Sunday, May 03, 2009

May. Already. I seem to have skipped April on here, which is annoying as I was trying to keep the archives monthly again. Oh well.

It's probably best I skip over April anyway. Not the best month. Birthday wasn't the best day, but not for turning 44 reasons. Had a fling, behaved like a bit of a twat - and whaddya know, the fling suddenly ended! I need to take a good long look at how I behave sometimes. And a bloke behaving like a character out of Desperate Housewives is not a good look. Anyway, file away under 'Things not to repeat next time'. Though next time seems far away right now.

Saw the Human League. Twice. (Though technically one of those times was in March). Fantastic.

School finished, with me miraculously getting the permanent job at the school. Go me.

Holidays. OK. Didn't do much. Tried to keep fit, but didn't eat well and due to some calf issues and being in a bit of a bad space re fling I didn't train as I should so half marathon won't be as good a time as I'd hoped. Did go to Tokyo for 3 days which was great.

And now term 2 has started. 10 weeks to go. But a long 10 weeks. Lots of stuff to do at work. I'm off the booze too. No fun for Davie til July.

That's all for now. Feels a bit like I'm treading water again - a cyclical theme for those that might still be reading from years back. Not unhappy, not really happy. Limbo.


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