Sunday, August 31, 2008

A brief update. It's going to be short as I'm not in the best frame of mind and don't want to whinge on too much...

A year ago I was very excited and happy. New career, new man, new place to live. Twelve months on... another new place. The place itself is great, but part of the reason for moving here was to be nearer to mates, and in particular Adrian and Muz. So it's a bit of a shame that both of them are now moving on - Adrian up to Brisbane next month and Muz to Manly a month later. I appreciate why they're going and hope things work out for them in their respective places, but selfishly I'm really going to miss them.
New career - we're over halfway through term three and I'm ready for a holiday to be honest. Kindergarten is great but so exhausting. I wouldn't be doing anything else though, but it does sometimes seem relentless. However I'm not sure my contract will be renewed next year - not due to me but to people returning from maternity leave and long service leave etc. I'll not find out for a while but may possibly have to start applying for jobs. The thought of that on top of everything else doesn't really fill me with joy right now.
New man - well as I've mentioned previously that ended and we're now just mates. Still finding it hard but I guess it is for the best. Don't seem to have any enthusiasm for going out much either right now. Hopefully I can channel that into the gym and get fit whilst not drinking very much! I still haven't been to the gym even though I joined 2 weeks ago, so I'm definitely missing some get up and go at the mo. I have signed up for the 9km Bridge Run in three weeks so I'll have to get my act together soon.
Also Julia finally leaves to head back to the UK this coming week, which is really sad. I'm sure she'll be back as soon as she can but I'll miss her such a lot.

I wish I'd bottled that feeling I had a year ago when I was so full of optimism for everything. It would be great to be able to feel that again right now.

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