Tuesday, July 01, 2003

It's all been happening. Well actually not that much has been happening and I feel a bit in limbo. Seem to be treading water at the moment waiting for the next thing to happen. Whatever that is. Househunting is getting more depressing as it's winter and not much about. What is about is consequently going for a higher price - it's your basic demand and supply and the whole auction system not really helping those of us who are more price sensitive. I also think that the glut of 'lifestyle' programs on telly extolling the virtues of 'renovation' is causing every Tom, Dick and Harry to think they can have a go. Sigh. Next.

Work's OK but busy. Seemingly not as much fun at the moment. Oh well. I've not been gymming either, though I relaunch tomorrow with Liz. Honest I do. Garry finally left and before I had time to think Kerry had moved in. We had welcome dinner on Friday with Rich and Russ, Pippa and James and Anthony which was nice. It's still a bit odd though, coming to terms with someone new living in your house. Very much walking on eggshells until we find the right comfort level.

Stayed in Saturday night with beans on toast, Lost in Space and Harry Potter. Things could be worse. Though I'm not sure by how much... No plans for a while. No desire to go out. Pete's away in Cairns so not even househunting this week. Time to gather my thoughts. Or, if last night's anything to go by (as we didn't do Buffy as it was a repeat) a time to read Harry Potter and escape into a land where things can be altered with the wave of a magic wand. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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