Friday, October 22, 2004

Not a great deal to report on the doing stuff front. Finished last week off work having done nothing at all - was hoping to get stuff done, but the infection really took it out of me. Friday was quiet drinks with Craig and friends and dinner. We didn't kick on as I was a bit tired. Saturday was something. Can't actually remember what? Oh I know. Met Bobby for coffee in Newtown and Aaron joined us by chance. Met Paul and Gary for lunch which was great. Then over to Potts for a bit. Met up again with Craig later and we opted for a night in with a DVD and snuggled. The DVD was good, but a bit full on - chronicals of a man with a terminal disease. Noice. Sunday was a run round Canada Bay followed by breakfast in Balmain. I can't remember what else we did! Lunch inNewtown at Taste, but what else we did after that is anyone's guess. Maybe pool and a beer at the Zanzibar? Sounds about right. This week's been work and more work. Craig stayed at mine Monday night; I stayed there Tuesday as my room sprang a leak in the heavy rain we've had; Wednesday I had beers with Pete and then last night I met Craig at the Newtown and we had beers and dinner, bumping briefly into Aaron.
Tonight is Steamboy - most expensive anime movie ever and dinner. Looking forward to more relaxing times...

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