Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Tuesday arvo and I’m taking a little break from special eventing and replanning all my flights at work. Thursday’s weird mood is back upon me. There a ridiculous amount of stuff going on in my head at the moment and it’s doing me in. Still I hope to do something about it soon and move on up or just move on. I realise that makes little sense to anyone other than a few people who know me well, but I just need to get something recorded without too much detail.. it’ll all come out in the wash. But I’m fine…

Friday night’s alright for drinking. It would seem. Got home and went to the gym I think! I’m sure I did as I like it on Fridays as it’s empty. Then home to change and the Oxford. Met the boys and then the boys arrived. Er time for new abbrevations. No need as Jon and Mark have gone back now and so Rich and Russ retain the full title of The Boys. We had planned tapas, but the restaurant had closed down and so we tried Plan B. Only problem was that we didn’t have a Plan B. We ended up in some not very nice tapas bar on Oxford Street with a shonky drag queen. Not good. Food was average at best. So pretty soon it was down to the Beresford and the Barracks. I’m sure there were lots of people I knew there that night, but my memories are gone. Probably took myself off home around 1am as I was still planning to run Saturday morning at that stage.

The pain 5 hours later took care of that little scheme. If it’s 6am it must be incredible cramp in my right calf. Like excruciating. It was all I could do to stop screaming out it was that painful. It left my calf very sore once it subsided and so I decided not to run. Up at Video Hits o’clock and kind of pottered until I could Potter no more and dragged myself out to brekky with Adrian. We went to Truck so he could ogle some man or other and then we wandered back down the strip. Hooked up with Jon and Mark at Café Comity before Russ joined us and as if by magic we were in the Stonevile. Again. Yikes. It was completely Star Wars bar scene and so we called it a day and Rich very kindly drove the boys to the airport. Thanks for a wonderful time boys. Only 9 more weeks until we do it again in Blighty.

I decided Dave probably wouldn’t ring me for coffee and so I called him. And so I went and got him and we wandered downtown. Dave needed a quick break from work, but we managed to spend an extremely enjoyable two hours downtown in the QVB and then a fantastic new Japanese bookstore (thanks for the tip Andy!). Dave is so lovely. Sigh. Walked him back to his office and then wasn’t sure what to do. Ended up going home and going for a run in the local park before going to the movies with Garry, Rich and Russ to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Fun. Go see. Definite feel good movie. Then we ended up in the Oxford, the Shift and, coz I was determined not to go out, the Pheonix. Bugger. Willpower of a very small thing. Anyway. It was OK. A few people out and about and I guess the thought of not being there and missing out made me stay until around 4am. Bad Davie.

Sunday morning was way to early and I had no desire to do very much of anything. Managed to sort out papers, mess around on the net and finally dragged Garry for brekky at the local café. That done, and a bit more vegging lead to me feeling like I should do something, so at 4.30pm I went to the gym and had a pretty good workout. From there it was down to the Palace (bumping into Rich and Russ on the way) where it was a bit dead. So, to the Shift for Gary’s (of Max and Gary’s) birthday drinks. It was fun, though too much vodka was consumed. I nipped out partway for Hungry Jacks and I was over the whole thing by around 11pm. There was a lovely guy called Neil there – I knew I’d met him before though wasn’t sure where. Luckily, he remembered me and we worked out it was through Martin. Spent most of the night chatting to him – he’s the only other person I’ve met who’s bought Sunscreem’s New Dark Times (only available on the net some three years ago). Quite how we got onto that, I’ve no idea, but…

Monday I woke a little hungover, which would have been bearable had it not been 5am. No more sleep for Davie but I was well on time for my 7am session with Liz. We did legs. Ouch. Work was work – but an incredibly hot day (36C) meant it seemed like it dragged. It did perk up in the afternoon slightly when I had the sudden feeling that Graham, the Brisbane Daddy, had mailed me. I went and checked and there it was – a note from him. How weird. Anyway he was all flirty and lovely and that put a smile on my face. Home quite late and play on the net. Garry’d bought Kylie so we kind of watched that, then I went for a walk, rang Dad, ate and then messed on the net until Queer as Folk. Chatted to Rob for the first time in a while and started to get excited about going back to the UK. Bed around 11.15pm.

Slept fitfully again. Decided there’s too much going on in my brain. I wish I could turn it off, but that so rarely happens. The rest of the time it’s analysing and analysing and analysing, then over-analysing before analysing some more. Joy. Up and in work for 8.15am so will be leaving on time tonight. Not sure what the night has planned. I should gym. Having lunch with Pete tomorrow then $5 steak with Rich and Adrian and Charles tomorrow night and not much else planned until the housewarming at the weekend… let’s see if things stay quiet. It’d be nice if they did…

Oh, and vodafone have just texted me to say I’ve won something in a competition, but the claims number is busy right now. I think it’s either CD vouchers or a movie pass. Cool!

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