Thursday, April 24, 2003

Short and sweet - as nothing much has happened since last blog. Watched Buffy on Monday night and then hit the sack. Tuesday was work and then the gym. 6K run and a workout. Home and food and then Pete came over for numerous cups of tea, chocolate and chats. We ended up looking at flats to buy for him on the net - but at the back of my mind I was thinking about when I should do the same - sell Peckham and buy here. No firm plans for right now, but some encouraging prices on some nice loft style things I could buy with only a teeny mortgage left over...
Wednesday I did the other way round - gym before work with Liz. After work I'd intended to go for a run, but ended up eating, crashing out in front of the telly and a few internet chats with UK friends. In bed for 10.10pm. Work today before another long weekend - ANZAC Day tomorrow. Maybe a couple of drinks with Rich and Russ tonight. David and Brett arrive from Perth tomorrow night, and in theory there's a picnic in the park tomorrow for Dez and a different Brett's birthdays. Yay. OK - back to work for the afternoon and then another reasonably quiet, healthy-ish weekend planned. Go new balanced Davie!

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