Friday, April 04, 2003

Thursday night and I've just baked two batches of scones. Not the usual opening to a Davie post I know, but it happens to be true. Move over Jamie. It's time for the Minkered Chef. I'll tell you about the scones in a sec, but first, an update of what's been going down.

The BBQ at Rich and Russ's was great. Nice to see them and Adrian and Ken and Tim and Ross, what with me having spent a bit less time with them of late. Thursday was more work and then out for a date with Jason from Friday night. Beers; nice healthy food (duck wraps, steamed ginger fish, greens and rice and then back to his place. For cocoa. Obviously. Actually I'm surprised he let me stay as I had to be up at 5.45am for a gym appointment at 6am (bugger, that reminds me - I've got another one in the morning!). Fun, and hopefully doing it all again tomorrow. Friday night was a quiet one. I met Dave straight from work and we went and shopped for dinner and DVDs. Back here and I cooked and we had a laugh and watched Dirty Deeds and something else with Stockard Channing in it. Nice night. Dave finally left around 12.30am and I fell into a coma.

Le weekend: Saturday I'm sure was fabulous. Fabulous yes, memorable? Er... not really. Oh I know. Met Rich and Pete for brunchy stuff at Go-Go's, and then we were all in a bit of a strange mood so after a bit more walking around we all went our respective ways. I came back here and luckily for me Carlo was online so he popped over for tea and buns. Ahem.We skipped the tea. Out later although I wasn't really in the mood. We had drinks in the Colombian for Pank's birthday and then down to the Phoenix. The gang all there. Dave was with Sean, though they didn't stay long. It kind of got to me a bit, seeing as I really still quite like Dave - 6 months on. I ran out of steam around 2.45am and came home in a fairly foul mood. It continued into Sunday, so I did what I often do in those situations and went for a long, long walk, stumbling on Tim and Ross outside the Green Park. A few beers later and I was meeting Dave at the Colombian. I decided to let him know how I felt as I wanted to get it out in the open so we could laugh about it and have it lose some of its potency. We had a great time, and I know I've got myself yet another lovely man as a friend, bless him.

Monday saw me in work and hungover. Mel sent me home thinking I was really ill. I didn't complain too much! Had a good day of rest and shopping and cooked for the Buffy lot. It was Geno's birthday that day so we had a double celebration as everyone just left as it was turning my birthday. Yay. Drinks at the Colombian Tuesday night - Mat, Adrian, Gary, Russ, Rich, Ian, Jason, Pete, Pete... then some food with Gary and Pete which was great. Home not too late. Wednesday night was shopping and scone making and tonight more scone making. It's traditional at work to take cakes in on your birthday and I'm having a joint one with a girl whose birthday it is on Sunday, so tomorrow's gone scone-tastic. It's midnight. I should retire. Oh, and some changes at work of which I'll wax more tomorrow. Er today now. It's 8 minutes past bedtime. Snore.

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