Bless.
Thu 10 - work. Gym. Food. Bed.
Fri 11 - gym. Work. Impromptu leaving beers for Craig at the Civic, with Pete, Gary and Mark. To Howard's out at Caringbah on the train. I used to work with Howard at Border's and so we caught up. A trip to the country no less!
Sat 12 - came back from Caringbah. Won't be rushing back!! Here and finally decided to do a proper run - 11½K and a good workout. Joined Pete, Gary and Steve for pesto burger at Foodgame. Got the Saturday phone call from Carlo. To Tony's 40th birthday party later that night, where it seemed almost everyone I know in Sydney had shown up. Got very drunk with Gary and Pete and later, Pete. And Garry. On to the Phoenix, stumbling probably. Jason took me home... bless him. How to make a good impression Davie...
Sun 13 - slowly wended my way home from Jason's after a nice brekky in Bistro and furniture shopping (for him, not me) and beers at Colombian. Coffee with Adrian and Michael, followed by a bit of a wander round. Beers with Michael at the Colombian and then the Shift. To the Green Park to meet Dave, but he was late so hooked up with Tim,Ross and Jason. Dave arrived, as did Sean. Almost as drunk as the previous evening I headed back to the Shift for one last hurrah. Singing with Canadian John. Surreptitous songs with Ian. Hungry Jacks on the way home. (Oh, that's Burger King for those Brits reading!)
Mon 14 - work. Dave rang and we decided not to do Buffy en masse as we were all too shagged from our respective weekends. Food here then night in front of both computer and telly. Buffy then bed.
Tue 15 - work. Home and shopped. Cooked dinner here for Gary and Pete. Dips first, then Zuccini, Prosciutto and Petit Pois soup (that's posh pea and ham to you!). Sorbet. Music. Noice. We were all a bit knackered and so as soon as they'd gone I crashed!
Wed 16 - work. Gym. Dinner on the run. Beer with Rich and Russ at the newly reopened Barracks, now called Manacle. Pretty much the same really with one less pool table and a bit more light. We'll see if it takes off! Home.
Thu 17 - gym with Liz. Work. 4 days off - woo-hoo! Dinner at Pete's. Wine. Manacle (or Barnacle as we've now termed it, as the crowd look as though they've got crusty bottoms). Empty. Down to Colombian - Allan x2, and Ian. To the Shift - chats with James. Home in the rain.
Fri 18 - woke and vegged. Finally got my act together and did lunch in Chinatown with Canadian John. To the Green Park to meet Jason. Beers then here for me to grab an overnight bag. Back to his. Stayed in :o)
Sat 19 - up and coffee. Brekky at Morgans. Jason's now gone off to the States for three weeks. Looking forward to catching up with him on his return. Felt coldy. Didn't run. Home and 4 episodes of Buffy. Something to eat and then 3 more Buffy's. Bed around midnight.
Sun 20 - up around 10am. 3 more episodes of Buffy. Walk in the arvo up to town and around and back. Dinner - chicken, zucchini, pesto pasta thing. To the Shift. Caught up with John, Ian, Garry, Pete and David and Kerry and Steve. Home. Toast. Too tired for the last episode of Buffy Series 2 Part 1.
Mon 21 - up, cut hair, brekky, Buffy, laundry, Carlo, dinner, chill, walk, coffee and chocolate.

That's all folks. Buffy's on in half an hour. Time for another cup of coffee. There are several things there I've gone over only sketchily - hopefully I'll get chance to expand on a few things through this week at work (where it should be quieter). More very soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Er soon, my pretties. Distraught at not winning David's quiz I'm sulking. Have a read of this instead. The best bit is in the description at the end...

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Just in case you were wondering, I'm alive and well but just haven't updated in a little while. It's 2 minutes past Tuesday and I should be asleep. More later today!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Thursday night and I've just baked two batches of scones. Not the usual opening to a Davie post I know, but it happens to be true. Move over Jamie. It's time for the Minkered Chef. I'll tell you about the scones in a sec, but first, an update of what's been going down.

The BBQ at Rich and Russ's was great. Nice to see them and Adrian and Ken and Tim and Ross, what with me having spent a bit less time with them of late. Thursday was more work and then out for a date with Jason from Friday night. Beers; nice healthy food (duck wraps, steamed ginger fish, greens and rice and then back to his place. For cocoa. Obviously. Actually I'm surprised he let me stay as I had to be up at 5.45am for a gym appointment at 6am (bugger, that reminds me - I've got another one in the morning!). Fun, and hopefully doing it all again tomorrow. Friday night was a quiet one. I met Dave straight from work and we went and shopped for dinner and DVDs. Back here and I cooked and we had a laugh and watched Dirty Deeds and something else with Stockard Channing in it. Nice night. Dave finally left around 12.30am and I fell into a coma.

Le weekend: Saturday I'm sure was fabulous. Fabulous yes, memorable? Er... not really. Oh I know. Met Rich and Pete for brunchy stuff at Go-Go's, and then we were all in a bit of a strange mood so after a bit more walking around we all went our respective ways. I came back here and luckily for me Carlo was online so he popped over for tea and buns. Ahem.We skipped the tea. Out later although I wasn't really in the mood. We had drinks in the Colombian for Pank's birthday and then down to the Phoenix. The gang all there. Dave was with Sean, though they didn't stay long. It kind of got to me a bit, seeing as I really still quite like Dave - 6 months on. I ran out of steam around 2.45am and came home in a fairly foul mood. It continued into Sunday, so I did what I often do in those situations and went for a long, long walk, stumbling on Tim and Ross outside the Green Park. A few beers later and I was meeting Dave at the Colombian. I decided to let him know how I felt as I wanted to get it out in the open so we could laugh about it and have it lose some of its potency. We had a great time, and I know I've got myself yet another lovely man as a friend, bless him.

Monday saw me in work and hungover. Mel sent me home thinking I was really ill. I didn't complain too much! Had a good day of rest and shopping and cooked for the Buffy lot. It was Geno's birthday that day so we had a double celebration as everyone just left as it was turning my birthday. Yay. Drinks at the Colombian Tuesday night - Mat, Adrian, Gary, Russ, Rich, Ian, Jason, Pete, Pete... then some food with Gary and Pete which was great. Home not too late. Wednesday night was shopping and scone making and tonight more scone making. It's traditional at work to take cakes in on your birthday and I'm having a joint one with a girl whose birthday it is on Sunday, so tomorrow's gone scone-tastic. It's midnight. I should retire. Oh, and some changes at work of which I'll wax more tomorrow. Er today now. It's 8 minutes past bedtime. Snore.