Friday, July 22, 2005

It's Friday afternoon, though sadly not quite time for Crackerjack.

Either way to be honest there's not much to update you on! Work continues to be a bit busy without being startlingly rewarding. Things with the house progress a little more quickly - more work has been done (we've got no floors!) but if I began to tell you the hassle I've had with financial institutions you'd be asleep in a nanosecond.

Otherwise last weekend was good - pretty chilled with nights in, nights out, movies (Sin City - excellent!), good food and gym. This week's been a bit slower - good meals most nights and then a performance at the Opera House last night of Boomerang by the Bangarra Dance Theatre. Really cool. This weekend is Craig's birthday weekend (the day is Monday) so there's drinks and meals and stuff. Best news of all though is that we have Monday off to spend together. Woohoo!

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