Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another week goes by, and in fact we're now only scarily some 6 or so weeks until Christmas! Yikes...

As below. Teaching still as described, though only one more confirmed week and then back to casual until the end of term. We did have the first of the 2008 Kindergarten orientations this week, which seemed to go well. If the kids are all as well behaved as the ones I had it'll be fine! There are two more Thursday mornings of that to come, then one hell of a lot of planning and research for me over the long end of year break.

Sculpture by the Sea was good last week, though it didn't seem quite as busy as last year in terms of pieces on show. Was good to go with Muz though, and then spend some time with Gary and Peter and a few others for a leisurely lunch in Tamarama.

Dad seems to be continuing his improvement, and I'll find out a bit more later when I call to say hello.

In other news, all good. Hoping to spend a bit more time on this in the coming few weeks when I'm not so flat out with work. Let's see!

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