Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So, only three weeks til Christmas, suddenly.

Still working at the gym and running stuff, but I did buy some pretty running shoes - they're lime green and everything! And I bought two pairs, so I can run long into 2008...

Hmm. I had a quiet week last week and the weekend was great and also quiet. Caught up with Muz, read a bit, played with the new MacBook. Ah yes, my new baby arrived so that was fun. And this morning the Remix JamPack has arrived so hopefully I'll soon be making sweet music. Well, music at any rate.

I'm also trying to renovate a couple of chairs I liberated from the pavement recently. I'll post a picture of them as they stand right now and then I can post again when they're finished and hopefully looking snazzy. (As you can see, they're going to require a bit of time and effort!)

That's it for the moment - I'll let you know what else comes up this week. Will Dave finally get back to the gym?

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