Friday, January 30, 2004

And so January has almost skipped on its merry way, leaving us in wonderment as how quickly time passes these days. Or at least that's what's happened to me. Wasn't it just New Year's Eve only moments ago? Time flies when you talk in clich├ęs. So, what's been going on? I left you over a week ago, just in time for the long weekend - made longer by me actually having Friday off too. So - Friday was the Big Day Out. And what a fantastic day it was in the end. Aaron and I took the train out to Homebush (Sydney's Olympic stadium) and met Lyndal, Aaron's sister, and some of her friends. We watched a number of bands through the day, whilst hooking up with Michael and Costa; Matt (whom we met up in Byron) and his brother and mate and Andy Palmer and crew. Highlights were: Black Eyed Peas, Peaches, the Strokes, Felix da Housecat and Basement Jaxx. Thanks to Darren for giving us a lift home (once we'd actually found the carpark...). I finally collapsed into bed at Aaron's around 3am, but woke when Aaron joined me at 4.30am. Then we were up at 7.30am as we were meant to be going househunting. Some hope!
In the end Aaron did indeed head off to look at a couple of places - then he flaked and slept. I relaxed at home with Buffy. Perfect. Saturday night ended up out to eat with Pete and Johnno in Newtown and then in bed by 10.15pm. No, really.
Sunday came in late as we slept for over 14 hours! This meant we only really had enough time to buy Rich and Russ a housewarming present and then turn up. The place was already going off. The afternoon got more and more drunken and frivoulous and everyone was heading out to either Salvation (yes, the UK club night put on in Sydney for a change) and/or Arq. We weren't going to do either and almost got persuaded. However, due to drunkenness and tiredness we eventually went to bed around midnight.
Monday was a leisurely brekky in Newtown and then Aaron went off to pack and I went home to unpack. And got lots achieved. Pete and Johnno did the sleep and get up at 4.30am to go to Arq, and didn't get home until gone 9pm - dirty stopouts! Aaron came over to sleep. Noice.
This last week has been unremarkable. Work through the days, with no return to the gym as yet. Have a podiatrist's appointment on Tuesday before I'm hopefully given the go-ahead to run again. Not sure what I'll do if not! Fingers crossed. In the evenings... not sure. Tuesday had dinner with Aaron and Lyndal in Newtown; Wednesday joined Pete for a beer and a pizza and yesterday had dinner in with Pete and Johnno. Hurrah.
Not sure what the weekend holds, but there's going to be a lot of moving again as this time it's Aaron's turn. He's not found a place suitable as yet, so he's going to put his stuff in the garage at P+J's and stay with me for a bit. Hopefully we'll get chance to do something other than humping all weekend.


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