Friday, November 19, 2004

Yay for weekend's away for the short working weeks that follow them! Last Thursday I left work relatively early and then managed to visit the Young Street house to pick up mail; go to Oxford Street to pick up various stuff for the weekend away and finally into town to get some other things. Home and food, pack, Craig's. Sleep.
Friday was a long but nice day. Up early for our 6am flight to Brisbane. The mate who did the booking for us suprised us with a limo pick up instead of the coach transfer which was great - meaning that we were on South Stradbroke Island in time for a second breakfast! The whole weekend was great. We ate, slept, sunned our buns, cycled a lot (it's the way to travel round the island), worked out and worked in :o) Finally we arrived home tired but happy late on Monday night.
This week has been busy with work and just readjusting to the real world. Caught up with Craig on Wednesday and then tonight it's drinks after gym after work. I'm leaving in about 10mins. Woohoo. Not sure what the weekend holds. Watch this space.

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