Monday, April 04, 2005

Well that was the birthday weekend that was... and it was great!! Friday was my actual birthday and although I was at work there were various things to help smooth the day. First was breakfast with Craig in Glebe beforehand, and then there was cake for morning tea and then Allan took me out for lunch to Waterloo. All good. Didn't stay too late and headed home for a quiet night with Craig as we'd both had quite a busy week.
Saturday we were up and off to Leichardt for brekky and Craig pick up cakes for me and Aaron for the meal later that night. Then it was off to do the Harbour Bridge Climb. It was a glorious day and soon we were we suited up and had been through the safety stuff and we were off. Magnificent!! The views were great and we couldn't have had a better day. Many thanks to Craig...
Some 3½ hours later we hit the fish markets for lunch - beer and sashimi for me! We then chilled for the afternoon before heading up for dinner and drinks with Gary and Pete; Bobby; Aaron; Patrick and Robert. Great fun - thanks to those that came along. Home around midnight, a little drunk...
Sunday was pottering around Newtown as Craig was off meeting friends. I viewed a house that was too small and had brekky alone as I was stood up for a potential brunch! Craig came back and we pottered some more before home and chill. I made dinner and we watched DVDs. All was right in the world.
I am now 40. And very happy with it! :oP

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