Sunday, March 07, 2010

This update short and bitter - I guess that's the opposite of short and sweet...

Actually I'm not feeling bitter really - just stating a fact. My state of mind is somewhere between being slightly fed up and marginally bored.

It's the morning after Mardi Gras. I'm sure all over Sydney friends old and new are either sleeping or carrying on to the next load of fun and frolics. Good for them. Not all of us do that. I certainly used to, but it seems my life has moved away from that lifestyle, and whilst I don't always miss it, on days like these I'd like to feel at least a little more part of it. The people I've hung out with over the last few years are either out, out of town, out of my friend loop or out of their gourds. :) Not a single person has been in touch with me today, and that realisation that I'm not a priority for anyone hurts a bit. I haven't spoken to other people as I know mostly they are out and about spending time with different friends or significant others. I've kind of fallen through the cracks. I used to fit in. Or at least more accurately I made more of an effort to be a part of it all. Now I don't, and I'm realising how quickly one gets forgotten.

As I said, not bitter - just how it seems right now. OK, off for a walk. :)

P.S. And after the walk, can I just say that on the one weekend of the year when I'm meant to feel 'a part of it all', I've never felt so alone and removed from it all. Bed soon. Things'll be better after some sleep.

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