Thursday, September 25, 2008

Short and sweet.

Things are a bit more settled in Dave world. Kind of. Getting ready for two week's holiday and I can't wait. This time I have nothing at all that I have to do. Looking forward to doing some things because I'd like to.
Julia left. Adrian goes tomorrow. Muz'll go in a month or so. Those bits still hurt.
We had a mad weekend just gone. I mean really... Which for the most part was great. A few little pangs for opportunities lost, a little jealousy, some anxiety and losses of self-confidence. But mostly it was fun. Which is progress.
Ran the 9K race on Sunday with Muz and we did 51'58" - which considering we'd done no preparation and been out all night the night before we did a great job.
So more soon, from a hopefully more chilled out Davie.

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