Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Well. Billy MacKenzie will be turning, nay spinning, in his grave. There I was at work, minding my own business, when a strangely familiar haunting tune came over the music system at work. It took me a little while to work out what the song was, but eventually I placed Gloomy Sunday - me being familiar with the Associates version from Sulk (and what a fantastic album that is, boys and girls). I then realised that the song was actually being murdered rather horribly, and you can imagine my surprise (nay horror!) when I checked the clever little digital display we have at our information desk so we can tell people what was playing.

La Luna - Ssara Brightman (that was their spelling, not mine)

Sarah Brightman. Sarah Brightman!!! I was agog, and then aghast. Furthermore, on the album she goes on to murder several other well known tunes - This Love by Craig Armstrong/Liz Fraser, Scarborough Fair, A Whiter Shade of Pale and Kate Bush's La Luna.

This woman should be shot. Interestingly enough, when I checked out the origins of Gloomy Sunday it appears that it's associated (no pun intended) with suicides. Read a couple of articles about that here and here. Bizarre then that Billy MacKenzie should eventually take his own life. Shame it didn't have more effect on Ms Brightman. Listen to the old bat warbling on and on from here (you may have to save the link to your PC and play it from there as it didn't work straight away for me...)

I've decided that there are certain things you should go through life unaware of!

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