Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Well. Whaddya know. It looks like everyone's finger crossing paid off. I'm heading downtown later this afternoon to put down the deposit on the flat Garry and I really wanted. Yippee! It's on Oxford Street itself, which is a little weird. Think living on Old Compton Street. Is that a good or a bad thing? Good things are lovely open plan living area, lots of windows, polished floorboards and good sized bedrooms. Oh, that and the roof terrace :o) It's shared between the 5 apartments in the block and has the most wonderful views of Oxford Street (handy for Mardi Gras) and also views of the Sydney city skyline and the Bridge and the Opera House. If you've been watching it on Channel 4 (or Channel 10 for those few readers in Australia) it's very Secret Life of Us.

You were going to get a map, but this map facility is playing up. Grrr.

I feel like I can get on and plan some stuff now. What with all the visitors and then the househunting, my time's not been my own. I can work out which gym is nearest (actually there are 3 within 10 minutes), I'm only a 15 minute walk to work through Hyde Park and a 30 second stagger from most of the places we tend to go out to. Oops. We'll probably move early next week as it's a long weekend this weekend (Australia Day) but be sure I'll update one and all with the details.

You may also notice Minkered... looking a little yellowy. Ochre. Minkered mustard. I just thought it was time for a change and I don't think I'm going to get the big relaunch done for my one year anniversary so a little cosmetic tinkering is the order of the day.

My cough and cold seem better too, so hopefully things are on the up for Little Davie. And let's hope that's in every area of my life!!!

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