Saturday, February 16, 2002

Not a great deal has happened since I left you last, other than work. Wednesday met Adrian and Russell for coffee after work and then had a lazy night in front of the telly. Thursday managed to drag myself to the gym after work and then Martin popped in for a glass of the old vino and a natter. Last night I got in and made an omelette with the last of the roasted veggies and then slumped in front of My Best Friend's Wedding. The perfect thing. Garry came in and tried to drag me out, but I was too tired. Maybe I'm just getting old. Great news yesterday though - Garry's got another permanent job - and if he passes his probation will get sponsored! Yippee - it means he's be able to stay sharing the apartment here, which is great news. This morning (Sat) I'm again off to work. They've been pretty good with my request for days off over Mardi Gras. I've got Harbour Party day off and the Monday after, then I've got Mardi Gras weekend off and hopefully (as this roster isn't out yet) the Monday as well. That means I can go to ICE and not really care how minkered I get... Darryl arrives on Monday at 8am and it'll be great to see him. Paul and Alan and Dr. Darren arrive a week today so it's all happening! It's going to start and get busy out and about too as people start to filter in. We're having a big Mardi Gras party here, what with the view and everything from the apartment. I'll try and take some digi-cam pics so you know what on earth I'm on about! Right. Brekky. Oh, and you'll be pleased to know my diet has become way healthier since settling in here. Now if only I could maybe drink a little less. It would help me afford some furniture too!

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