Wednesday, February 04, 2004

January, February, don't you come around?

Well apparently you do, and all too bloody swiftly for my liking. All I seem to do, each time I update this thing, is berate the passing of time. Hey ho. It would seem I am that whingeing pom after all. OK, down to business. I left you with a weekend of humping on the cards. Matron. Pete and Johnno were in Melbourne for the weekend, leaving me rattling around in their palatial abode. Aaron was busy packing and refusing offers of help, so I did the next best thing and hit the supermarket to buy provisions. I was in the mood for bacon and eggs, and so that was what I had. A small mountain of bacon and eggs in fact, with tomatoes and toast for good measure. Enough for two people, but I troughed it all myself. Tonight Matthew, I'll be... mostly lardy. Aaron toyed with the idea of sleeping at mine, but piked, leaving me to fall into bed after some internet chats and telly.

Saturday was also meant to be a humping fest. Missus. However it didn't really work out like that. Aaron delayed coming to get the truck as he continued packing, cleaning and arguing with his ex. So I hung around for him to call. And waited. And waited. Getting slightly restless I ate, watched some Buffy and some of the tennis too. Aaron dropped off some stuff on two occasions but actually didn't arrive for good until gone 9pm. Bit of a wasted day in some respects, but you get that. Buffy was good. We ordered in Thai, watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and went to bed post midnight.

Sunday. Quick brekky. Aaron upped and offed and continued to pack. We finally humped. Vicar. Most of his stuff was finally in Pete and Johnno's gargage by 4pm. He shot off (!) to go clean his carpets and I watched the end of Series 6 of Buffy. This means that I have now watched every episode of Buffy ever made. All within the last 10 months. Fantastic!! I know there were seven series, but I watched the last one in real time last year. Sad there's no more. Sigh. After we went up to Newtown and had dinner and finally got back around 10pm. Chat to the boys then bed.

Monday onwards: not much to report. Work. No gym (though I will be back tomorrow). Podiatrist's appointment, to find out that I've got something a bit wrong with my feet which will result in me needing inserts in my shoes before I can run seriously again. Nice dinner at home with us all on Monday. Out for a cocktail and pizza last night with Aaron. BBQ at Tim and Ross's tonight. Johnno's flown up the coast to spend some time with his family as his dad was rushed to hospital on Monday night. Fingers crossed that all is OK up there.

Right then. Time to go. Oh, and the only other thing of interest is that I cashed in a policy from an old endowment policy in the UK, and transferred the money over here. I can report I'm officially currently debt free. How long it'll last is anyone's guess, but it's a nice feeling!!

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