Sunday, March 30, 2008

A few years ago I offered to look after a friend's dog whilst he went away for the weekend. Since then I have been lucky enough to be asked to look after George a number of times whilst Peter and his partner Gary have had weekends away. All those years ago Peter lived in Surry Hills - since then home is now Tamarama and George has a playmate Monkey who also needs looking after.

And so this weekend I've spent a wonderful time (so far) by the beach with the dogs enjoying the gorgeous autumn sunshine. I took some time yesterday to just go and sit on the beach in the late afternoon; and then this morning was a little more ambitious and ran from Tama to North Bondi, back to Bronte and then back to the apartment to a breakfast of fresh fruit and coffee. It feels like I'm on holiday!

I always enjoy my time by the beach - being near the water always seems to lift my spirits whether I'm feeling good or bad beforehand. There is also a lovely cafe nearby where I went and people-watched yesterday, and the intention today is to spend my time split between doing some planning for the next week at school, taking in the lovely scenery around here and eating fruit, fresh turkish bread, cheese and dips. The dogs will need another walk of course later when it's cooler and then I'll finally head home early evening feeling energised and ennervated.

It really has felt like I'm miles away from my place in Newtown, and it'll help me get through the last two weeks of term one of school before I get some holiday time.

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