Thursday, July 24, 2003

Suddenly it's Thursday and a week since we bought the house at auction. Tonight (hopefully) we're heading off to the solicitor's to sign our lives away. After that, I'm hoping to go and purchase part of my Bad Dog outfit and Pete and I are going to sit and plan our options for the house renovation. Well start to at least.

Tuesday night after my early mark I ended up at the gym - virtuous, yay. Then I met up with Gary and Peter to return keys and t-shirt and have a curry. Not so virtuous, not so yay. Then Peter got called out to fix someone's pussy (stop that, he's a vet!) so Gary and I retired to the Colombian. Downright un-virtuous, non-yay. Also vile - what's going on with things here? Is it just a winter 'no-one goes out for beers' or what? Any road up - I digress.

Last night I went round to Mark and Carsten's place to find out how their pussy works (stop that again - I'm house and pet sitting for them for a month starting next week). We had a lovely meal and the apartment is great - it'll be fun to live there a wee while, and hopefully should end just as we get possession of the house. Fingers crossed it all works out so easily. Right, lots to do at work, so best get back to it...

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