Thursday, October 14, 2004

OK, OK. Long time overdue. Again. I know. However I was chastised by MSN messenger today so I have to put fingers to keyboard and get some stuff down for posterity.
I left you aeons ago. Staying at Tamarama seems almost like it was in a past life! I digress. Craig and I had a great weekend I seem to remember. Can't remember the whole thing, but it involved DVDs, breakfasts and lots of snuggling. Yay.
The following week I've no idea. I'm currently at home so can't even check the work diary to help. Let's assume whatever I did was fantastic then. The next weekend was Sleaze. Again Craig came over to Tamarama on the Friday night, and then we did our own stuff pre- party. It was the first party that Craig and I had been to together so we decided we'd do our own thing and not arrange to meet any friends at any time anywhere! Strange, but the right decision as we knew we'd bump into people all over the place anyway. And so it came to pass...
The party was OK, but the music was lacklustre. By 5.30am we'd grown tired of chasing anything remotely danceable and walked back into town. A beer at the Oxford followed by Manacle when it opened. Better music and more fun. Stayed there til noon then retired for sleep and snuggles. Finally awaking at 11.30pm we grabbed food and had a couple of drinks at the Colombian before piking from another Sunday night party. We actually had more fun snuggling and felt great as we hit the beach on Monday morning. Yay for us! The following week I'm sure was fun too. Work of course, but a short week. We like that. There were various house things in there too, as we had plans turned down. We rejigged, re-drew and re-presented. Fingers crossed again.
So last weekend. Gary and Peter took me to Dragonfly for sushi as a thanks for looking after Tamarama. Great. Thence to the Oxford and home with Craig. Then to Newtown in the morning - brekky and the afternoon in the park. The night held martinis at a local bar and dinner at a local restaurant. Great night. Sunday we got up and ran to the Opera House and back before brekky. Chilled at home, coffee with Dave and then movie, beers and pool. Cool.
This week was work on Monday, then I've fallen foul of an eye infection. Been off work since and been signed off til Monday. Lots of snoozing and DVD watching in a darkened room. Heading to Craig's now to meet him after work.
All is good :o)

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