Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So long overdue... Hello everyone. Two weekends have passed and it's already halfway through the next one. Bad Davie...

Have been hanging out with Rich and Russ a lot lately, and have also had some fun with Garry again, so all is well. Two weekends ago. Indulgence at the Shift - great night, lots of very sexy, hairy men. The Sunday brought Frisky, which was a little disappointing, then back to the Shift again, which was fantastic! Lots and lots of fun. Alan and Murray. Very sexy. On the 'to do' list! Back to R'n'R's for tea. Sleeeep. Green Park again on the Sunday. Fun, fun, fun.

Week - er, Craig was staying here. Couple of drunken fun nights. Particularly one with Rich :o) He he he.

Weekend just gone. Drinks Friday Beresford, Barracks. Fun. Sat night. Pheonix with Rich and Russ. So many sexy hairy men. Love it. Arq with Rich. Fun x3. Long dance with Kiwi Daddy Jon. Hated that! Back to R'n'R's for tea. Back here and chats to Garry and trashy music. Relaxing time. Shift in the night time to see Craig off. Which we did again with dinner Monday. Lovely dinner at R'n'R's last night though Russ is away. Steve and Anthony were there too and we watched Charmed, projected onto their lounge wall à la big screen. Nice night. Quiet one tonight. Waiting for Garry to get home then it's either Moulin Rouge, Mars Attacks or the Wizard of Oz on DVD. Fantastic!!

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