Thursday, November 07, 2002

OK, so how did the last week get away from me? I'll tell you how - Gay Games shenanigans, that's what! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Thursday night last I met up with Tess and took her to eat on Stanley Street. It was lovely to see her again, and as always it's great to catch up with people from the UK, and in the case with Tess, with someone I've known for almost half my life. We met Rich a little later on for coffee and the street was very busy with tourists ready for the start of the games. We put Tess in a cab and hit the bars. Or tried to. It was so busy, everywhere was queueing and we finally got into the Barracks. Not as much fun as the Oxford, so we switched. Had a couple more drinks then called it a night.

Friday was a busy day at work - that's about all I can remember. I forced myself to go to the gym and much beyond that I can't remember. Ah yes... a few people came to ours for beers - Jon and Mark, Mat and Pank, American John and Steve (who I'd never met). Adrian and Rich and Russ were meant to come too, but they bottled out. Garry was home too, and before long we piled down to the Beresford to see who was about. The answer was - everyone! It was very busy, and soon we were spilling out onto the laneway. Lots of people there and lots of fun. On to the Barracks and more drinking was had by all. I finally stumbled home probably around 2am.

To bed, and all was well until Scally arrived at 8am. Actually things were still good, but I was at that point dealing with a headache. Scally has blogged what happened next, so go read it. See the entry for 5th November. Right, remind me to blog the UnderBear™ party details as Scally wasn't around for that last night... but right now I'm almost ready for home and the Black (Men Only) Party tonight. Ay caramba.

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