Monday, June 19, 2006

Well this is definitely the longest time between posts since this thing began some 5 or so years ago... Apologies to anyone left that might still be reading. I alluded to stuff happening back in January when I last did post and yes, there have been some changes.
In February I finished up at Qantas as I have taken leave without pay until the end of the year. Sue (my sister) arrived from the UK a couple of days later to celebrate her 50th birthday and we had a week together enjoying Sydney - particularly the trip to the Hunter Valley. Then, on 6 March I went back to Uni some 18 years after graduating the first time...
This time I'm doing a Masters of Primary School Teaching, and that's what has been keeping me so busy! We've just finished semester 1 last Friday, hence finally having some time to focus on admin type stuff again. As well as Uni I've been working as a barista in a local(ish) café 3 days a week so it's been full on. Many thanks to Craig for being so supportive over the last three months - I'm not sure if I'd have survived otherwise! Also Jonathan was also over for part of the time, heading back just before Easter, and since then it's been assignments a go-go. Craig also started a new job too, so we've kept ourselves very much to ourselves whilst we've readjusted. Then, a couple of weeks ago we got the offer to take on a dog for someone that was going to live overseas, and so we welcomed Dax into the family home. He's a 3 year old pure bred Staffy, and very cute with it. As you might guess, things are quite a bit different from when I last posted!! Right, off to do a trial barista shift at a café round the corner - fingers crossed it works out as it would be so much more convenient and I need some extra shifts whilst I've got these next 5 weeks off from Uni. 5 weeks... count 'em!

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